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What happens when Forks High School is having a high school reunion? Will the Cullens go? Will the former students of Forks High find out the truth about the Cullens? And then Edward wearing a black tux, and Bella?!?!?! She had golden eyes like the rest of them and was paler, and still looked 18, and was hotter, and was wearing heels?!?!??!I turned to look at Jessica and Lauren. They were in shock.Bella and Edward looked so happy and in love...

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer

1. Chapter 1- Mike, Lauren, Jessica

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(Mike's POV)

I sighed as I sat down in the small old couch of my apartment that I shared with my wife Jessica, and our son Toby.There was a high school reunion at Forks High. Toby was afraid that I'd be embaressing. It's my high school reunion why should he care?And then I realized something.

Bella will probably be at the reunion. Wait. But with her fancy pants husband.What did she see in that guy? Was it because of his money? Or was there something else?

Did he have a disability? Maybe that's the reason why he's always so angst, and Bella probably felt bad for him so she stayed with him! Yes I got the solution!


Tonight was the reunion. Jessica and I sat at the table we were supposed to sit at, Jessica was chatting with Lauren while I was looking for the Cullen family to arrive.

And then Rosalie Hale wearing a golden dress with Emmett Cullen wearing a tux came in, then followed by Jasper Hale wearing a black tux, with small Alice wearing a red dress that actually showed her curves came in.

And then Edward wearing a black tux, and Bella?!?!?! She had golden eyes like the rest of them and was paler, and still looked 18, and was hotter, and was wearing heels?!?!??!

I turned to look at Jessica and Lauren. They were in shock.

Bella and Edward looked so happy and in love...

Bella is faking it. I know she's faking it. I know that she loves me and not Cullen.

Then I remembered that children could come to this. Soon Jacob Black came in wearing dress pants, a white shirt and a tie, and so did a girl with bronze hair, and brown eyes.

Unfortunatly Jess made us bring Toby. Jacob didn't look like he loved Bella anymore, he actually looked like he loved that girl on his side.

The girl went to stand by Edward and Bella. O.M.G!!!!!!!!

She actually looks like them. Well sort of, except for Bella's new look....

Toby couldn't close his mouth. I smacked his arm. "Dude seriously your going to drool" I said.

"Sorry Dad, it's just that... I never expected Renesmee's family to be so...hot!" he said.


"Renesmee. She's my science partner. The girl that actually has normal eyes over there!" he said pointing to the Cullen family where Edward and Bella.... were making out.... ewwww....



Jessica huffed and crossed her arms.

"What? The boy was trying to show me a girl he liked!" I said.

Forks is going to make us dance soon...

When music started playing the Cullens of course started to dance.

I didn't expect Edward and Bella to dance since the fact his wife can't dance.

But I saw them walking hand in hand to the dance floor.

He was probably forcing her to do this.

But then Bella was actually dancing, not tripping or being clumsy at all.

(Lauren's POV)

I was having a good time tonight until the Cullens showed up. Back in high school I think I had a chance with Edward until Bella showed up.

Then all of a sudden Edward started to date, he then left her. I liked watching her suffer.

I'd come up with all these rumours of reasons why they left.

And then out of nowwhere the Cullens come back. She's as happy as ever. And then when school's over in August they have this beautiful wedding.

And now here is the Cullen family with Bella looking as hot as they are.

And also there's that tall guy that almost got into a fight with Edward in senior year with some girl that actually looks like she could be Edward and Bella's daughter.

And the strangest thing is is that they all look how old they were before.

(Bella's POV)

Edward and I danced. I looked over to see Renesmee and Jacob looking as happy as ever.

I then saw Mike staring at me. I looked up to see Edward glaring at him. I put my hand on his chest. He calmed down.

Edward then smiled my favorite crooked grin. I gave him a small kiss on the lips.

I knew that we'd have to leave Forks since people saw us still looking like teenagers. Very soon. We'd leave very soon.


(Toby's POV)

It was about a week after my parents' high school reunion. Renesmee wasn't in school yesterday or today.


Another week passed. She's still not in school. I don't listen to the rumours so I don't really know what happened. I know where the Cullen house is since I had to study there one day. She didn't seem interested in me at all, and we were friends.

Just friends.

I drove to the mansion and it was abandoned. I stepped inside. Furniture in place but nobody in here.

And then when I went to the cottage I found a small sheet of paper. It was a note.

Dear Bella,

I know you didn't choose me, and I heard from the rumours that your engaged! Please tell me the rumours aren't true.

And that's all of the letter left since the rest of it was burned.

And then I saw a little key chain. My father had the same one. The key chain was supposed to be a someone holding a emerald heart.

The key chain was broken.

And then there was another letter.


The rumours are true. I am getting married. Please don't give me any more crap about early marriages.

Edward and I love each other, and if you don't understand this then don't go or speak to me again. This isn't some high school crush. This is something more.


And then there were blood stains on the sheet.

I grabbed whatever I could find that my dad may want and I put it in my backpack and started driving home.


(Mike's POV)

I was sitting watching T.V. and then Toby was running into the apartment out of breath.

"Dad! Dad!" he yelled.

I looked at him.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The Cullens are gone, and I went to their house and-"

"Wait you went to their house!?!?"

"Don't ask. So I went to the cottage that Bella, Edward, and Renesmee live and I found some things" he said.

He opened up his bag and took out a burnt paper. I started to read it and I wrote this to Bella when they were still engaged.

Then I saw the key chain I gave her, but smashed.

And then I saw something I didn't give her.

It was a note. I read it. Apparently it was never sent. And it had... blood on it...

Edward was beating her. I started crying. Jess wasn't home thank god for that.

And then Toby took out a picture of Bella and her father.

"Who's that?" he said pointing to Charlie. "Chief of Police. Bella's dad" I said.


A couple years later I soon found out that I was wrong. Bella wasn't being beaten, but was a soulless demon. A monster.

A vampire. And how is that? Well I talked to Charlie, and I kind of made him tell me about the Quileutes and Cullens. He said Jacob was a werewolf.

I then spoke to some other Quileutes since Jacob had moved away with the Cullens.

One told me the legends. And then I saw a beautiful creature with red eyes when I was walking in the forest. Blood was on her.

And then she bit me and changed me into a vampire.

If only I wasn't dead, Forks would know the Cullens are no good.