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Only one word can push someone over the edge. But once in a while, it can have dire consequences... A fic on Jake's transformation.


1. Chapter 1

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"Call me!" Bella cried as I drove away. I could see the concern on her face, but I couldn't focus. It seemed like my entire body was aching, and my head was throbbing uncomfortably as I tried to drive home. I counted each breath, fearing that they were abruptly going to cut off.

After about a century, I managed to make it home. I sighed with relief and twisted the key out of the ignition. As soon as I stood up, my head began to spin sickeningly, and I focused on nothing else but getting into my bed.

I pushed the door open, and Billy was sitting in his wheelchair with a fat book in his lap. He didn't glance up when I walked in, but as I rounded the corner to my little room, he closed his book and really looked at me.

"Are you ok, Jacob?" he asked with deep concern. I must appear worse than I imagined. "You look a little... weird."

At that moment, a million sparks shot through my veins, pulsing in my body. I was shaking--my entire frame was vibrating so violently that I didn't know how to get a grip on myself. Pain was erupting through my whole body, and then the heat. I hadn't known that heat like this was possible. It felt like i was sinking into a volcano.

Spasms rocked through me. I tried desperatly to control myself, but it was impossible. Control, I thought. It seemed like something out of a Harry Potter series. How did I ever do it before?

Suddenly Billy uttered a cry from across the room. It should have occured to me that this was my father, that he loved me, that he wanted to help me, bit it was all distant and faint. Withouth consious effort, I replayed the last few seconds in my mind. "You look a little... weird."

I turned to him, and was shell-shocked at his expression. I could read the fear in his eyes, yes, and the panic, but also the concern, and the total understanding of the situation. Like he knew something that I didn't....

But I didn't have long to concentrate, because the fury that ripped through my body was unbearable. Common sense should have told me that he did nothing wrong. I probably did look weird. But I was way past beyond the point of logic by then.

I focused on him, eyes burning. I was still trembling with bursts of heat and pain, and something else. A new energy was coursing thorugh my veins, so violent that I didn't know how it managed to stay concealed within my body. My heartbeat quickened with the energy, until my pulse was no more than a flutter, moving so fast I couldn't count the individual beats. The energy was rushing thorugh my frame, going around and around and around....

And that's when I exploded.

In the tiniest second, I burst out of my clothes, shredding them and leaving them in little heaps on the ground. Tremors shook through me, one after another, and when they subsided I saw... me.

I wasn't prepared for this, not at all. Instead of seeing myself as I expected, something else had taken it's place. A wolf.

I was a werewolf.

All of the old Quileute legends came back to me, in a blur of stories and tales. Our ansestors were people of the wolves. It's against tribal law to kill them.

People of the wolves.

Billy started to say something. "Son, I know this is..." but he never got to finish the sentence, because in that second I lunged at him. I could only think of destroying him, the hunter and his pray. In only a moment I could hear the tearing of his lush brown skin...

And then a voice cut me off. Not just a voice, but lots of voices, creating a babble inside my head. It was overwhelming.

Jacob, said one. I blinked with a start. It sounded like... Sam. My jaw clenched with unconcious rage. Jacob, he said again. Listen.

I tried. I took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. Ok, I thought.

Embry's voice suddenly took rank, breaking thorugh the sudden silence. Do you remember the legends, buddy? Of the Quileutes -- our ancestors? His mental tone was concerned, but also... cautious.

Yes, I remember, I replied in a shaky tone.

Then... you know? Sam's voice this time.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. Yes, I know.

There was a moment of collective silence as they all digested that.

My eyes suddenly fell on Billy's face. To my extreme shock, he was still underneath me. My claw was in the perfect position to swipe at his face...

In horror, I tried to draw back, but I wasn't able to. Although a bit of logic was returning to me, I couldn't shake the belief that Billy was the enemy. It was just pure instinct.

Sam was speaking to me again, his voice carefully controled. Jake, back away. You know you don't want to hurt him. Slowly now. Back away. With an amazing amount of effort, I managed ot pull myself away from him.

In the same second, I stood, tensed as if for a fight. I allowed instinct to completely overtake my body, and I burst out the door, running blindly into the forest.