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Some Were Born to Sing the Blues

*After Bella's a vampire, no Renessme'.* Edward seems to forget all about his human family after marrying Bella. Someone hasn't forgotten about him. Edward's younger Biological sister, Ella, steps into the picture and Jake? How does he fit into all of this? Edward/Bella, Rose/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Jacob/OC

I'm so excited to finally have a new story! I'm very Switzerland now after seeing New Moon!

1. Chapter 1

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Edward sighed as he drummed his fingers on the desk doing mindless biology reports for his class. Ever since he started Dartmouth, he’s been hearing answering thoughts to his questions in his mind. He kept working scowling slightly until a soft knock on his door pulled him away from the paper. He turned his head to the side and sighed as he recognized Carlisle’s voice.

“Edward?” He mused without a hint of humor in his butterscotch voice. Edward sighed gently and stood up. His curiosity burning within his cold framed body trapped forever in a chasm of youth.

“Yes?” He asked in response.

“Please come down.” Carlisle said keeping his thoughts in balance. Edward frowned as he deciphered the original Romeo & Juliet text in Italian as a form of his elder’s humor. He stalked downstairs gracefully and stopped in front of his father like figure.

“Do you have any memory what so ever of a younger sibling?” Carlisle breeched him as his foot hit the final step. Edward shifted through memory after memory and shook his head after having the odd feeling that something was missing, something that was lodged in his brain and unable to forget. If he couldn’t remember it must not be that significant.

“I have none at all.” Carlisle opened the door and a young woman with pale skin and ruby red lips, long topaz brown hair hung to her waist in waves and her golden eyes burned into his face. She was a few inches shorter than him but in heels towered him.

“You don’t remember your baby sister, Ella?” She said in a soft, soprano voice that could not conceal any amount of pain that was obvious. She removed a tiny bracelet from her slender wrist and shoved the small heart shaped charm to him. He fumbled with the locket and opened it with a look of shock as he took in the image of the young man of his youth prior to this life of immortality.

He took in the image of a man, handsome enough to be recognized as his father, a woman, beautiful enough to ignite the green monster of envy in Rosalie, himself, a handsome tawny boy of 16, and this young woman who had to be a vampire alongside him and his new family, a young woman of 15 and grinning.

“So…Ella?” Edward asked awkwardly. He shook his head of the question he wanted to ask her as she danced gracefully in black stilettos into his arms for a hug.

“I can mind read and shape shift.” She replied simply. Edward chuckled and hugged her back as a booking voice interrupted the two from a joyous reunion.

“Great! So now when they have private conversations, we won’t be able to hear it!” That comment was followed by a loud audible slap. Ella giggled and a loud gasp was heard throughout the house.

"Who was that, she sounds like a babe....?" A husky voice rang through the house.