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Some Were Born to Sing the Blues

*After Bella's a vampire, no Renessme'.* Edward seems to forget all about his human family after marrying Bella. Someone hasn't forgotten about him. Edward's younger Biological sister, Ella, steps into the picture and Jake? How does he fit into all of this? Edward/Bella, Rose/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Jacob/OC

I'm so excited to finally have a new story! I'm very Switzerland now after seeing New Moon!

2. Chapter 2

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Edward coughed awkwardly as Ella took in the image of Jacob walking into the Cullen house. She cocked her head to the side and let her hair drip down in an odd shape around her face as she attempted to read his mind.

She has the prettiest voice- What am I, turning sappy? A husky voice dripped in her ears. Edward sighed.

“Jake, this is my baby,” he stressed 'baby'. “sister. Ella Rosalinda Masen- Cullen.” Edward said tacking on the last name to hers.

“Oh cool.” Jake said as he stepped in front of her and froze. A hiss escaped Edward's mouth and Ella's eyebrows rose questioningly. Edward moved himself in front of Ella and Esme intervened.

“Rose, Alice, Bella. Why don't we show Ella to her room?” She said in a way that did not sound like a suggestion. “That is if she intends on staying?” Esme said sweetly.

“Of course Esme!” Ella said kissing her cheeks. The women flew up the stairs and the men pushed the two snarling rivals outside, so they didn't screw Esme's decorated home to shreds.

“How could you imprint on my sister!?” Edward snarled. His hands flew all over the place in fury. “ I just got her back and you do this?!”

“It wasn't my idea to imprint on a bloodsu-...on something of your kind!” Jacob growled.

“Boys! Gentlemen!” Carlisle said standing between the two as Emmett held Jacob and Jasper held Edward. “Now look, Edward, the imprinting process is a natural thing for werewolves. Jacob, you don't have to berate Edward , especially with your feelings.”

“Okay now, Edward go in and sit with your sister and Jacob, we need to speak with the pack. Emmett, Jasper, you're coming with me and Jacob.” Carlisle said calmly.

“Sweet....” Emmett grinned. He cracked his knuckles and slammed Jazz's fist with his own.

Ella sighed as she sat on her bed and smiled to herself.

“El, what is in your room?” Edward said looking around at the posters. The Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Evanescance and Avril Lavigne lined her pale blue walls and her dark blue canopy bed that will never be used looked excellent with it.

“Nothing....” She said at her art easel.

“We need to talk...” Edward began until Alice walked in.

“What are you two talking about?” She chimed. You two are going to have a 'mind' conversation, aren't you?

Edward nodded. Ella, Jake back there he imprinted on you...


He did. He's, in Layman's terms, fallen in love with you.

Love? He doesn't even know me!

We know and since he's a werewolf-

What? He's a wolf?

You didn't smell the stench?

No. Not at all, I saw him and a fluttering feeling twinkled inside of me.

Great. I'm going to kill Jacob.

“That's his name?” Ella asked out loud happily.

“Yes, why?”

“Jacob?” Ella asked herself swooning and sighing as she giggled and plopped on her bed.

“I'm in love...” She sighed.

“We need to talk to Carlisle.” Edward said at once.