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Some Were Born to Sing the Blues

*After Bella's a vampire, no Renessme'.* Edward seems to forget all about his human family after marrying Bella. Someone hasn't forgotten about him. Edward's younger Biological sister, Ella, steps into the picture and Jake? How does he fit into all of this? Edward/Bella, Rose/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Jacob/OC

I'm so excited to finally have a new story! I'm very Switzerland now after seeing New Moon!

3. Chapter 3

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“I can't believe you imprinted on a leech!” Paul said disgustedly. The pack and the two vampires males stood around a small pit on the beach.

“It's not my fault!” Jacob snarled furiously. He began shaking furiously and Emmett whooped.

“LOOK WHAT I MADE!” Emmett bellowed as he showed everyone a sandman that he had built. Jasper rolled his eyes and sat back before throwing a chunk of debris at the sandman.

“MILEY!!!!!! Jasper you-you-you-” Emmett cried.

“SHUT UP!” Jacob's snarl ripped through the air. Emmett cracked his knuckled while Carlisle gave him a reprimanding look. Emmett kicked the ground angrily.

“I know that fool ain't telling ME to shut up...” He mumbled. Sam stood between Paul and Jacob who were both convulsing horribly.

“We need to come to terms on this...arrangement.” Sam said calmly as Jasper pumped out calmness. A car door slammed and everyone's head looked up anxiously.

“Jake!” Ella said running into his arms, at once stopping the shaking. She held onto him, not noticing any heat what so ever.

“Isn't she supposed to be freezing Jake?” Seth asked timidly from the corner. Jake looked up from the hug and nodded.

“She should but...hey Doctor fang, what's the deal?” Jacob asked Carlisle.

“It could be the physical changes of her body that are fitting for your imprinting. In other words, she can change her body to be around you, without her knowing it.” Carlisle replied seriously.

“That's a very valid point Carlisle.” Edward said walking up.

“It would also be quite interesting to do some research on cross species mating-” Carlisle was interrupted by a loud cough from the three other Cullen boys.

“Gross.” Emmett said grimacing.

“Doesn't sound appetizing.” Jasper said flinching.

“How about gross that's my baby sister.” Edward mock coughed.

“You boys are so immature. Anyway, I was saying it would be interesting.” Carlisle finished.

“I'm not letting you turn what we do together alone into a research project.” Jacob hissed. Ella's stomach fluttered when Jake said 'we' and she sighed happily.

“Do you mean that?” Ella asked him.

“Of course I do. I lo- love you Ella. I mean that.” Jacob said seriously and cupping her face gently with his hands. Edward sighed and got into the Volvo.

“Ells, I'll see at home. Gentlemen. Give them privacy.” Edward's voice rang with finality. Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle got into the Jeep and sped off without another word. The pack stalked off disgustedly and left the two alone.

Jacob kissed Ella gently and softly as he held her in his arms.

“You know, you don't stink like a leech should.” Jacob said grinning.

“And you don't smell like a-” Ella began.

“Say it. Say it out loud.” Jacob said huskily.

“Mutt.” Ella said smiling. The two broke out laughing at Ella's brother and sister-in-law's banter.

Ella ran home and sighed running up stairs happily. She jumped on her bed and squealed excitedly.

Emmett retold the story of Miley to Rosalie, who was forced to beat Jasper with Emmett's Guitar Hero controller.

Jasper cussed loudly and was forced by Carlisle to work at the Hospital kitchen, scrubbing dishes.