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Some Were Born to Sing the Blues

*After Bella's a vampire, no Renessme'.* Edward seems to forget all about his human family after marrying Bella. Someone hasn't forgotten about him. Edward's younger Biological sister, Ella, steps into the picture and Jake? How does he fit into all of this? Edward/Bella, Rose/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Jacob/OC

I'm so excited to finally have a new story! I'm very Switzerland now after seeing New Moon!

4. Chapter 4

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Ella snickered at Edward's face as she thought of Jacob in her mind. The ride to Forks High was odd but she dealt with it.

“So...” Edward began.

“So....What's up?” Ella asked him as she took out her phone and started texting Jake. It had been about three years since they met....and boy did Jake look good as a twenty one year old. She remembered everything...every hug, every kiss, every touch, every soft whispered word. She remembered it all.

“Wha-Are you even paying attention to your older brother?” Edward complained. Ella giggled and kissed him on the cheek in a sisterly fashion.

“Yes...you were just complaining about the speed limit and cursing in your mind.” She replied as the car parked and they stepped out of the Volvo.

“Yes and I asked if you would please please please stay safe...who knows you may end up with fleas.” Edward smirked. Ella growled and smacked him hard in the chest.

“We haven't done anything like that you ass!” Ella hissed playfully. Edward grimaced and rubbed the spot where she hit him.

“I'm kidding...it seems like neither of you have done anything but both of you seem to enjoy thinking about it a lot. “ Edward grimaced.

“Well, you shouldn't be poking around in my head unless we're having a private conversation. Damn it Edward, don't you see? I'm not going to have sex until I'm damn good and ready for it and married!”

“Okay, but-”

“But what? You don't trust me?” Ella hissed before continuing. “Mom and dad raised me and you better than that!”

“Ella Rosalinda, I do trust you.” Edward said as she stormed off towards the school. “Rosie...” He said using her old pet name that he used to call her.

“No, Rosalie is Rosie to Emmett.” Ella hissed.

'So, you were my Rosie first. And she's Rose to everyone else anyway.” Edward said pulling her into a hug.” I'm sorry you think that I don't trust you. I do...I swear. It's just that, you're my baby sister. For real. I love you Ella.”

“I'm sorry I told Emmett that you and Bella had sex by his X-box.” Ella admitted.

“Wait what?” Edward asked glaring at her for a micro-second.

“Nothing, oh damn the bell rang!” Ella said nervously running off to class. Not shockingly, the Cullen siblings all received the same schedules.

Biology was often horribly long. The curriculum was always the same, and Ella was often scolded for having her headphones in while the teacher was lecturing and the students around her were furiously taking notes.

“Miss Cullen?” Mr. Morgan asked one afternoon. Hopefully it'll be Black soon... Ella though looking up.

“Yes, Mr Morgan?” She asked innocently, batting her eyelashes.

“Can you explain to the class as to what makes you so special?” He asked sarcastically. Ella smirked in the Dean Winchester fashion.

“Well, sir, with my record being spotless, my grades being in perfect order, and my complete library of college acceptances....I would say that I'm pretty damn special.” She said smugly. Emmett laughed into his arm as the entire class turned their heads. Rose smirked.

Bout time Someone stood up to Morgan. She thought. Alice giggled and Jasper chuckled almost inaudibly. Bella bit her lip to hold her laughter in and Edward just sighed.

“Really? Perhaps you can show me-” Mr Morgan began but was interrupted as Ella pulled a complete perfect transcript of the classes notes.

“I already understand about the simple cell division sir. So I went ahead and did side notes along with your notes.” She said smirking. Mr Morgan was at a loss of words.

“Well, let's just see....” He said sliding his glasses to his eyes and looking over her eight pages of notes.”These are perfect copies of the cycle of cell division. Class...I believe you can all see a positive example of Miss Cullen. Perhaps, if any of you showed the same amount of dedication as the Cullens and the Hales, the grades in this class would earn me a bonus...” He muttered the last part.

“Sir....what was that?” Ariana Coleman asked raising her hand.

“ Carry on Miss Cullen.” Mr Morgan said gruffly as she smirked at her siblings.

It didn't hurt that he was staring at your less than conservative outfit...Why are you wearing that anyway? Edward thought.

I don't see anything wrong with it....and maybe I'm going to see Jake later... Ella thought back offended. Her outfit was not at all less than conservative. She was wearing a black miniskirt and a deep blue shirt with a leopard pattern and it hung off a shoulder. Her black converses were adorable to boot and the outfit showed off her legs.

“Class dismissed...Oh and the principal has insisted that all final hour teachers remind the juniors and the seniors of the upcoming prom.” Mr Morgan said sounding bored.

“Whoopee...” Bella said sounding less than enthusiastic.

“Oh come on Bella, it sounds like fun!” Alice chided.

“Yes Alice, an overrated teen event where teens have sex, get drunk and stoned, and break off any long term relationships. Oodles of fun.” Edward said sarcastically.

“We're all going.” Alice said darkly.

“Are you going to bring the mutt?” Rose asked as they all walked down the hallway to the cars.

“Of course I'm going to bring Jake.” Ella hissed angrily.

“Just asking...” Rosalie said pretending she didn't hear the tone.