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Some Were Born to Sing the Blues

*After Bella's a vampire, no Renessme'.* Edward seems to forget all about his human family after marrying Bella. Someone hasn't forgotten about him. Edward's younger Biological sister, Ella, steps into the picture and Jake? How does he fit into all of this? Edward/Bella, Rose/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Jacob/OC

I'm so excited to finally have a new story! I'm very Switzerland now after seeing New Moon!

6. Chapter 6

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“Miss Cullen...Are you afraid?” A ghastly voice entered Ella's ears. She surpassed a shudder as he grabbed her hand. Just for Jake. She thought.

“For the wolf? Hm...We may need to...assist in your relationship status.” The voice rang in her mind. She thought of Jake's warm touch on her shoulder, his finger tracing the pattern of where her heart should be. Her breathing became ragged and she collapsed to the ground.

“You are weak.” Jane growled in her ear. A horrible blinding pain entered Ella's body and she screamed in agony. “Maybe Jacob cheated on you because of that....you pathetic excuse-” Jane was thrown back by Ella's kick as she stood up and hissed

“You bitch!” Ella hissed slamming Jane to the ground. Rough hands pulled her away.

“Ella....she's not worth it.” Alice coolly explained in her ear. “Aro...you've discussed your concerns. Let us leave.” She said powerfully.

“Yes....You'll find your new mate in time, Miss Ella. You may leave.” Aro smirked. Alice and Ella left the damp room.

“Alice...they're going to kill him!” Ella expressed her concern. She was not one to show weakness. She only showed it when it came to Jacob.

“Ella....it'll be fine.” Alice said as they drove to the airport in silence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Girls...So glad to have you home!” Jasper said engulfing Alice in a hug and kissing her. Ella felt a pang of pain.

“Edward...can I see him?” She asked her elder brother. “I need to know who he is...”

~ ~ ~ ~

A few months later...

“Alexander!” Ella squealed as the male picked her up and slung her over his shoulder as they entered the mall. The young man, with medium-length black hair, topaz eyes, and a smile, held her close.

“Ella...Stop whining! It gets you nowhere!” He chuckled setting her on the ground and kissing her gently.

“Ella?” A husky voice dripped in her ears. Ella gently, and reluctantly pulled away from Alexander, turned around and dropped her purse.

“Jake?” Ella said as Alexander nodded and walked into the food court. She reluctantly let go of his hands and sighed.

“Hey...” Jacob said with his hands in his pockets. The girl, he was with, shook her blond hair and stalked off.

“So, you're with Anna? Was it? The girl you were screwing under my nose?” Ella said bitterly. She folded her arms across her chest, as if to close the hole.

“Ella....it was never like that...I swear...she came into my house and started making out with me.” Jacob replied defensively.

Ella scoffed. “Jake, you don't have to blame someone else for your fault.” She shook her head.

“So...you and the wannabe cross species of an Abercrombie Model and a Hot Topic Model? I didn't think that that was your type.” Jacob said bitterly but felt guilty about it.

“Yeah, I thought that too....but he's so sweet, gently, and he lives in my house. He proposed last week...and I said yes. You're invited Jake.” Ella said walking toward Alexander. Jake felt his heart drop into his gut and he stalked away. He planned to be there, if it killed him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Jake...I love you...” Ella said as they laid together across her bed. Their fingers entangled and them laying close together.

“Ella...I love you too.” Jacob said kissing her neck and gently tracing his fingers on her breast where her heart should be beating. Ella smiled and ran her hands gently down his bare chest. Jacob growled softly and seductively in her ear as he played with the button on her jeans.

A knock on her door sent Ella flying to gather her shirt, as she was only in her jeans and a bra.

“Just a second!” She called. Thank God Edward's hunting. They didn't do anything...they almost did but they just wanted to enjoy each others company.

“Ellie!!!” Emmett's booming voice called out as Ella tossed Jake his shirt.

“Emmett!” Ella proclaimed embarrassed.

“Hey is the mutt still here?” He asked. “I wanna play Rock Band with my baby sis.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Alex!” Ella laughed as he kissed her hand, leading her to the car. Jacob grumbled something unintelligible under his breath as he stormed to his own car with Anna demanding something new.

“Jakey! Are you even listening to me?” She pouted as she unbuttoned his shirt roughly in the car. He shoved her hands away.

“No...and you need to get the hell out of my car. Now.” Jacob said as she got out and she stormed away. Jacob started the engine and the radio.

To sleep with only memories is harder every night

Jacob closed his eyes as he listened to the song.

I wish, I could hear your voice Don't leave me alone in this bed

I wish, I could touch you once more You'd be back by now Tonight, I'm screaming out to the stars

Jacob sighed as he backed out the car and drove home. As he pulled in Paul was kissing Rachel delicately. He sighed and flopped down into his bed, falling asleep as the rain began to pelt the windows.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is Weird... Jacob thought to himself as he examined his surroundings. Why was he in front of the Cullen house? He walked towards the woods and saw Ella hunting, a fierce model of grace as she attacked a mountain lion. A young girl was next to her, she was small, with the appearance of a small porcelain doll. She resembled Ella, so she looked like a female Edward, She had the topaz brown hair, the pink lips and the smile? The eyes? Her eyes were brown, her smile resembled Jacob's and her grace was as easily as Ella's as it was his.

As Jacob noticed this, he stumbled back at the sight of a large wolf, stalking behind the girl. It phased to show himself and he gasped as the man, himself, kiss the young girl on her cheek as Ella stood up, smiling gently. He growled as he saw three hooded figures, behind holding the other Cullen's hostage. He hissed loudly to see Edward on his knees, with his hands behind his back, with a face of contorted pain. Ella shrieked as the hooded figures snatched the girl away from the and grabbed her as well. Jacob covered his eyes, but he heard the sound of metallic ripping. He yelled as loud as he could but they wouldn't stop tearing his family apart. They tossed the remains of the Cullen's, and Ella and his daughter into a burning fire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jacob woke with a start. That was scary...Was that a vision? It couldn't have been. Ella can't have children...And not to mention she hates me...I need to talk to Alice and Edward.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Okay...since this is going to be a small family affair...” Alice began as all of the Cullen's sat at the table. “We do not need a cake...with the exception of the Volturi.” Alice hissed the last part. Her cell phone buzzed and she left outside to take it. She hid her thoughts behind the Chinese version of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

“Edward! We have to be somewhere...now.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What do you want dog?” Edward hissed at Jacob as they met in a small diner.

“I had this dream...and I want to know if it means something...” Jacob began his dream in detail.

“No...it can't be...She can't have children Jacob.” Alice replied looking worried. “Her body's in a frozen state, she can't sustain a life in her.” Edward shared the same expression or worry.

“Unless...You don't think that it could be the changes her body makes to be able to hold the imprint? I mean...no vampire has ever had two special powers...She could maybe...Carlisle would be interested in this theory....” Edward said trailing off.

“Maybe Edward....I don't know...it's hard when I can't see either one of their futures...That's definitely because of the imprint...but I don't know unless Ella forgives Jacob and they get married... I can't see it.” Alice said thinking hard.

“Edward, can either you or Ella get any readings on Alexander's mind?” Alice asked suddenly as Jacob sipped his coffee.

“No...it's strange- Unless...he can't be....” Edward said frowning.

“Can't be what?” Jacob asked suddenly.

“He can't be an emote...Jacob...he's controlling her emotions to make her love him.” Alice said fitting the pieces together. “On their orders...”

“Alice! We can't be sure...Or maybe we can... He never leaves her side...That would break the emotions he pumps out...” Edward said as all three stare at each other.

“Whose orders?” Jacob gulped, though he already knew.

“The Volturi...They weren't happy about your relationship...They ordered that she leaves you...or you die.”