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Parallel Dawn

What if ther was more than one type of world and more than one type of vampire? What if Jacob lost his humanity? What if these vampires met the Cullens. What if Renesmee was a twin? This piece of fictions tell the story of Sam an immortal of another world who got stuck in Bella's . The plot expirences some radical changes and some people will change physically. My first attempt at a fanfic hope you like it Rated PG-13+


1. Chapter 1

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Sam’s POV

The breeze around me was cold and for the first time in my life I felt as if I was going to die. The world around me faded to black and I passed out. I woke to find myself in a different location the forest was warmer than the one I had passed out in but I was still lying in the same position. Then I heard it the loud thudding of a heart the sound of paws on forest mulch and the loud panting of a dog. I felt the animal get closer and it stayed still not moving and then and then the howl of a wolf cut through the air. Then panic took me my heart started racing and the knife wound started bleeding worse I was losing a lot of blood and dying was now a possibility. They had found me the vampires had found me I cursed myself for getting hurt and collapsing. Then I heard the footsteps of a person but they were moving to fast. This was odd because why didn’t the wolf just change back into a vampire and take me. I was getting weaker by the minute and my Thought wasn’t working anymore, I couldn’t read their minds. I thought back to my older brother Leth who had warned me about the risks of getting exhausted when one was a Thought user. Ice cold arms picked me up and we were moving again a lot faster than I had expected. I passed out again just as I heard someone call out for someone with the name of Carlisle.

Carlisle’s POV

The boy laid motion less on the operating table. His breathing was jagged and he looked pale. He was bleeding from a wound in his abdomen. What intrigued me was his blood. It was red but there was also a purple black swirling around in it. His blood was also not the least bit appealing to me even if I had no control I would never drink a drop of the person blood. I pulled out a pair of surgical tweezers. I inspected the point where he was bleeding I found the edge of a blade sticking out it was pitch black and when I touched it with the tweezers the boy convulsed uncontrolled.

“Jacob can you please come over hear and hold this guy still while I pull this blade out.”

“Sure what must I do?” He asked

“I need you to hold him down so that he doesn’t thrash all over the place like just now.”

Jacob came over without complaint. He braced the boy down so that when the boy convulsed again I would be able to pull the blade out. He convulsed again when I touched the blade but this time I was able to pull it out completely. I was shocked to see that it was a good three inches long. I placed it on the tray behind me getting the disinfectant out. To my total surprise however when I turned back the wound had completely healed with nothing more than a feint white line left on his pale skin. The boys eyes flew open one eye was bright green while the other had concentric circles of red, brown, blue and grey. He opened his mouth as if to say something. Instead he turned his eyes to Jacob. Two needle like fangs folded out of his mouth in a manner that reminded me of a snake. Then at the same speed he struck Biting Jacob on the forearm the inch long teeth going in all the way. Jacob tried to pull away but he started sagging to the ground almost as if his strength was being drained. I tried to intervene but the moment my hand got close to his mouth a intense pain shot through my head then words.

I won’t kill him I am just thirsty however this will change him into a creature of the night. I am sorry I thought he was an animal, he smelled like one.

I was shocked and fascinated at the same time. This was a new breed of vampire and then I thought about Jacob who was going to die for vampire venom was lethal to his kind. The boy released his bite and his eyes rolled back into his head again. His breathing returned to normal and he was asleep.

I was however more afraid for Jacobs sake. What would Bella say, or the rest of his pack. I went over to Jacob who was laying on the ground his body shaking as if it was freezing. His heart was racing, his breathing uneven. His heart then gave one last shudder and stopped. I stood their dumb founded for there was nothing I could do for him. Jacob then started to stirred first his eyes opened and he blinked a few times. They were pitch-black, I then saw that this was actually his pupil which had expanded so far that the iris was barely visible. He blinked a few times and stood up.

“Carlisle?” he asked in his normal voice, he had a puzzled look on his face like he was confused about something.

“Yes Jacob?” I answered

“What just happened, why was I on the floor and can I have something to drink please I am very thirsty?”

Sam’s POV

My eyes flew open to two faces I didn’t recognize one was pale and looked like a vampire while the other was more tanned and while he looked human he smelled like and animal. I was so thirsty I had to make up for lost blood and the vampire wasn’t an option. SO I decided on the one who smelt like a wolf or a dog. My mouth opened and I extended my fangs and then bit into the arm of the animal smelling one. I felt stronger immediately and my power of Thought cam back stronger than ever. My venom was going through the one guy system effectively paralyzing him. I then sensed the pale one try to get his arm out. I stopped him with my mind and spoke to him.

I won’t kill him I am just thirsty however this will change him into a creature of the night. I am sorry I thought he was an animal, he smelled like one.

Having drunk my fill which was about a liter total I released my bite retracted my fangs and passed out again trying to conserve energy.

I woke to the sound of voice speaking all hush hush. One was angry but didn’t yell but to me he could have just as well have been speaking into a megaphone.

“I don’t care if he didn’t mean to do it Carlisle that bastard on the table did something to me he changed me after I saved his life and that’s how he thanks me.”

I risked opening an eye only slightly when I someone breath into to start speaking.

“Jacob I don’t know what to say or do. This is beyond my control. Maybe you should talk to him when he wakes up.”

I stirred, slowly rising to a sitting position. I blinked a few times. And then I was punched flat in the face with enough force to knock me off the table be fore another punch was landed I dodged. Spinning around my assailant and putting him in a head lock.

“Dude you have to calm down.” As I spoke I forced my mind into his calming it. Now saw his anger. Usually people were happy when gifted with immortality but he was already immortal and now he saw himself as monster. I released him once he was calm enough. He turned and looked at me with a death glare but I was a few inches taller than he was so the whole intimidating thing he was going for was sort of useless.

“Why did you do that to me?”

“Do what?” I asked as far as I was concerned I did nothing wrong.

“Why did you change me you bastard?” He was getting upset again and calmed him down once more.

“Change you into what; unlike my brother I don’t pry into peoples minds to extract all their personal information. So if you are not specific I don’t know what you mean.”

“You changed me into a vampire.” He said the word vampire with such disgust I could feel it.

“How is that a bad thing?” I asked pretending I didn’t already know the answer

“I was a werewolf and now I am so hideous blood sucking monster.” He looked as if he was going to cry he looked much older than he really was and I realized that if my mental age was the same as his then I would also be on the verge of tears.

“Jacob, trust me you are not a werewolf you never were, I know how they smell and I would have killed you by now if you were one. I recall correctly you are a shape shifter.” I had made a mental link to the fact that he was the wolf that had found me. “You should still be able to change though all vampire poses the ability to change into some nocturnal creature.”

“I can’t,” Carlisle said. By this time I had a also made the link that he was called Carlisle.

“Interesting then that means I must have fallen through a rift. This must be a parallel universe. Because in my world all vampires can shape shift except for me and my brothers but then again we aren’t really vampires out of the three I am the most vampiric, the other two are full blown vegetarians they won’t touch blood. By the way are you the only ones here?”

“No there are others downstairs.” Carlisle answered

“Good then I will go and meet them.” I moved faster than they could react.

Down stairs I was greeted by six other vampires all of whom couldn’t shape shift. This was a really strange world outside were two other wolfs each the size of a horse and on the couch there was a human who was obviously pregnant.

“Hmm… My name is Sam and I would just like to know. Where am I exactly?”

The vampire called Edward answered my question, “You are in Forks, Sam, are you lost?”

“No just confused, and if you don’t stop trying to get into my mind you will be missing something very precious and fragile to you.”

I then sent him a very clear image of what I would and could do to Bella and how he would be powerless against me if he didn’t stop trying to read my mind.

“I must thank the one who carried me here; I already made a huge problem with your shape shifter upstairs so I would like to thank somebody at least properly.”

“That would be me.” Edward said.” Heard Jacob howling and I went to inspect when Seth came to call me. I found you lying in a pool of your own blood.”

I felt very embarrassed all of a sudden blushing slightly, I felt like an ass for being so rude to Edward and threatening his mate. I just remained quite sending Edward a mental apology. I heard foot steps behind me and turned around to see Carlisle and Jacob come down the stairs. Jacob had a pained expression on his face Carlisle was deep in thought and I listened in with his conversation with Edward. Nothing interesting was thought he was just speculating on who and what exactly I was.

“Jake,” I called feeling that calling him Jacob the whole time was to time consuming and tedious, “ You should go hunting newborns aren’t in full control of their thirst and it will only get worse, animal blood should be fine thought.”

“Okay,” he answered me he looked like a dog that had been beaten into submission and not an alpha like his mind had showed me. “Can I still phase though?”

“I don’t see why not, if anything you should be stronger and faster than your first form.”

He didn’t reply he just walked out to the porch and leap off changing midair. Compared to the size of the other wolves he was massive he was one and half times bigger than he use to be and I could tell that from his memories I had seen. He still had his russet color but he now had two huge wings growing from his back and I wondered to my self if he would be able to achieve flight. But then he ran into the forest and I lost sight of him. Leah and Seth both in their wolf forms chasing after him but they were having difficulty.

“What did you do to him?” Rosalie asked me, “I mean I hate him but he looked devastated and what do you mean by he should go hunting he looked more sad than hungry?”

“I changed him into a vampire by accident and I don’t know how bad his thirst is, I didn’t know he was as shape shifter, but he thinks he is a monster and I feel quite bad about it. It looks like he is more cheerful now that he knows he can still change into a wolf.” I looked at the reactions of the others most were surprised apparently their venom killed Jacob’s kind.

“Sam what are you exactly?” Alice asked out of the whole of them she seemed the most cheerful, “I mean you must be some kind of vampire but I can barely see your future.”

“Well since I am infringing on your hospitality, I will tell you and then go I can see that I am causing a lot of tension here.” I moved over to a chair and sat down facing the Cullens they looked very happy just standing there but I was exhausted from the wound and really tired.

“Where to start? where to start?” I mumbled to myself. “Okay to answer your question Alice I am an immortal not a full vampire but not a pure immortal either. I am somewhere in between my heart beats and from time to time I must feed on animal blood. I am the youngest of three children and I belong to the royal bloodline where I come from. My oldest brother is the king of the vampires back home, my other brother is second in charge and has to do with more diplomatic problems with the humans and I am an all rounder, but mostly I am an assassin who kills rogue vampires that have broken any of the Major laws set by my brother. Anyway I don’t like talking about my past it is dark and full of shadows. So I am off,” I said standing up, “Oh by the way did anybody find a scythe lying around where you found me?”

“Yeah there was I brought it with me why do you need it though?”

“It is a very rare and valuable weapon and I don’t whish to lose it Edward.”

“It’s behind you.” He pointed out

“Oh.” I said and turned around picking it up. It felt good having it in my hands again the blue blade as sharp as ever.

“Okay so I am off then.” I was hoping someone would invite me to stay since I had nowhere to go.

“Sam why don’t you stay we have enough rooms in the house so space shouldn’t be a problem.” Esmee looked like a mother Hen in the metaphorical way. I then remembered with pain and regret how my mother despised and hated me eventually leaving me to die. The thoughts around the room were okay with me staying so I just thanked Esmee mentally. But before she could show me where I would be sleeping I passed out from exhaustion. Man this is so embarrassing was my last thought. As I hit the ground the blade of the scythe cutting into the floor like it was butter.