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A Secret Love

Bella has two secrets. Only one persons knows them. That person is one of her secrets, her secret love. His name is Jasper. The other, she knew about vampires and could block any gift. But when everything went south at her birthday party, Edward forces the family to leave. Bella knew Jasper would never hurt her; Jasper didn't want to risk it. For one year, Bella is in a great depression; her only thought is of Jasper. All she does is write songs about her lost love. Someone changes her. She doesn't know who but that didn't bother her. She follows the Cullens' diet. After two decades of searching for her lost love, the Volturi discover her. She is too powerful for them to control; they fear her. Hoping to find her lost love, she reveals vampires to the world and tries to become the next American Idol. Her voice too powerful to ignore, she wins. But who will come back for her Jasper or Edward.


2. Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

The days went by fast; the nights becoming worse with each passing day without Jasper. Edward stayed every night until I fell asleep, only to return again before I'd wake in the morning. I only knew he left because I would often wake up from nightmares in the middle of the night.

Before I knew it, Friday was here. Edward had been stand – offish all week; his eyes solid like stone instead of their usual liquid topaz. I knew he was just acting; that he thought it would be easier for me if he acted as though he didn't care. I knew he did. I knew it killed him to act that way towards me.

When her broke up with me after school Friday, I forced myself to be heartbroken, but really I was relieved. I could now show how I felt on the inside, what I had been hiding all week. He asked me to promise him that I wouldn't do anything reckless, “for Charlie's sake,” and he in return promised that it would be like he, and his family, had never existed.

He can't keep that promise, though. Even if he took away all of the things that would remind me of them, he wouldn't know to take away my necklace or Jasper's coat. He couldn't take away memories or the house.

He left me alone in the forest and from there I acted solely on instinct. I ran after him. I knew I would never catch him; I knew that it was hopeless, that he wanted me safe, but all I could think about was that he knew where Jasper was. So I ran, tripping several times.

It was dark by the time I gave up. I didn't know where I was and I had just tripped over a log. I just stayed down. I felt like I didn't have the strength to get up. I was tired and I just wanted all the emotions to end. I could feel were the branches of trees and thorns of bushes had give my minor cuts; the bruises from the repeated trips.

Minutes soon turned into hours and before I knew it the moon was over head. I could hear voices calling for someone but I didn't let them register. I just wanted to stay where I was and be left alone.

I was suddenly lifted from the ground by extremely warm arms.

“I got her,” a man called, his voice strangely familiar. Then he started to jog off in whichever direction. Like I said, I really didn't want to leave that spot. The way I saw things my life was over now that he was gone.

He's gone. He was really gone and now there was a hole in my chest where my heart should have been.

In what felt like hours, but in reality could have been just minutes, the person who was carrying me emerged from the forest.

“Bella!” I heard yet another familiar voice called out from a distance.

“She's fine, Charlie,” the man who was carrying me called back to him. Wait, Charlie. Charlie? Dad? Dad... I had to come out of this state for him if anyone. I owed him that. “She just keeps saying 'He's gone,' every once in a while.” Had I been saying that out loud?

“Dad?” I managed, with some effort, to say.

“I'm right here, Bells,” he said to me. “I got her from here, Sam. Thank – you, so much.”

There was an awkward exchange as Charlie took me from Sam's arms.

“He's gone,” I whispered again before I blanked out.

Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days, days to weeks, weeks to months. I did everything mechanically. Went to school, did my homework, talked only when spoken to, worked, and ate only when my body demanded it of me. I didn't hang out with my friends. After homework and/ or work, all I did was write. I wrote songs mainly. Always about lost love.

Eventually, Charlie got tired of this.

“I think it's best if you go live with your mom in Jacksonville,” he said one day.

“You mean leave Forks?” I replied. “No. I....I...I can't.”

“They're not coming back, Bells,” he said with a sigh.

“I know that.”

“It's not that I want you to go, but this behavior, it's not right. I don't what to do here. Maybe a change of scenery would do you some good.”

“I'm eighteen now, Dad. You can kick me out but you can't make me leave town. I have a job, I could support myself and find a place to stay.”

“Okay, okay. You're staying here.”

I knew he'd cave if I said I'd just move out. He hated the thought of me being out there all alone. But I knew I wouldn't be staying here after graduation. I'd found three keys left in his jacket's pocket with a note in his elegant script: A little something for graduation. One key was to a car, one to their old house, and one to his secret safe that he had kept in case one, or both, of us had to leave the family.

I'd be moving in there the day after graduation. I had already decided to take all my courses online. He probably left plenty of money to support me for years to come and a vehicle that could go faster than 60 mph at most.

I would only take my personal items with me when I moved, clothes, shower supplies, hygiene materials. I figured they'd probably left most of the furniture their and if they didn't I'd have enough money to buy new stuff. I'd have enough for utilities and food and I would keep my job at Newton's just in case.

That was my plan at least. Not that my life ever goes the way I planned it. If it did then they would still be here and everything would be going just as had since Arizona and James.

Two months had passed and it was Graduation Day, or rather night. Charlie had surprised me by throwing a Graduation Party, inviting a few friends from school but mostly people from La Push. Jake, Sam, and their friends were there along with Billy Black and Harry and Sue Clearwater. The small house was packed.

I was able to escape around eight when my friends from school left and the game came on.

I was up in my room finishing up my packing, when suddenly cold arms wrapped around me. I started to panic. I had just packed his jacket, maybe that's what drew the vampire here.

“I won't let the prophecy come true,” the, female, vampire whispered into my ear the she bit me. I let out a blood curling scream and the last thing I saw was my bedroom door slamming open before I blacked out.

For me, the change was like a dream. I didn't feel the burning pain they had described to me or that I had felt when James had bitten me.

It was like I was reliving my lives. When I was bitten, I was able to remember my past lives. I was finally able to know why I had known about vampires my whole life (in all my lives).

In my first life, I was born vampire. Somehow, scientists from way back when were able to mix bat and human DNA; and impregnated women with a child with that DNA. Only one child survived the pregnancy; me.

I was to be a military weapon, but I was too humane; I wouldn't kill anyone who wasn't already dying. Human blood repulsed me.

Eventually, I went into hiding. Feeding off of animals like I always had. But I became lonely. I wanted a child, someone who I could train and love. But I couldn't have children.

One day, I came across a seriously injured hunter. He had lost a lot of blood and probably wouldn't survive. I bit him, somehow knowing that that would make him similar to me.

For three days he screamed in agony, but his heart stopped and he stood up. I had created my own child. Immortal, like I, we had two differences. Where I had many special gifts, he only had one, he could track almost anyone or anything anywhere. He also craved human blood.

For my sake, he never killed a human and was always by my side. I created two others who mated and left our small family for a different life and we never saw them again.

Years went by and slowly my powers drove me insane, One day, I attacked my loyal son, believing he was one of the two who had betrayed me. When I had realized what I had done, I told him of a prophecy, which said that one day I would return and be the salvation of both human and vampire races.

Then, I begged him to kill me. At first, he refused, claiming it was impossible for me to be killed, for any of us to be killed. But I told him the only way to kill our kind and that only those I allow to kill me can, and still he refused. For years, I begged him to kill me, knowing that if he didn't I would eventually kill him, but he never gave in.

Then, the day came when I could no longer control myself and I attacked him once again, this time with the intent to kill him.

He proved the better fighter and, following his instincts alone, he killed me. For years after he went crazy with grief. But eventually, he came to blame me. He started killing humans, thinking of them as food. He swore that he would never let my prophecy come to pass. He changed Aro and before long he found a mate.

Together they hunted humans, my son always looking for the overpowering scent that would mark me, while Aro became more and more powerful.

Over the centuries I was reborn several times, never with the knowledge of my past lives but always with the knowledge of vampires. Many of those lives my son would find and kill me before I could become a vampire once more. In five of those lives, however, he did not. In those lives I died before he could find me but in each of those lives I was able to give birth to children, except for one.

In the first life, I gave birth to a son and when, at the age of 23, he was turned vampire I had a heart attack. In the second life, I gave birth to twins who were turned right in front of my eyes at the age of 15 and then I was killed by the Volturi. In the third life, I killed myself after I learned of my loved one's death in a war. The fourth life gave me another son who had died when he was seventeen because of an illness; and in the fifth, I had one more boy and died on a bear hunting trip when a bear surprised me. My son, a then twenty year old, had been badly mauled and had been found by a vampire who had him change as quickly as possible.

All my other lives, my first son killed me before I could even have a real life. He failed in this life. When he found me and tried to kill me, they killed him. They killed my James.