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She smiles

my first poem EVER... so don't be too harsh on me. to be honest, this isn't twilight realted, is that a crime? I just wanted to know if I'm any good, cause I have no idea. but I guess I can say it's Bella in New Moon. it's quite short so please give it a chance!

thank you :D

1. Chapter 1

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She smiles

Every day

Giving people lies.

Cause inside,

There are only ruins

Of a heart

And a soul.

Never will it end

The pain

She will never mend.

A sunny day,

She is smiling yet.

But this time

It’s true,

She is happy again.

Because now

She has found

A way to end

The pain.

Finally she cries.

Wet before the

Water surrounds

Her body,

Her mind,

Her every goodbye.