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A Fire-side Reunion

This is the missing piece after Jacob "broke up" with Bella.

We all know what happened with Bella after Jacob told her he “couldn’t be her friend anymore”. What happened with Jacob? It starts after he leaves Bella standing outside in the rain (After telling her that he didn’t want to "be her friend anymore")

1. Chapter 1

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“DAMMIT!” I banged my fist against the wall. The picture with my dad, mom, sisters, and myself, obviously, all standing together like a “normal family”, fell off the wall with a crash. God, I hated that picture. It was like a sick joke-so embarrassing, and so not real. Billy wouldn’t let me take it down.

“Take it easy Jake.” Paul- the epitome of tempers- was telling me to take it easy? And just like that, my temper flared even hotter.

“You want me to take it easy?” I was close to explosion. It was a wonder I hadn’t phased yet.

Then I ran. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to run. To get away. I faintly heard Sam calling, “Don’t forget the injunction, Jacob! It’s for her own good.” I ignored him. I didn’t want to think about why I couldn’t be around Bella. I got so far as the back woods-which weren’t really that far away- when I exploded into the monster form of myself that I hated so much. The monster that kept me away from Bella. I stopped.


She was the reason I was so upset. I could try to think of anything, and I would still see the same thing over and over again. Her face. Her beautiful, gentle, fragile face. The pain in that face was what haunted me. I vaguely wondered if that was the face she wore when the bloodsucker had hurt her. I flinched. Was she in more or less pain now, than when he had broken her heart? The answer to that hurt more than the thought of her face. Of course he had caused more pain to her. She loved him best.

Then Embry phased. So sorry, bro.

Leave me alone.

He was gone then. I started to run again, gradually going faster and faster until I was pushing myself. No matter how hard I tried, though, I couldn’t leave myself behind. I couldn’t let go.

I went back to the face. The face that would haunt me until I saw her smile again. Her words. I ran into Quil today. He’s terrified. He’s frightened that he’s next.

But Quil wasn’t going to be next. This would stop. The vampires were almost gone. We didn’t need any more people in the pack. They shouldn’t still be changing. Quil still had a chance. He had to.

I didn’t realize when I got Bella’s house. I should’ve known, I guess, that’s where my feet would take me. I sat down and leaned my head back against the siding.

Her face. The pain there. The pain I had caused. I wasn’t the only one that had caused her pain, though. Him. That bloodsucking bastard had hurt her too. Something clicked.

She knew. She had known that they were leeches. That they weren’t human. And she had still dated him. Grieved him, even. She had defended him-all of them. What had she said? I don’t understand who you mean. She had lied right to my face.

You lied too. I couldn’t think of a response to that. The voice in my head was right. But I had lied to protect her. Maybe she lied to protect them. I knew that was the case as soon as I thought it. Of course she would protect them. She loved them. The monsters that had hurt her- were still hurting her. The enemies.

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes, realizing right before I did that it was dark outside. I couldn’t just leave it as I had today. I had to make it right. And dammit, I had promised. I had promised not to hurt her. I’m always here. You can always count on me. I wasn’t there now, was I? She couldn’t count on me now. I had hurt her, too.

Then I remembered her last words. I’m sorry that I couldn’t…before…I wish I could change how I feel about you. Maybe…maybe I would change. Maybe, if you gave me some time…just don’t quit on me now. I can’t take it. How I knew she couldn’t take it. But I had gone and quit on her anyway. The hardest part was that she would’ve changed, too. For me. She didn’t want to lose me, because she needed me. She would’ve wanted to make me happy, which was SO not what I wanted. I didn’t want her to pretend, I wanted it to be real. It might’ve been, though. She might’ve gotten over her stupid vampire and fallen for me instead. It was a long shot, I’ll admit, but not impossible. Nothing was impossible.

You really blew it now, didn’t you?

No. This would not be the end. I had to make things right. I thought back to Quil. He wasn’t going to change. He couldn’t. I couldn’t tell him, either. I couldn’t tell him that I was okay, not to worry. The funny thing was, he already knew. He was a Quileute. He knew all the stories, all the legends that I had recently believed to be a load of crap. He didn’t believe them either.

My mind stopped. I completely froze. Quil knew the stories. So did Bella. I thought back to the first day, at the beach. She had come with a group of friends, and specifically wanted to walk with me. I remembered being so excited. We had immediately clicked. I smiled, remembering. Then I remembered what she had wanted to talk to me about. She must not have known then. Oh god, I told her everything. I told her all the secrets.

I couldn’t tell her, but I didn’t have to. Sam hadn’t told me not to help her remember what she already knew. He just said I couldn’t tell her. He didn’t say I couldn’t see her, talk to her. Bella had to remember. We might actually have a chance that way.

With that, I climbed up the tree closest to her bedroom window. She would understand.