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A Fire-side Reunion

This is the missing piece after Jacob "broke up" with Bella.

We all know what happened with Bella after Jacob told her he “couldn’t be her friend anymore”. What happened with Jacob? It starts after he leaves Bella standing outside in the rain (After telling her that he didn’t want to "be her friend anymore")

3. Chapter 3

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Okay, so that hadn’t worked. Well, it had kind of worked, but I didn’t really know to make it work. I sighed as I ran down the stairs and out the door. This was going to be a long night. I was already rolling up my jeans when I hit the forest, and quickly phased, part of me hoping that no one would be there. Of course someone was. At least it was just Embry.

Hey Jake. Sam’s looking for you.

Oh, wonderful. I couldn’t help it. The image of her tear streaked face intruded into my thoughts.

Embry groaned. What the HELL did you do? Sam said not to see her. I winced inwardly. He still heard it, or felt it, whichever you prefer. He sighed. Look, jake, I know this is hard for you, but really, didn’t you see what happened to Emily when Sam got too upset? How torn up he was inside? He just doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes.

I knew that I would never hurt Bella physically, but the image of Emily, broken, was pushed into my head, courtesy of Embry. Sam trying to find the strength to phase back, to help her. It was a painful picture. Embry graciously turned his thoughts in a new direction, feeling my stress.

You better get home before Sam figures out what you did. But it was too late, as Sam, with perfect timing as usual, joined in our mental conversation. I could see he was just outside of Emily’s house, and trying really hard not to focus on what they had been doing inside.

And what, exactly, did you do Jacob? Crap! I slipped. Fortunately, I only let slip the image of a haggard Bella battling, and losing, to stay upright. Sam growled. Jacob! You could have killed her! You could have lost control!

I decided to keep my mind on only the images, and not the words that had been said. I know. But, Sam, you didn’t see her face! I hurt her, right after I promised I never would!

I understand that, Jacob, but how would you feel if you hurt her so bad that, you –he winced, and we saw Emily’s face, mangled and scarred –couldn’t even recognize her? Would you be more, or less upset?

That was so Sam. Always the optimist; my thought were sarcastic. Unfortunately, he heard that. Of course. Get some sleep Jake. You’ve been running around out here for more than 48 hours –

57! Cut in Embry.

57 hours, Jacob. Go sleep. We’ll watch out for her. We care just as much as you do. I really doubted that, and Sam, being the good person that he was, didn’t comment.

I then realized that I had been running towards my house without even acknowledging it. Embry had been searching for a trail, and Sam had been heading up to Bella’s place, but I hadn’t been paying any attention at all to where I was going. I phased and returned to my private thoughts, which was a good thing, because I wouldn’t have been able to keep them out much longer.

I quickly threw on my jeans and opened the front door. Me in-the-nude was the one thing that Billy would not tolerate. The old man wheeled himself out into the cramped living room. I raised my hand –just as I had done to Bella –before he could speak. “I know. I’m going.”

He just grinned as I knew he would, and I ran up to my room, taking the stairs four at a time. My head hit the pillow, and the next thing I knew, I was in darkness.