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I'm Gone

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80 years ago, a young girl was raped and murdered on the shores of a beach in Forks. She becomes a ghost, which only the animals can see and hear. Now, she haunts that shore, whispering poetry into peoples minds and swimming with the fish. But, when she finds that only different people can see her, to what extent will she go to to get one of them to find her body and let her rest in peace?
You never know, she might get side tracked along the way...

A wee bit of lemons, but in a sweet, fluffy way.


5. Chapter 5

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I was walking around my shore, sad that it was raining. It was such a peculiar feeling, when it was raining, because it just passed right through me. It was at times like this I really felt like a ghost. I enjoyed it better when it was sunny, or it snowed. Even though the snow went right through me, it was a very wonderful sensation, because I always felt the warm sun and the cool ocean breeze.

Anyways, I stared out into the ocean. I didn’t usually enjoy going into the water on stormy days, because the fish were scarce and the water was fast. But, today for some reason, I had...and urge? No, more like a calling of some sort.

So I dived into the water, with no splash left behind me. The water was turbulent and filled with flurries. There were no fish in sight, which was odd, because usually there were 5 or 6. The water was dark, and the sand was tough. I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time, fear.

The dark waters, the eerie sounds and no fish...I felt nervous. Like something was approaching. I gazed out into the area where the sand level went down. It was very dark. I could hear something...shuffling Whatever it was, it was making the water move around.

Suddenly, it came. Out from the depths, a white man came swimming out. The little light that came from the surface shone on the creature, making it glimmer. His hair looked like a dark, dark copper from under the water. He was dressed in only pants. His chest was well muscled as were his arms. I gasped, watching the creature swim out.

It flinched, looking around, but kept swimming with slow movements. I swam closer, not knowing what to do.

Edged pale body, strong menacing hands and eyes that could scare a wolf away...The memories of the vampire that I had met so many years ago came crashing down on me. This creature looked exactly like it! Oh my goodness!

I stuffed my hands in my mouth to keep myself from yelping in glee. He quickly swam closer to the shore, which is exactly where I wanted him to go. He staggered out of the water, the rain splattering on his immaculate body. He whipped his head around, either to make his whole look even more seducing or to hear around the forest. He nodded to himself and began to mumble a tune as he walked along the beach. Of course, I was right beside him all the way. He was about halfway up the shore when I knew that I had to say something. Anything. To see if this almost for-real creature could feel my presence, like the last one.

Skipped in front of it and coughed. Immediately, it stopped dead in its tracks, looking straight through me. I smiled a smile that could have fit the whole town. It was about to take another step when I took a risk.

“Excuse me,” I said. I froze. Its eyes were wide. Oh, its eyes. They looked like honey, gold and sunshine all mixed into one beautiful color. I just wanted to take a bath it in. I shook my head, remembering the task at hand.

“Please, I know that you can hear me,” I whispered. He backed up. I could see his mind working. Wondering. Questioning. Trying to figure out where this voice which sounds like it is coming from right beside him is coming from! I tried not to laugh, it would ruin the moment. It was at times like these where I adored being a ghost.

I suddenly remembered what had happened with the other vampire. I had read more about them, actually. In the library, there were children who fantasized about vampires, and I would read as they read about them. I knew that they were special, and magnificent, but one of the worlds worst predators.

Even though there is no possible way that he could harm me, I became nervous, yet gleeful.

“Tell me that you can hear me,” I repeated in a confidant yet shaky voice. I was already fantasizing about Heaven and all its glories.

It inched farther back, then whipped his head in all directions, much to fast for me to see. Then suddenly, he was gone. I saw his bronze hair disappear into the bushes near the end of the shore. I followed quickly. He was quite fast, even for my speeds.

He stopped at another shore, with the rain pouring down harder and fiercer than ever. His body was simply delicious, and I longed to be alb to touch his skin.

“Where are you?” He whispered. I thrilled to the words, and rushed over so I was a good 2 metres in front of him. In a clear, unsurprising voice, I responded. Even for a vampire, he looked pale. Obviously, he had his fair share with dealing with the supernatural, but I presume that I am quite unexpected. How absolutely lovely.

“Who are you?” I could hear the strain he put on to making his voice as non-shaky as possible. I laughed a wicked laugh unexpectedly. He staggered back, unhappy with my response.

It was sort of reflex, to tell you the truth. I was really beginning to understand the insanity ghosts go through, and unfortunately I felt as though I was going through it, completely.

“Answer my question!” He said loudly. I was a bit taken back by this. He seemed to nervous and scared, but it was as if he had regained strength.

“Follow my voice, and I’ll show you,” I mentioned. I wanted to take him to my body, so he could make me rest in peace. Suddenly no other thought seemed so appealing.

“No, unless you tell me who and what you are, right now” He was almost barking. I guess during his thinking process he decided that violence was the best answer.

I smiled, I swear he could hear that to, and said “I am May”

“May who?” He asked again. Goodness he looked scrumptious.

Good grief! I must get rid of all this insanity!!

“May Sterling, and didn’t your mother ever tell you not to bark at a girl?” I responded, coming closer. He could definitely feel my presence, so he moved away. His eyes widened at my name, so I presumed he understood how I was the May Sterling from the beach.

“Uh...what are you?” He said. It was till pouring, and he was becoming more wet than a fish.

“I might ask you the same question,” I threw that in for my hungering needs to touch this boy.

He glared in the area where I stood. He sighed a quick sigh, so quick I almost didn’t catch it.

“I...I apologize for being rude. Could you please tell me what you are and what you need?” Ah, so he had given up on the violent way, and gone for compassionate. I like this.

“Thank you. I am a wandering spirit. My body was ...torn from me in a terrible incident. So, now I wander the shores until someone finds my body and lays me to rest under God’s Holy symbol” I said briefly, yet I tried to make myself as mysterious as possible. His eyes widened.

“Which is where you come in,” I mentioned suggestively. His eyebrows creased. I could see his mind working, trying to figure out what to do. The excitement of leaving this hell was washing over me, I almost couldn’t control myself. I just wanted to scream to the sky, dance on the earth, and drink the sea. Rejoice my years on earth, and pray that I will fly around the Heavens with the other angels.

“Hang on,” he put a hand up, as in to control me. His eyes were still frantically searching, searching for my presence. I smiled as I walked closer, watching as he tensed his muscles and his eyes grew wide.

“Yes?” I whispered. His hands were fists, trembling ever so slightly. I couldn’t help it, I smiled a wicked grin. I was so in the moment, I didn’t think for a second of how this poor vampire boy might be feeling.

“I’ll...I will help you,” He said. I squealed a delightful grin and stopped myself before I tackled the poor boy.

“But,” He murmured in a solemn voice, “I need you to help me”

What? I help him? Never had this sort of case come past me before. I was taken back for a second, but then I answered “What kind of help?”

“I-” Suddenly he went stiff. He was as still as stones, but his topaz eyes moved slowly from to the right.

“Follow me” He whispered so suddenly I didn’t catch it, for suddenly he vanished. He was running at the speed of light through the sopping forest. I followed accordingly, wondering what he had stopped for.