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I'm Gone

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80 years ago, a young girl was raped and murdered on the shores of a beach in Forks. She becomes a ghost, which only the animals can see and hear. Now, she haunts that shore, whispering poetry into peoples minds and swimming with the fish. But, when she finds that only different people can see her, to what extent will she go to to get one of them to find her body and let her rest in peace?
You never know, she might get side tracked along the way...

A wee bit of lemons, but in a sweet, fluffy way.


6. Chapter 6

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He was running extremely fast, so we reached the house in practically no time at all. It was in the middle of the wood, and what a fine house it was. It looked like ... Oh, what’s her name... Elena.... Elena Cruenta’s old place. Well, at least something she would live it. Rich girl, but insane. The town wacko, but no one dared make her sad because she’d put in you bankruptcy in 3 seconds flat. This house reminded me or her old place because it looked...special. I never really thought Elena was crazy, but that she had a bit of future in her. She’d wear funny clothes and her house always looked so ... modern.

This house looked sort of the opposite. Modern, new and interesting. But, it seemed to be holding the hands of the past, carrasing it and becoming friends.

The vampire ran through the house and up the stairs to an enchanting room filled with records and CD’s. A soft black leather couch sat in the corner, with a fuzzy rug on the ground. This looked like the room of a middle aged musician who didn’t quite have a life. I looked at the vampire again.

That seemed practically impossible for a man with such beauty.

“Wait here, where ever you are” He looked around the general direction in which I was standing. He ran out of the room and returned quickly with a towel. He began to dry out his bronze hair. He was shirtless except for a large towel around his back. He still had his pants on.

“Now, let me get this straight,” He began “You are a ghost-”

“Spirit” I corrected.

“-Spirit who can only rest until her body is buried under the cross-”

“God’s Holy Symbol”

“-God’s Holy Symbol. And you want me to help you” He finished. He looked around where I was standing again. The tension in his eyes was strong as he tried to find just where I stood.

“Yes” I said. He squinted.

“Do you even know my name?” He asked in his velvety voice. A tad taken aback by the question, I answered honestly – no idea.

“Edward Cullen” Edward said while smiling. I smiled back, glad that he has gotten more comfortable with me.

“So, Edward Cullen, will you help a lost soul?” I said mysteriously. The grin left from his face.

“Only on circumstances” He murmured as he gently traced the long rows of records. I looked down, surprised that I recognized a few.

“What sort of circumstances,” I asked as I stepped closer. I watched as he tensed up again, fists balling up. I knew that I shouldn’t have been surprised, practically every felt chills as I approached. But...I don’t know, I was just hoping he might have been...special.

He glanced around the room, ears wide open. He walked, or should I say glided, to the couch and made himself comfortable. I followed.

“I...I have, see, I have suspicions that...” Edward looked flustered as he said this. Was he embarrassed? Unsure?

“Spit it out,” I said bluntly.

“I believe that my girlfriend is cheating on me,” He said.

“Cheating? You want me to help you because you think your girlfriend is cheating on you?” I couldn’t suppress me laugh. His eyebrows were creased.

“I know that it seems childish and foolish, but it is a bit more serious than that. She knows my secret, of being a vampire. And what’s worse...I believe she’s cheating on our enemy, a werewolf” he said solemnly.

“Well, why don’t you leave her?” this was childish. I would have left at once if it weren’t for the fact that I might be able to finally rest.

“I have already left her before, but I came back for I love her. But, I believe she had grown tired of me. Every time I try to talk about Jacob with her, the subject goes off into a different cycle, like the riches my family beholds. Every time I try to listen into the mind of Jacob, he thinks about silly things like cars and school–”

“You can read thoughts?” I asked stupidly. I was surprised, and a bit worried.

He laughed, “Yes, I can. But I can’t hear anything from you,” He said.

“Good –”

“Wait,” Edward shushed me. We were silent for about thirty seconds. I didn’t dare move and make a single sound.

“I can hear something,” Edward whispered. My eyes fluttered open, although he couldn’t see them.

“It...It sounds like...a river, or perhaps waves flowing. With birds cawing in the background” He said wide eyed, practically staring into my eyes, but just a bit off. I looked away distinctively.

“That makes sense, I died at the beach, so I constantly hear the waves and feel the sun,” I said quietly. I didn’t want to get into many details about my life, for I’ll be leaving soon. But it was hard to be quiet around this boy, for his velvet voice was quite compelling.

“Is your ... body buried at the shore?” He asked politely; well, as polite as you can get with that sort of question.

“No, but farther into the ocean. It is practically buried by the sand and seaweed,” I said “But more about this girl of yours. Your a vampire, you seem smarter than that, why can’t you just follow her and figure it out for yourself?” I was still a tad outraged by his request.

“I...well...” Edward began softly. He walked to the window, staring out at the sopping rain that was turning the forest into a large pile of mud.

“I am afraid. I am afraid of what I might walk into, or if I don’t walk into anything at all. I love Bella so much, but I am ... I am just so afraid of leaving her again for the wrong reasons and leaving her for the right ones”

I stared at the beautiful vampire boy. Him admitting his fears must be hard for him, and I think they really mean something to him. I sighed quickly.

“Alright, take me to this Bella girl, I will watch her for a day or two, then you must go to the ocean, find my body and bury me under Gods Holy Symbol, am I missing anything?” I asked. He strained his eyes, trying to look for some sort of evidence that I even existed.

“That this will be kept a secret from everyone, except –” He said, then sighed “Alice. She might have even seen you. We ought to tell her about you. Come along”

“Alice?” I questioned as he walked down the stairs.

“My adopted sister. She, like me, has a special gift”

“Mind reading?”

“Future seeing.”

I raised my eyebrows. Being a ghost, you things didn’t really impress you much, but I have to say that this did.

We entered the living room, which was quite large and bright. Even though it was dark and cloudy outside, the wall color and lighting made the room feel warm and inviting. Nestled between a chocolate coloured blanket, was a small girl with jet black hair that was pinned back with a thin braided headband. She wore a purple coloured shirt with dark denim jeans beneath. Her skin matched the wall color, crisp white. When she looked up, her topaz eyes sparkled.

“Edward, have you made a new friend that I haven’t heard about?” She asked Edward playfully. She stared at me, looking me up and down, and then stood up.

“Forgive my brothers terrible manners, I am Alice” Alice said sticking her hand out to me. My eyebrows shot up and my mouth dropped open.

Alice could see me! She can see me! I am seen! Her golden eyes can see me! A giant smiled burst onto my face as I looked to Alice then to Edward. His eyebrows were raised to.

“What?” Alice questioned my expression.

“You can see me??” I asked, trying hard to control my happiness.

In all my years of being a ghost, this was the absolute one thing I missed the most. To be seen, to be heard, to be looked at, it was such a blessing. All the loneliness of the world seemed like nothing when at least people could see you. Alice gave a weird look.

“What did you say?” She asked. I repeated but with more force. Alice looked to Edward with her large topaz eyes. He smiled a crooked smile at her tiny figure.