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Twisted Everafter

When Edward left Bella he took a part of her soul with him. That would never change unless there is a new vampire family in town that is almost the exact same as the Cullen family. The new vampire may heal her heart but they struggle to overcome............. small problems.


1. 1. Hurt

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I sat on my bed yearning for something that would never come back. Edward. I sat and let my tears flow freely. Charlie knocked on my door yelling for me to hurry up. I didn't say anything in fear that he would hear the tears and aguish in my voice. Pulling on a shirt and hoodie I looked in the mirror. What I saw looking back at me was a pretty girl. She had dark brown hair and eyes but she was in pain. Mortal Pain.

"Hurry up!" Charlie yelled sounding annoyed.

"Okay." I yelled back hoping he couldn't sence my hurt.

I licked my lips and seeing that they were chapped I slid on some chapstick. I kissed Charlie on the cheek and hurried outside. The cold hair hit me suddenly and I shivered but continued on. As I walked in the school the whispering began.

"....There's that girl...."

".....Can't she get over....."

I blocked out their whispers and continued to my first class, Biology. I sped through the classes without hearing much about anything. Jessica came up to me and began talking after class.

"Bella why are you this way? We need to talk right now. You are a bum Bella. A bum!" She spoke in a harsh whisper.

"Jessica, Calm down. I am fine just a little......tore up. I guess you can say." I said in a cracked voice.

She seemed a little bit relived and chuckled.

"Wanna sit by us at lunch?" She asked.

I nodded and went to get my food. I froze as I saw a new "Family". A vampire family. They were all perfect and flawless. Inhumenly flawless. The one that looked the most perfect and hurt to look at was the youngest. He had soft light brown hair with soft butterscotch eyes and a sporty body.

"Jessica. Hey Jessica. Who are those people?" I asked her as she fallowed her gaze to where I was pointing.

"Them? There the new kids in town. Aren't the boys cute?" She smiled at me.

I nodded and vowed to myself that I would go up and introduse my self. I would find out about them and even posibly find out about where Edward went. After lunch I went up to the youngest vampire and began an polite conversation with them.

"Hello my name is Bella Swan and you muct be the new kids."

"Yes my name is Austin and this is my family as you can see." He said in a smooth, rich voice.

It hurt when he said that because it sounded so much like Edward.

"I see. You remind me of some........friends." I said smileing to myself.

He looked puzzled as I spoke but I was on a roll.

"Lets put this in a simple form. I had some friends that were immortal. They were vampires like you. You can't hide it. I know all of your kind's secrets. The volturi. Everything." I spoke softly so know one could hear.

"If you know why aren't you changed then?" He looked startled.

"They refused to change me because of the possible danger."

"We might be able to change that. Follow me. Mind skipping school for the day?"