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The Real Thing.

^^^Made by Oh_Mike How Will I Go On Bri Miller is a typical crazed twilight fan. However, what happens when she moves into a rainy city, and begins to look for signs of vampires? Well, she may not find the Cullens, but she finds someone else... CHAPTER THREE IS FINALLY HERE!


1. Well, this sucks.

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Damn it." he growled,kissing hungrily down the edge of my jaw.
"We have plenty of time to work on it." I reminded him. "Forever and forever and forever." He murmured. "That sounds exactly right to me." And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

I sighed. After reading the entire twilight saga over and over and over again, I still never got over the beauty of the story. I felt quite fulfilled after I shut Breaking Dawn closed. However, even though I read this particular book several times, It slightly frustrated me.

Why is it impossible for this story to be true? Like any other crazed twilight fan, I wished that there really was an Edward. In fact, I wished the entire Cullen family were real, and that I could meet them, even if I would not be able to be with Edward.

There was always so much to ponder after reading these books. I constantly compared my life to Bella's. I already felt like I was a lot like her. Brown hair, brown eyes, awkward, clumsy, quite pale, my parents were even divorced!

Of course, some things got out of control occasionally. Like the time I attempted to put myself in a love triangle with my male best friend and boyfriend. But, I am not Bella, so my boyfriend broke up with me and my best friend toned down our relationship. I suppose that is what I get for trying to copy a fictional characters life.

Sometimes though, I felt so alone. I did not have very many friends who considered the twilight saga more than merely a series of books like I did. They did not ask for merchandise, go to midnight screenings of the movies, research Robert Pattinson half-naked on the Internet, blog about the series, or write fan fiction. My parents actually considered sending me to some sort of therapy because I was so obsessed.

Is it really wrong to love these books so much?

As I pondered this question, I heard my Dad speak.

"Bri?" My dad called my name.

"Can you come out into the living room for a moment, I wanted to tell you something."

Oh, God. I hated when I was "called out" of my room for something. Most of the time there was just an embarrassing conversation waiting for me outside my bedroom. My dad was not a big talker, just the "Hey, how was your day?" type. But reluctantly, I walked into the living room.

"Yeah Dad?"

"Well, I kind of have some big news. Not great news, but news nonetheless. I got a phone call earlier this week and was offered a new job in Mobile, Alabama. I know, I know, you hate change. But come on, sometimes it's healthy for you Bri. Plus, Mobile is one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., kinda like Forks from your Twilight books, eh?"

"Sure Dad. Just like my books. But do we really have to move to Alabama? I mean, that is a little...country for us don't you think?"

"Ugh, don't be like that Bri, you'll love it there. Ain't no country folk there!"

My dad let a small laugh out.

"Ain't? Since when do you talk country Dad? Apparently, you have already been practicing to blend in right with the rest of them."

My Dad began to answer me, but I didn't care. I walked right back into my room and slammed the door. I hate to move. I really,really do. The worse part is, each time I move, I am only told a week or two in advance. Sometimes my life just stinks.


As always,I arrive in my new hometown in a matter of days since I first found out. Dad was right though, Mobile was extremely rainy. At least I could pretend as if I was Bella, first moving to Forks. Minus huge trees, La Push, and an antique Ford truck to drive.

Instead, I was surrounded by weeping willows, historical monuments, and a 2005 Honda Civic to drive to school. As I settled my boxes into my new room, I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away but only to be overcome by intense sobs.

Why do I have to go to another school and become the "new girl" all over again?

Come on, get it together Bri! You're a strong young woman, you can handle anything!

I tried to make myself feel better but it wasn't exactly working, Instead of continuing to attempt to fight the tears, I gave up. I let myself cry and cry and cry.

I bet this is how Bella felt when she first moved to Forks. I don't know anybody here and Bella didn't either. If Bella wasn't afraid to cry over moving, neither am I.

And then I let myself cry until I eventually fell asleep.