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The Real Thing.

^^^Made by Oh_Mike How Will I Go On Bri Miller is a typical crazed twilight fan. However, what happens when she moves into a rainy city, and begins to look for signs of vampires? Well, she may not find the Cullens, but she finds someone else... CHAPTER THREE IS FINALLY HERE!


3. Life can be quite puzzling.

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My heart raced at an intensified speed, my mind spun like an out-of-control clock, and my hands shook vigorously.

What else could he possibly be? He must be a vampire. I am in the same room as a vampire. Well...maybe not. I know other girls in the school have read Twilight. Why isn't everyone flipping their lid?

He has all the same characteristics as a vampire. He even looked liked Carlisle. Not Peter Facinelli, but Carlisle, the one in my mind.

The white skin, the piercing eyes, the overbearingly beautiful face. Was this just a coincidence, or an actual vampire...?

I never got the chance to answer myself; the bell interrupted my train of thought.

"Class, you are dismissed," Mr. Cole informed us.

I quickly gathered my things in a hurry. I threw my books into my book bag and tried to leave as fast as I could, my mind in a jumbled mess.

As I rushed to get through the door, I realized my water bottle cap was missing. Swirling around to look for it, I spilled the remaining water on Mr. Cole's sweater.

"I'm so sorry! It was an accident, I forgot to put the lid on...."

"It's fine Miss Miller," Mr. Cole smiled dazzlingly at me.

"I think I'll be alright. Here, let me help you."

Mr.Cole fixed the books hanging out of my book bag and zipped me up. I smiled stupidly and attempted to leave quickly once more.

As I nearly ran out of there, a sharp tingle ran through my spine. Mr. Cole's hand brushed mine lightly, accidentally.

There was no cold, freezing skin.

It was blistering hot, not quite like a hand held over a skillet; more like a hot,hot,hot temperature.

This was all so confusing. I must simply be overreacting to this teacher. He was only a pale, good looking, young, teacher. I shouldn't let my mind reach into the depths of insanity like this.

But, he was a pale, good looking, young, teacher. No,no,no! This was no coincidence. There was something more here and I was determined to find it out.

As I stomped through the hallway on the way to my car, Charlotte passed me.

"Hey Bri. Sorry about last period, I had to take care of someone, if you know what I mean.

No, I do not know what you mean. Unless you were beating the hell out of some innocent student whom you thought was stealing your thunder. Then yeah, I know what you mean.

"Yeah I get what you're saying. Anatomy was okay. Mr.Cole seems very nice."

"Yeah, he is. He's extremely weird though. Don't get some weird attachment to him like the last new girl did though."

"Attachment? What does that mean?"

"Well, it's a confusing story...but I'll tell you."

We paused by the school stairs and sat down.

You see, a while ago,about half a year I'd say, there was another new girl here. Her name was Alina. Alina was a die hard Twilight fan. Whenever she first had Mr. Cole, she almost had a heart attack. I mean, to her, he fit the description as a beautiful vampire like the ones in her books.. She claimed Mr. Cole was a vampire and they would be together forever. Mr. Cole would constantly yell at her; let her know she was crazy and there were no such things as vampires. But naturally, she refused to listen. Over time, Alina grew more and more convinced of Mr. Cole's supposed vampire identity. She literally went crazy and began to follow him places outside of school. There was actually a rumour that he ran her off and out of his front yard with a shotgun. The stalking went further and further until finally Mr.Cole got a restraining order against her and she was pulled out of school.

When Charlotte finished, I realized my breathing was uneven and almost a pant.

If I hadn't read the Twilight books, I would have found Charlotte's little tale ridiculous and just rolled my eyes. But I had read the books and I could see this happening. Even to me.

"Anyways," Charlotte started up again, "Just don't let your mind play games with you like that. See what happens?"

"Sure,sure. He really didn't even look like a vampire or whatever to me anyways. Thanks for telling me though. I"m gonna head home. See you tomorrow?"

"Mmhmm." Charlotte smiled smugly.

I hopped into my car and drove away from school. Today was not what I expected at all and even after the Charlotte's story, I was still contemplating on who, or what, Mr. Cole was. He wasn't your normal teacher. And no matter what happened with that Alina girl, I was determined to discover what was going on.

Something strange is going on and I will figure it out no matter what the price.