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Amor Vincit Omnia

Latin for "Love Conquers All," Amor Vincit Omnia will follow the life of Esme and Carlisle throughout history put forward by Stephanie Meyer.
A continuation of "Bridging The Gap" it will consist of a series of snap-shots through the eyes of Carlisle or Esme.
Following canon of Pre-Twilight and the four novels of The Twilight Saga.
Canon, EsmexCarlisle.


5. Broken Hearted Girl

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"Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged."
Samuel Johnson


Rochester, NY,
Carlisle POV

The respective sounds of each individual creature hidden within the small forest that surrounded our house, descended suddenly into a hush. The cheerful chirrup of the birds, or the soft crunch from the deer's hooves, that had flared up early in the morning of Rosalie's Hale's fourth day in the fire, quieted eerily for the first time as someone, markedly human, made their way through the woodland.

Branches that lay broken on the forest ground cracked as footsteps, distinctly Edward's, trod on them as he came closer. It was approaching five days since I last saw my son and his abrupt departure three days ago did little to soothe the ragged edges of worry that surrounded my decision.

Esme's constant company through the long days and nights and Rosalie's exclamations of agony was the only thing that kept me together. The vanilla and lavender aroma of my wife, that radiated from her fragrant, caramel curls I had buried my face in, had become the only thing that took the bite of anguish from my heart.

Always beautiful, Rosalie had transformed over four days into a stunning creature, whose beauty was shadowed only by the radiant exquisiteness of the woman that had sat loyally and persistently in my lap.

With an approximate guess of little less than four hours until Rosalie would wake, it was of upmost importance to me that I reduce the animosity that my son would surely feel towards me. Striking noon, the grandfather clock that say by the front door downstairs introduced Edward back into the house.

"I would like a word, Carlisle," Edward called coldly, as he started to ascend the stairs towards the bedroom that Rosalie, my wife and I occupied.

Removing my nose from where it sat in the meeting point of my wife's shoulder and slender neck, my fingers from the ruffled silk of her dress and from Rosalie's tight grasp, I stood up pulling Esme softly along with me for support.

Stepping into the darkened hallway, the hateful trace in Edward's resolute golden eyes was the first thing I saw. Embracing my wife closer into my side, I left the door ajar as I awaited his wrath.

"What were you thinking, Carlisle?" Vehemence coated the words that he spat at me, just as surely as venom congealed around his mouth in irritation.

"Rosalie Hale?" he continued, twisting up his nose as if he was blanketed within an unpleasant aroma.

Bringing back the words that I had recited to Esme over the three days he had been missing, along with the visions of the poor young woman broken on the floor. "I could not just let her die," I murmured to the floor, as the pain that had been absent at the time flooded into me. "It was too much - too horrible, too much waste."

"I know," my son replied, a certain amount of his unfriendliness disappeared, yet he still remained hostile and aloof.

"It was too much waste. I could not leave her," I repeated once again in a fragile whisper.

"Of course you couldn't," Esme whispered devotedly, brushing her soft knuckles against my down turned cheek.

"People die all the time," Edward reminded me, in an eerily similar recollection of six years prior. "Don't you think she is just a little recognizable though? The Kings will have to put up a huge search-" abruptly stopping, Edward's eyes glazed over, his auburn eyebrows bending in concentration above his yellow eyes.

Standing in the tense hallway I wondered what Edward was seeing that made him bare his teeth. What made the warning growl of rage grow in his chest?

"Not that anyone suspects the fiend."

Jumping in response to the harsh inflection our son's voice had taken on, Esme's head bumped unceremoniously against my chin. "Edward?" my wife asked gently from my arms.

"It is not my story to tell," he mumbled in response. Looking as if he was going to be physically sick, he pinched his lean nose between his forefinger and thumb. "What are we going to do with her?" he asked, jerking his copper covered head in the direction of the door that had recently been shut.

"That is up to her, of course," I replied out loud for Esme's benefit. "She may want to go her own way."

Out of place happiness coursed through me as Esme's small body curled further into my chest emitting a heavy sigh. It was true that Miss Hale had little, or even no, connection to our family. I had acted selfishly and unrighteously by taking the fading life away from the young girl, and I would not be surprised if she did indeed walk away from us with the half life I had given her. What in fact made my heart sore was how easily and how strongly my wife had gotten attached to what could be described as a corpse. Like myself, my mate had seen something that lay burning in the fire of venom that would suit this way of life, and our family as a whole. Time could only tell if this was to be the case.

Looking a little smug at my last quiet confession, Edward walked in the opposite direction when we returned to the pyre of the young woman. Sitting back on the chair that I had occupied for over three days, I prepared myself for the finale of Rosalie's transformation. Setting my granite hand into Rosalie's I watched as Esme's slender fingers combed through the golden hair upon the young girl's head as the clock downstairs counted down her heartbeats.


The pale skin of Rosalie's forehead crumpled progressively as what felt like mere moments morphed into passing hours. Returning to the room minutes ago, Edward planted himself doggedly by the door hiding my wife behind him when Rosalie's already elevated heart rate increased further. Despite the consistent attempts from Esme to get by our son, he remained obstinate - not coming any closer, and not letting her come any closer. His message displayed clearly in the complacent set of his thin lips - You alone did this to her, you alone can face the consequences.

Esme's tawny eyes and her plump lips gave the same impression of the emotion that coursed through me, as I sat in no man's land between the bed and the rest of my family. She had been my strength; not only through these four days, but for the past twelve splendid years we had spent together. Without her beside me in such a significant time I felt lost.

"Edward please," I pleaded, after catching Esme's desperate eyes in my peripheral.

"No Carlisle," he answered, not taking his resolute glare from the changing woman on the bed. "You have already put us in jeopardy by doing this, I will not let anyone else come to harm for your bad decision."

Heaving a sigh from the weight of Edward's words, I turned my head back to Rosalie, just in time to see her back arch off the table. Emitting a loud cry she grasped blindly for my hand.

"I am so sorry, it will be over soon," I whispered, soothing my thumb over her strained knuckles.

Suddenly, as if turning a switch, sound ceased to be. The many different sounds from outside of the window stopped as if in anticipation, the thrum from within Rosalie's chest that had been so vital for the past days and her accompanying breaths stopped, as did the unnecessary breaths of my family.

When her crimson eyes flashed open abruptly, the three of us tensed as her flaxen eyebrows crumpled in uncertainty.

"Rosalie?" I quietly asked, drawing her attention from where it sat for moments on Edward's protective stance over my wife. "My name is Carlisle Cullen, my son Edward and my wife Esme," my voice was soft as I indicated the respective member of my family.

"I know who you are."


She seemed to admire her own beauty when she looked into the mirror that was placed just inside of the doorway. Her slim fingers touched the cold reflective surface, awe visible in the crimson depths of her eyes as she traced the face that stared back at her.

Now, only a small number of hours following her change the young woman seemed to have been born for this life. Throughout the turning I prepared myself for the worst possible scenarios, just as I had done when Esme and Edward alike where changing. I was mentally, and physically, prepared for the bout of anger that most newborn vampires exhibit. I was ready for some sort of rebuttal, or altogether rejection of what I had told her over the four days as well as the way of life that my family and I lived.

What we did receive when she awoke, was an alert individual whose awakening highly surpassed my own, and Esme's and Edward's, in terms of her complete composure. Her keen scarlet eyes followed my wife and I when we explained our stories, while Edward stood stubbornly in the corner - his resolute disposition only lightening when he boorishly snickered or snorted at something Rosalie had said, or indeed thought.

Sitting on a disconnected log in the heart of the forest, the sunbeams rained down upon us highlighting the ribbons of gold that now swam in Rosalie's eyes after our most recent hunt. From the crystal facets hidden within her skin shone prisms of bright light towards the sky, she ran her fingers over her pale skin with a content smile on her face.

"Why did you do this to me?" she asked abruptly turning to face me. Her tone was merely interested, not the accusatory manner I had come to know, or to expect.

"I could not let you die," I answered after little thought.

"No, I know that Carlisle, I heard that. I meant, why else?"

Thinking back to that fateful night four days ago while Rosalie looked on, I wondered what the subconscious drive had actually been. At the time, could I possibly blame the need to save an injured and broken girl from dying as the lone reason? Or was it something more? Could I have, like when I actually carried out the act of the bite, known this mysterious woman for something that she could be?

"I guess I changed you because I wanted to add to the family I have now. I had no companionship for just over two centuries, and when I found Edward my life changed. Then I found Esme," a reminiscent smile graced my face when remembering that fateful day twelve years ago, "and it changed all the more.

"I like to think that I have done all that was in my power to do with what I was thankfully given, and when I found you, you could say I was attracted to your aura. You were so strong, and no-one should have to die the way you were, but there was something extra.

"You reminded me so much of Esme, and I knew in that instant that I could not just leave you there. I thought that you would fit into our lives and into the family. I know that it may seem too soon for you to see Esme or even me in such a role, but know we will be always be here for you."

She gave me a slight nod, her only indication that she had indeed heard what I had said, while rubbing the smooth column of his throat.

"Why do you live like this?" she asked without turning back to look at me.

"Off the blood of animals?" I asked, wondering what ‘this' was.

"Yes. I know I need... blood now; it all became clear when I drank from the deer. However, I do not feel fulfilled with it... I still feel thirsty. I know from your stories that it will become easier the longer I stay at it, but the thing is what about in the meantime - how do you and Esme and Edward live among the humans so easily?"

"It is not without effort Rosalie, believe me. You ask why I live off animal blood. Well the truth is that I did not want to be a monster. I knew as soon as I awoke into this new life what I would long for, but I tried for my whole human life to end or minimize suffering. I could not follow through with what my father had done because, again, I did not want to be like the ones who had turned me - killers. I have never tried to push this life onto the others and you will never catch me do the same with you, I promise.

"As for living with humans, it will become a lot easier, within a few years you will be able to go into town alone if you want and in the meantime we will all look after you. As I told you before you have Esme and I to fall back on and we will make this as easy for you as possible."

A comfortable silence enveloped the pair of us, while Rosalie comprehended what I had just told her.

"Thank you," she whispered suddenly. "Not for this," she added, gesturing to herself. "No, but it is nice to know that I have you and Esme to help me. Edward? Maybe not, but you two... so thank you."

"Yes perhaps, Edward may be a challenge."


One Month Later
Esme POV

The striking young woman that Carlisle had found approaching thirty-five days ago had fit easily into the hole within the Cullen family structure, that none of us had recognized was vacant. From the day she awoke into this new existence the stoic beauty had behaved better than I had, and particularly calmer than Carlisle or Edward had expected. Where Rosalie could have disregarded everything that my husband and I offered her, we found her lone presence a delight. The reason for her turning, had become little more than a thankful mistake - as Carlisle and I now found our lives completes.

Edward had always been, and still remains, lonesome yet his slightly aloof persona had done little to help with this fact. For the three years he had been in Carlisle's presence before me, and even now, he preferred the quiet, or the solitude, as opposed to the companionship that we offered him. Even after building a strong rapport with the boy I am pleased to call my son, there would still come times where he would shun all forms of closeness.

Earlier in my life, I would have just believed that these characteristics could have been merely his true nature. Yet, knowing and feeling what I do now - I know that this cannot be the case. My personality in my human years could rival Edward's, yet meeting and indeed marrying Carlisle brought a different side to myself - one that I did not know lived within me.

It is any mothers wish for their child to get the best out of life, and their belief that they should be the one to give it to them - whether this includes material possessions or something more. Edward's loneliness, in my eyes, could be fixed by finding the one lone person who would make him complete - in the same way his father had with me.

Rosalie, however respectable my husband's attempt at matching had been, had not fell into that place - nor would she ever. Her disposition, and whatever Edward had found within her that Carlisle and I had yet to discover, lent itself to the sibling bond that had slowly formed between the pair. Only a month in each other's company, Edward's overall antagonistic attitude that had made an appearance as she lay transforming gradually made way for taunting jokes, and impolite mockery.


The wet newspaper landed on the floor, in between my husband's and my feet. Staring back at us from the front page was a familiar face. Everyone within the town of Rochester knew of the Royce family - the prestigious, wealthy banker and his blonde son Royce, whose face stared back at me now.

Royce King II's Body Found

Edward stood at the back of the couch, staring at the paper he had just deposited at our feet with hatred pulling at his mouth. Over the past week the small town in which we lived had been shook emotionally by the murder of three men - Royce's friends. The link was there, it was plainly visible to see but only once the last act had been committed.

Rosalie, over the last week, had disappeared in terms of her presence. The flaxen-haired young woman whose natural persona was overly silent - except for her occasional ferocious outburst - was absent more on a night. I believed days ago that her memories, or indeed her thoughts, were finally catching up on her. Yet, with the most obvious link to her, would the placid girl have it in her to do something like this?

"Why did you not stop her?" Carlisle asked from my side. His face was a normal mask of composure, while his fingers shook as he read the paper - giving him away.

"Because she had a right to do it," Edward answered my husband.

Turning on my son with a shocked expression, he stared back at me with a gentle understanding visible in his eyes. Edward's gift gave him the ability to see things that ordinary people could not. He was able to see our hidden dreams or feelings, and the actions we were about to carry out. Much to Rosalie's dismay we all knew that he could read her - the true her, not the one that she portrayed.

Neither Carlisle nor I truly understood the feelings that she emitted daily, or the actual thoughts she had about her reason for being turned. We did not know how she coped with her past, nor did she care to show or tell us. So we had to go on what we were given. What we could conclude from the newspaper was that her past was a much bigger part of her than we had initially thought. Her mind must have strayed on many occasions to the blonde haired man that she had once wished to share her life with.

I saw a lot of myself in Rosalie, a side of me was hidden within her - a side that I left behind over twelve years ago. Where she and I were alike in terms of our human lives, it could be seen that we were fairly dissimilar in the way we handled our past. I could not, nor would I get someone else to, kill Charles. The abhorrent man from my past had made me who I was, he had forced me away from him and yet his presence had resulted in the best gift I have been given. No matter how much I may dislike him, I could not do him harm.

Carlisle moved at my side, wrapping his arm around my shoulder his tawny eyes stared deep into the burning fire. "We will have to move."