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Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

A crossover between ESOTSP and Twilight/New Moon. Bella can't cope with the pain of Edward leaving her. In depression she seeks out a company 'Lacuna'. Having Edward removed from her memory is like a relief, but is it the right decision?


2. Chapter 2

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Eternal Sunshine 2

A/N: I did label this as a one-shot but I've decided (with some persuasion) to carry it on. Thanks for all your very flattering reviews. Keep 'em coming!

I love you all , Mwah!

"Be sober; be vigilant because your adversary the Devil walketh about seeking whom he may devour"

Disclaimer : Do I ever own it?

I banged the front door behind me, and picked my way gingerly down the drive. It was one of those rare winter days in Forks, where everything was coated in thick ice. The usual downpour of rain had been replaced with bitter winds ,and the occasional shower of hail. I took my eyes off my feet for a second to glance at the grim clouds overhead. I really hoped they held out until I got to school.

I remembered yesterday being icy, I had almost giving myself a concussion trying to get to my truck on the death slick drive. Although I couldn't recall many details. I must have been pretty out of it, how odd. I don't usually just zonk out for the whole day. Actually now that I think of it I can't remember much of anything. I must still be a little depressed about the weather. Stupid Forks.

I settled myself down in my red truck and rubbed my hands together, trying to heat them up a bit before I even thought about steering my senior van. I didn't want to mash some poor innocent car into a pretzel. I laughed darkly. It wasn't really funny, just a little ironic that somebody as klutzy as me should own a monster of a truck; that could rip up main street all too easily.

I shivered, pulled my jacket around my shoulders a little tighter and shoved the key into the ignition. It gave a splutter of life and then the engine died. I turned the key again, the same thing happened. Oh No! I thought. My truck never failed me! How could it? It had personality, how could it just not start. I know it's old ,but it's reliable too. Perhaps it was because of the cold, or......I checked the handles behind the steering wheel, and sure enough it indicated that my lights were on. I got out in a rush, skidded along the drive a little and grabbed the front of my truck for support. I'd never left my lights on all night. Ever!

I swore loudly and pounded my fist on the bonnet. It didn't even leave a scratch. I stomped back around to the drivers side, snatched my keys and slammed the door. I didn't bother locking the truck today. Even if a thief did try to steal it ,they wouldn't get very far.

I set off down the road, thinking I should stop down at La Push later to see if Jacob had some jump leads. I prayed that I could hitch a ride off Jessica over to the Black's house. If not I would just have to call Jake and ask him to drive here.

I'd just got to the end of my street, breath rising in dusky puffs when I spotted a shiny silver volvo parked up a little way in front of me. The engine was running ,but the windows were tinted so I had no idea who was behind the wheel. I walked on, keeping my eyes glued to the bubble gum splattered pavement. I approached the car much too fast, with a sick feeling in my chest. I wasn't sure why but I felt like I had a stomach full of charging rhinos. I walked right past , not even daring myself to glance up. Far down the road I still felt eyes boring into my back. I shook off my paranoia and put it down to stressful morning.

School was as mundane as ever, I struggled through trig and then followed meekly after Jessica to lunch. Everyone seemed to be on tender hooks around me, all accept Mike. He was even more joyous than usual, flinging his arm around my shoulder and following me around. I was reminded of my first few days in Forks high when he took on the behavior of a puppy.

In the lunch queue Jessica insisted on buying me a chocolate cookie and Mike got me a bottle of lemonade. I stared at them in shock, trying to figure out why they were being so generous. I protested against their offers but I was soon dragged off to the benches with my lunch clonked in front of me. I smiled weakly, nibbled on my cookie and sipped my soda to please them. My appetite was somewhat lacking today.

“Hey Bella,” a very sweet voice said. It reminded me of honey, too sugary and sticky. I looked up into the face of Lauren, her once long, cornflour hair cut into a pixyish bob.

“Uh, hey” I said after a little check over my shoulder to make sure another Bella hadn't suddenly materialized behind me. She smiled a little bit, her eyes full of...wait was that pity? What in hell could I have done to make her pity me? A little bubble of anger plinked away in my stomach. It seemed to swell, all the way up my chest, through my lungs and into my throat. I swallowed it back down with difficulty, biting on the inside of my cheek.

“How're you?” she asked in that insufferable shrill voice.

“..Good,” I said, dragging out the word warily as if I was measuring it. Her smile stayed expertly hitched in place, I'm sure anyone else would have been fooled, but not me. Fake, fake, fake.

“Are you sure?” she asked, a little frown creasing her brow. What sort of question is that?

“Undoubtedly,” I shot back, “Why, is there a reason I shouldn't be Lauren?” To my shock everyone at our table froze solid. I felt Mike stiffen next to me. Everyone's eyes flickered from me to Lauren and back again. She at least seemed to enjoy the spotlight but I felt my face start to blanch.

“No,” she answered calmly. Then the chatter of the table picked up again as if the interruption had never happened.

I went back to crumbling my cookie between my fingertips , trying to get get rid of some pent up anger. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Mike shooting a glare at another table. For a moment the term “If looks could kill,” came to mind. I followed his gaze curiously but he caught my face between his hands before I could see much. We stared at each other, eyes wide. Mike's face went blood red and he gawked like a fish out of water.

“I-I...um. You have something on your face,” he said in a great long rush. I knew it was a lie, he brushed my cheek swiftly for effect, and if it were possible went even redder.

“Thanks,” I said, trying to spare him at least a little less mortification.

I waited for the bell to ring, then when Mike was distracted I glanced over to the other table again. It was empty. I raised an eyebrow but pushed the matter aside and listened to Mike burble on about a possibility of snow. As soon as the first flake touched the ground I planned to lurk in the gym until all the icy assassins had cleared from the parking lot.

At least when I got to Biology Mike didn't hang around my table to chat, he rushed off to join the boys , apparently to 'plan the war'. I shook my head and started to doodle mindlessly over my notebook. Thankfully it was a movie day, so when the lights flickered out, I just had to tune out the voice booming fuzzily from the ancient tele' and loose myself in thought. I thought of one of my favorite books, Jane Eyre. She got Mr Rochester in the end, even if he was blind. I wondered with a sigh if I would meet my soul mate, have children. Get married? It didn't seem likely, I felt like I was on a different side of the field to the rest of the world. I know that's terribly angsty and arrogant of me, but it's true. What's the point of lying to myself. I was just pointlessly here, hopefully I would find myself in college.

Then the lights flickered on ,and a wave of chatter gushed into my ears, like a giant cotton wool bud had just been ripped from my head. I blinked in the blinding light, trying to adjust. Everyone was packing up their books and milling around the door.

I took a direct route to the parking lot, and then remembered my truck was still on the drive. I groaned, and started to make my way home. Forks wasn't that big so it wouldn't take long to get to Charlie's house.


“Dad?” I called and dumped my bag in the hall. No answer. I sighed and walked into the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of water and drinking deeply. I rubbed my forehead with the tips of my fingers, trying to press the headache out of my skull. I clumsily set it down on the draining board, and knocked it with a loud crash into the sink. I don't know why but the sound made me burst out crying. The glass didn't break, but here I was sobbing like a small child. I tried to pull myself together, as I climbed the stairs to my room. I was still sniffling every now and again as I changed into my comfy clothes, sweatpants and an old baggy t-shirt. I flung myself onto the bed and let out a pent up howl. I cried for hours. Everything left with my tears, and when I emerged much later with puffy red eyes and ruffled hair I felt much better. It's strange how a good cry can refresh you. The body needs it every now and again.

I snatched the phone from my bedside table and dialed. I pressed it to my ear and listened to the dial tone before it clicked gently as somebody picked it up the other end.

“Hello, is Jacob there?” I asked the speaker, pacing slowly around my room. The person took in a slow breath, “this is Jake,” I frowned, he seemed oddly non talkative. Still, it was grounding to hear his low gruff voice.

“Do you think you can bring some jump leads over, my truck's dead,” I explained, casting a quick through my window to see it a sturdy as ever, perched on the driveway. There was an awkward little silence.

“Yeah, sure. I needed to talk to you actually, I'll be over in about an hour,” I smiled, and then remembered he couldn't see me. My smile faded slightly.

“Okay, thank-” I tried to say but he'd already hung up. I gave an angry sigh clonked the phone back into it's cradle, folding me arms as I looked around for something to do.

As I slumped down at my computer, I caught a whiff of something that made me sit bolt upright. It made my head go fuzzy, I stood up, breathing deeply through my nose and walking slowly through my room. It was spicy, and sweet simultaneously. It was comforting and sharp at the same time. Then it was gone. I frowned, catching sight of myself in the mirror. Surely I looked like a royal prat creeping about my own bedroom, trying to get more of the delicious scent.

After nearly an hour of aimlessly searching the net I flung open my window, reflecting on today's events. I hung my head out into the cool night air and let the breeze ruffle my hair. It felt nice. Yes my English teacher would probably kill me for using the word, “nice” but there's not really a word other than that simple enough.

Something caught my eye outside in the world of stalking shadows and icy blasts of wind. A silver volvo was parked just up the street. The door swung open making me jump back from the window. A man got out, he was tall and thin and about the same age as me, maybe a bit older. I couldn't really tell in the dark. He looked directly up at my window and then walked briskly up out drive. I felt a little flutter of panic start to rise in my chest. As he pasted my truck I'm sure I saw him smirk and pat it gently on the bonnet , but then again I couldn't be too sure.

I slammed my window shut as he knocked twice on the door. Yeah Great going, let him know you're in. I thought rushing around my room like a mad lunatic.

“Bella!” he shouted through the letter box. I gulped, he knew my name. Maybe he'd been watching me. Come to think of it I did see that volvo this morning. I felt my eyes widen as he rattled the handle down stairs. I rushed over to the window and pushed the rusty bolt across, grabbing the phone again. I tapped it with my nails, trying to kick start my brain into action. Right I should call Charlie, but his number was in the kitchen. I wasn't going to get it. Okay Jacob then. I dialed his number at breakneck speed, making mistakes so I had to start again. Eventually the dial tone rang. And rang. And rang. The answer machine clicked on. I dropped the phone onto my bed and glanced around.

I felt my heart go thud, thud ,thud in my ears and the blood whoosh around my body. I felt sick as I heard the key twist in the lock downstairs. The stairs creaked and I knew this was it, he was coming up and I was stuck here.

I rushed to my chest of drawers and pushed it with all my might. It didn't move at first but after some elbow grease I heaved it in front of my bedroom door. How could I escape?

The window. It was the only way. I cautiously approached it , hurting my finger on the latch as I clumsily ripped it open blind panic. The drop seemed an awfully long way, the squishy grass lawn beneath by window swam in front of my eyes. My bedroom door rattled ferociously, and I knew I had to jump. I gulped, ducked into the night air and closed my eyes as my foot left contact with solid ground.

A/N: to be continued.....hehehe, sorry it as lame, rushed it a bit at the end!