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"The Importance of Being Edward" and Other Drabbles

A collection of drabbles I've written recently with various characters and pairings. I. The Importance of Being Edward Response to the prompt "Carlisle/Edward: Victorian morals." The ways of human society make it rather easy for two vampires to stay inconspicuous. II. The Garage Response to the prompt: "Jacob/Quil/Embry: remember when..." They're friends who live by the words "bros before hoes"...most of the time. III. Red Wedding For the prompt "Carlisle/Rosalie: interceptions." Carlisle sees Rosalie for possibly the last time on the night she goes to kill the men who raped her and destroyed her human life. IV. Fair Arrangement For the prompt "Jacob/Angela/Paul: they both imprint on her." It's only fair that they get to share.

These are unrelated drabbles which I'm posting together because they're so short. All of them were written with a 200-word limit for prompts at a drabble-a-thon on LiveJournal. If I write more Twilight drabbles in the future I will keep updating this as a series.

1. Chapter 1

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The Importance of Being Edward

After the first seven years of pretending to be Carlisle's brother, he is still getting used to introducing himself as Edward Cullen. Dishonesty was never in Edward Anthony Masen's nature. His father, an aristocrat from an age of rigid decency, had taught him better.

"What age are you passing for this time?" he asks as they look over their new home they just moved to.

"Twenty-six," Carlisle answers.

"I cannot fathom how tired you must be of pretending to be something you're not everywhere you live. I am already getting weary of it."

He smiles. "I suppose after the things I've seen in my very many years, I simply don't believe anyone is quite what they claim to be. Humans gravitate toward the normal, what is not upsetting, and they see what they want to see. They cover up a world of poverty with sophistication and manners and let people like me do the healing out of sight. And they don't notice vampires until it makes a good myth to explain their infidelity."

Edward laughs. "True. I would just think...it must get lonely staying hidden."

Carlisle looks closely at him, some subtle warmth in his eyes, then turns away as he replies softly. "Well...not anymore."

The Garage

Jake's garage had always been their hangout. There were probably still some Maxims and Playboys hidden somewhere and the walls had old scribbles in Sharpie all over them, the whole interior a preservation of memories.

The time in 6th grade they spent here playing cards and betting pocket change. Once after doing this all night Embry and Quil slept over, all three of them packed together as one entanglement of bodies on Jacob's bed.

The time Quil was pissed because Embry had asked his crush to a dance in violation of some sacred code, so while they were arguing over something completely unrelated he grabbed a lighter from the shelf and set Embry's homework on fire. Weeks later the girl was forgotten.

Then there was the time they both came over and found Jacob in here with a girl. And a while later Embry stopped coming over. Then soon Jacob was also always with Sam. Once then Quil came and sat in here by himself just because he was lonely, even though it seemed clear this was becoming Jacob and Bella's place instead of theirs.

But now the girl was gone again, and they still had each other, and the garage was still here.

Red Wedding

He finds her standing at a mirror, wearing her wedding dress she stole from the home that was hers, her beauty more startling than ever.

"Edward heard what you're planning," he says. "And..that you may not return afterwards."

"And you're here to stop me?" She peers thoughtfully at her reflection. "I never got my dance with my father..."

Carlisle comes closer, extending his hand. Her face blank, she slowly accepts it and lets him take her waist and start swaying with her.

"So who are you giving me away to?" Rosalie asks rhetorically. "Edward? Isn't that why you did this to me?"

Deep guilt darkens his face. "I can't deny it influenced my decision...But that isn't why I want you to stay."

"Then why?"

"I am...responsible for you now," he struggles to explain. "You probably cannot understand what that means to me, but...I would never stop worrying about what happened to you. I understand you're angry at me, and those...animals who hurt you. But you cannot ever take this back. You have a long time to live with your demons."

She looks nearly relenting. His grip on her waist tightens, trying to hold her here. She only mutters, "You should have thought of that."

Then his hands are empty. Hers will soon no longer be clean.

Fair Arrangement

They have no bed big enough to hold all three. The autumn night is cool on their naked bodies lying across a blanket on the beach, but Paul and Jacob are more than enough to keep her warm.

She and Paul are on their sides pressed back-to-front, curled together in the same shape as he moves in her, both with eyes closed. For now Jacob just watches, close to and facing Angela but not touching. He could be content to only watch her this way, her face looking like she's in some perfect place; his body responds to the sight almost as strongly as if he's really being touched.

She opens her eyes, intensely locking gazes with him, watching him start to stroke himself. Her hand smoothes along his chest and back as he kisses her. Paul thrusts faster, harder, shaking her body against Jacob's. Her final crying moans vibrate against his lips. Then, hardly waiting, she pulls him closer, lifts a leg over his hip. He gives a soft groan pushing in, finding euphoric relief inside her.

She is the only one in the world now who can sate either of them this way. It's only fair that they get to share.