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Strangers in the Night

Catherine Dashwood is dragged to Forks by her grandparents unwillingly and thinks this is hell. She becomes friends with Bella Swan and both girls seek comfort in each other, as they cope with high school dramas, break ups, revenge seeking vampires, werewolves and a hell of a trip to Italy. Please read and review!! =)


1. Chapter 1 - New Arrivals

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It was 3 am when the car drove up the pathway past Forks, and Catherine slept tightly, dreaming of happier days spent in England. Sure they were facing some bad times, and certainly the future didn’t look bright for next year or so, but still, she felt her heart be torn apart as she packed her things and prepared to leave. She’d miss the days spent at her manor during her holidays, and the soirées her grandparents promoted…the music playing, the laughter, the couples gliding across the dancefloor…It was where she belonged. This new world wasn’t hers and she was sure she’d never fit in.

Catherine woke with a sudden halt as the car parked on the driveway. Sleepily, she grabbed her coat and her backpack, and got out of the car. It rained heavily, and she ran towards the house for shelter, receiving a warm welcome from her grandparents.

“Darling, did you have a safe trip?”

“Yes…although I don’t understand why we should travel this way…it is so unpractical…and tiresome. Is Emily here?”

“Yes, your sister arrived yesterday. She’s sleeping,” answered her grandfather.

Catherine stared around the house…it was richly decorated with the most modern, fanciest – and probably most expensive – furniture available. A grand, marble staircase led to the second floor of the house, where the rooms and the library stayed. This just wasn’t home. Margaret could tell the thoughts going through her granddaughter’s head and tried to lighten up the atmosphere.

“Well, you must be extremely tired. You better rest, so we can go to town tomorrow…make some new friends, huh?”


“I know it’s hard…but we must try to adjust and go on the best way we can. And as soon as it’s all over, we’ll go back to England, like your grandfather promised, right? Now go up and get some rest.”

Feeling hopeless, Catherine climbed up her stairs and followed her grandmother into her bedroom. It had a breathtaking view of the forest and mountains nearby…she glanced around, everything was new…the bed, the desk, the armchair. She walked into her bathroom and all her belongings had been carefully arranged on a white marble counter. She walked out and headed towards her closet. Her clothes had been unpacked too.

“Is everything alright, dear?”

“Yes…I didn’t expect everything to be in order. We just moved.”

“Oh, I asked Rebecca to prepare everything for your arrival. New clothes, the furniture, everything…”

“Advanced Biology? What is this?” asked Catherine as she picked a book from her bookshelf.

“Well, you’ll be needing it for school…”

“Are you serious about this? I can’t believe you’re making me go to a high school…I mean, do you seriously think this is going to work, that we’re going to mingle and adjust like you said? Do you honestly believe this?”

“Cathy, we’ll talk about this tomorrow…sweet dreams.”

Catherine threw herself on her warm, comfy bed, tears spilling from her emerald green eyes, quickly falling asleep.