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Strangers in the Night

Catherine Dashwood is dragged to Forks by her grandparents unwillingly and thinks this is hell. She becomes friends with Bella Swan and both girls seek comfort in each other, as they cope with high school dramas, break ups, revenge seeking vampires, werewolves and a hell of a trip to Italy. Please read and review!! =)


2. Chapter 2 - Memories

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Catherine woke with a nudge, as her 13 year old sister climbed onto her bed to wake her up. She turned around, sleepily, reaching out for her alarm clock on top of her nightstand. It was 10 am and it was still raining. She opened her eyes slowly, wondering where she was until reality struck her. Oh. USA. That’s right.

“Cathy, wake up. Rebbeca will be going soon, in an hour or so and we can go with her. I want to do something, I feel so bored”.

“Ughhh…feel free to go. I’m not going anywhere today…”

“Please, pleaseeeeee!!! You owe me, you know. I helped you sneak out to meet with George…You owe me!”

“Alright, alright. I’m going with you!”

Catherine reluctantly walked into the bathroom to wash herself and change her clothes. Luckily, her mood would improve a little after a long, hot shower…the trick was to avoid thinking about it. Going out would do her some good...yeah...it would. Maybe. She wasn’t too sure, but she’d give it a try.

“Cathy!!!!! Hurry up!!!” yelled Emily from downstairs.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” answered Emily, putting on a coat and picking her handbag as she rushed downstairs. It took so much longer walking…Apparating and disapparating was so much easier, but apparently having a normal life was her grandmother’s motto now, especially with all the turmoil going on in the wizarding community. Did he who must not be named come back? Or is it only rumours? Either way, she didn’t feel that running away and leaving her friends behind would solve anything. Besides, she wasn’t the type of girl who ran away and Hogwarts was still safe. Well, she’d try to convince her grandmother let her go back for her last year. And if she didn’t, she’d simply go…she was of age now.

“I’m here. We’re good to go.” said Catherine faking an enthusiasm and heading for the fireplace, a bit of floo powder in her hand.

“Cathy, you’ll be taking the car…we must act like ordinary people,” commented her grandmother.

“Just great.” murmured the girl.


As they approached Forks, Catherine could easily tell it wasn’t everyday that a Mercedes Benz was seen in the neighbourhood. She got out of the car and headed towards a small shop with Rebecca and Emily, completely self-conscious of the hubbub their arrival caused, rushing into the store.

“OH MY GOD! Who is she? Do we know her? Is she famous or what?” asked Jessica impatiently.

“I don’t think so…Never seen that face before,” answered Angela.

“As if you could forget seeing a face like that...Wow, she’s gorgeous! I’m sure she’ll make it to the school’s paper front page. Anyway, I’ll make sure that happens.” exclaimed Eric.

“Why don’t we go there…and, hmm, talk to her, give her a welcome…” asked Jessica “I’m sure she’s dying to make new friends! Come on!!”

Angela and Eric were simply dragged around…Jessica was simply unstoppable when she started shopping or decided to become friends with someone. She rushed across the street and into the store.

“Hi…I’m Jessica. You’re new around here, right?”

Catherine turned around to face an anxious looking Jessica, who still clung tightly to Mike and Angela.

“Yeah…I am. I just moved here with my family. I’m Catherine”

“Oh, you’re English! I love your accent, totally hip. So, what are you doing later? I mean, there’s going to be a party at Mike’s house later on…you can come. By the way, this is Angela and Eric. So, do you think you can make it tonight?”

“Oh, well, I have to unpack and get things ready for…hmm, school. Besides, I’m knackered…”

“Oh, school! Right! I hope you’re placed in our class…and if you want, I can show you around school, introduce you to everyone and we could go to Port Angeles shopping anytime.”

“Anytime. I’m sorry, I have to go…But I’ll see your around, Jess.”

“Don’t forget, feel free to come to the party tonight. 9:00 pm.”


The day slowly went by, and Catherine threw herself onto an armchair near the glass doors that led into the garden, while playing around with her wand, feeling utterly bored, something that had never happened to her at Hogwarts. If only Fred and George were here…She smiled as she remembered the mayhem they had caused during Umbridge’s stay as Headmistress. With a slick gesture, Catherine conjured a piece of parchment and quills and began writing a letter to her friends back home.

“Becky, aren’t you homesick?” asked Catherine.

“Yes, I am…but we must try to adjust. Besides, it’s only temporary,” answered Rebecca, as she dusted the ornaments that rested on a mahogany table.

“With magic, cleaning the house would take 10 minutes,” said Catherine teasingly.

“Oh, I know. But we have strict orders not to use magic around here.”

“Speak for yourself…It won’t be long before I go back to school.”

“Don’t be so sure about that, Cathy.”

“Just wait and see, Becky, wait and see” whispered the girl mockingly.

“You’ve never been easy, Catherine Dashwood. Just like your mother, Allegra” sighed Rebecca.

“Really? Did you know my mother, Becky? Were you working for us at the time? Tell me more, grandma hardly ever speaks about my parents and I barely remember them.”

“Oh, yes, my dear. When your mother married your father and moved to England, I was appointed as her personal aide…Oh, she was so beautiful, Cathy, heads turned everytime she entered a room, and she was so sweet and yet so fearless…the only thing your mother was afraid of was losing you and your sister,” said Rebbeca, wiping a tear with a handkerchief.

“I don’t think I resemble her at all…Emily’s much more like her”.

“No, physically you don’t look like her at all…but it’s there, in the way you act, in the way you speak…and in that stubbornness of yours.”

Catherine laughed out loud, amused by the comment. “If you call determination stubbornness, then you’re right. What did my mother do?”

“What do you mean, child?” asked Becky intrigued.

“Well, I mean as a career…did she have one?”

“Oh, no, no. Your mother’s sole occupation was to take care of you two…she didn’t need to work, she was well off when she married, and I don’t think she was raised for that. Anyway, she didn’t want to spend one minute of her day away from you. Your father, on the other hand, was always involved with politics and the Ministry of Magic.”

“I know. I do remember he was always away from home…and Emily, mom and I spent most of the time in Italy, with her family in their villa. I love that place…we should visit my aunts, uncles and cousins sometime. Can’t remember the name of the city, though…”

“Volterra,”answered Becky.