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Strangers in the Night

Catherine Dashwood is dragged to Forks by her grandparents unwillingly and thinks this is hell. She becomes friends with Bella Swan and both girls seek comfort in each other, as they cope with high school dramas, break ups, revenge seeking vampires, werewolves and a hell of a trip to Italy. Please read and review!! =)


6. Chapter 6

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Jessica Stanley had been in a fowl mood for the past weeks. The reason? Well, apparently Catherine Dashwood and Bella Swan had become close friends for no apparent reason. Why was Bella Swan so interesting? Edward Cullen found her interesting, Jacob Black was over the moon for her and now Cathy was crazy for her too. They ate together in lunch and, not rarely, were spotted together down at La Push with Jacob Black fixing two motorbikes! Motorbikes! What could be so interesting about motorbikes? She didn’t understand, she didn’t know the truth and the secret that bounded both girls together.

It wasn’t the common interest of keeping the truth from everyone else that united them, but the way they understood each other…even though they were the complete opposite in every single aspect. Bella was quiet, introvert person and Cathy was outgoing and lively; Bella was human, Cathy was magical; Cathy had the looks, and Bella considered herself rather plain; Bella hated parties; Cathy loved parties; Bella hated fashion; Cathy was always up to date with the current trends. It was a pity she didn’t meet Alice before…The only thing that both had in common was their ability to get in trouble.

Both girls sat in class and Cathy looked anxiously at her wristwatch every five minutes…The motorbikes were finally ready and they simply couldn’t wait to ride them. Jacob would be waiting for them down at La Push after school. The bell rang and they were finally free to go. Cathy and Bella hurried past everyone and headed towards the old chevy parked near the school’s entrance.

Catherine sat uneasily in the truck as they drove along the road to the reserve, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Bella.

“You’re not used to taking a ride”?

“It takes so much time…it’s much easier to apparate and disapparate from places. Besides, I’m still traumatized from getting a ride with Becky”.

“Becky?” asked Bella amused.

“Rebecca…our housekeeper. She almost got us killed one day…” said Cathy.

“Is Becky…”

“A witch?” finished Cathy. “All of us are, Bella. My grandparents, my sister and Becky”.

“Why Forks? Why did you move here? I don’t understand…”

“There’s a war almost breaking out in our world, Bella. A long time ago there was a Dark Wizard who was defeated in the First War, but now he has returned with his followers. Many families are leaving England on account of these events. Mine is one of them.”

“You didn’t seem to happy about moving here, though it seems much safer”.

“You’re right. I’m not the sort of person who runs away and turns my back on my friends. If I had a choice, I’d be in Hogwarts right now, helping in some way, and I’d fight if the war actually broke out.”


“Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft. When we turn eleven we receive an owl saying we were admitted. You can imagine what we learn there…spells, charms, how to brew a potion, how to ride a broomstick. It’s so different from what you learn…if I didn’t charm my pens and use magic to do my homework I’d probably be failing every subject”.

Bella stared at Cathy incredulously, at a loss for words. It all seemed fantastic, hard to believe…yet, if vampires existed why couldn’t witches exist too, right? Apparently everything was possible after all.

“What? Why are you so surprised? You dated a vampire, you shouldn’t be so shocked…I thought you’d be used by now…There’s Jacob” joked Cathy.

Jacob moved towards them cheerfully and helped both girls out of the truck.

“The bikes are right over there...Although I still can’t believe you’re going to ride them”.

“I’m definitely going for a ride…as for Bella…” teased Cathy.

“Oh, you’re the one to talk…a minute ago you were telling me how you hated traveling by car and now you’re willing to go for a bike ride”?

“So, I’ll teach you the basics and then we can take turns...okay, Cathy?” asked Jacob worriedly.

Cathy stood looking at the bikes completely clueless as to the way they worked. She couldn’t even turn on the stove to cook, let alone a bike.

“I don’t want to ride alone…I have no idea how it works…”

“Do you want to ride with Bella, then?”

“Hmmm…well, considering her history of clumsiness and a tendency to fall and stumble, I’d think I rather ride with you. Is it fine?”

“Thanks, Cathy” said Bella.

“Uhhh…well, sure” answered Jacob shyly.

Jacob spent the first twenty minutes explaining how the bikes worked, how to get them started, the brakes, how to change gears, slow down, increase speed. He took a ride with Cathy on the back to show Bella first.

“Wow…I loved it, Jake” said Cathy, “but I have to admit I was nervous at first…I’m not too crazy about vehicles in general…”

“My turn!” declared Bella anxiously. She turned the engine and it made a loud noise. Bella could feel her heart beat faster…she didn’t know if it was the adrenaline or the expectation of hearing him…

“Bella, don’t do this, please.”

Bella closed her eyes and smiled. When she opened them again, she accelerated briskly and the bike left screeching tires.

“Bella, stop this, please. You promised.”

Bella accelerated even more, speeding down a narrow gravel path in front of her. Suddenly, she lost control of the bike and it zigzagged crazily, throwing her on the ground. She rolled violently for a few feet, hitting her head on a rock. Both Cathy and Jacob screamed at the same time, and hurried towards her.

“Bella, Bella, are you okay?” asked Cathy anxiously.

“Bella, you’re bleeding!!” cried Jacob.

They helped her get on her truck and drove her to the hospital. There was a small cut on her forehead, only a few stitches were needed to stamp out the bleeding. Nevertheless, the doctor insisted that she remained there for the night, despite her plead that she was alright. The next step was to concoct a believable lie to Charlie. They couldn’t let him know the truth, he’d be furious. Bella sit there remembering his reaction when Tyler’s van nearly crushed her on the school’s parking lot. Definitely Charlie couldn’t know the truth.

“What are we going to say? Oh, Bella, I’m so sorry!” cried Jacob once again.

“Jake, it’s fine…I was careless…I sped up too much for my first time…We got to find an excuse to tell Charlie”.

“We can say we were walking on the rocks near the beach and you fell and hit your head…” said Cathy.

Charlie walked in nervously looking for Bella. When he saw her on a bed with a bandage on her forehead he began the interrogation, asking one question after the other not giving enough time for a response. It was only after talking to the doctor that he calmed himself down and allowed Bella to explain herself. Charlie looked from Bella to Jacob to Cathy, looking for some sign on their expressions that would indicate a lie. Although extremely suspicious, Charlie didn’t say a thing, which pleased Bella…as well as Cathy and Jacob enormously.


Cathy and Jake walked together side by side on the following day towards Bella’s house, carrying a box of chocolate and a bouquet of wild flowers. Although she had been given leave to go home, the doctor specifically told her to rest for a few days before returning to her old routine. Charlie was leaving for work as they approached the front steps; he seemed in a better mood.

“Jake, Cathy. What a nice surprise…Bella will be thrilled. I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry. Make yourself at home, kids”.

“Hey…You didn’t need to bother” greeted Bella standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Bella…Of course we did, I’ve brought the schoolwork you’ve missed these days. We wanted to come before, but we thought you might want some rest”, said Cathy.

“No, I’m fine, really. People overreact…Renée called me four times the day I left the hospital”.

“How’s your father doing?” asked Jake.

“Well, he’s better…He was nervous at first, but now everything’s going back to normal. I’m sorry, do you want anything to drink?”

“Coke would be alright…” said Jake.

“Do you have tea? I don’t mind being ice cold”, said Cathy.

“Tea?! How very British…” mocked Jake as he bizarrely imitated what was supposed to be an English noble.

The three of them laughed hard, and a moment passed before Bella could walk towards the kitchen. She opened the cupboards in search of a cup…she could never find anything. She’d have to find time to arrange the utensils decently. Suddenly, Bella experienced a weird feeling, a shiver going down her spine. She looked straight ahead out into the woods, and saw a flaming redhead glaring at her fiercely. Victoria was back, after all.