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My Very Own Vampire Romance

It starts out with a girl moving to Forks, Washington and she ends up meeting her very own Edward Cullen.


1. Chapter 1

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I'm NOT trying to copy Twilight. That book just gave me inspiration. I'm sorry if this is offensive to anyone and if it is then you can just message me and I'll try to do what I can. Also, like I said, I honestly am not copying Twilight. I will use some ideas from there but it's not like this is going to get published. Thanks for reading and hope you like it!!!

Chapter One

I figured my life was just as ordinary as everyone else’s. Ha, how wrong I was. I didn't know it yet but my life was about to go from me being a tan, sporty, volleyball player in Gaithersburg, Maryland to an outcast.
"Gooood morning DC district! It's 6:30 AM and you're here with me, Jonas Bernard!" I sat up and turned my alarm off. "Ugghhh." I groaned. It wasn’t fair that I had to get up this early during the summer. I was leaving today at 8 but I had to get to the airport by 10 while the rest of my family is leaving at 12 to get to the airport at 1. We were all moving to Forks, Washington. It was going to be a LONG flight, going from Gaithersburg, Maryland all the way to Washington State. But I was looking forward to it. I wanted a fresh start away from this place. I really didn’t like Gaithersburg. My freshman year of High School wasn’t a pleasant one. I hoped my sophomore year would be better. I’m sure it would be easier because I didn’t know anyone; clean start. I got up out of my make-shift bed that consisted of a sleeping bag with a matt underneath it for more cushion. I was so tired. It took all my strength to get up, I hadn’t slept that well the night before not only because the bed was awful but because I was so excited/anxious about moving. Of course I felt bad for leaving my friends that I had here but I looked forward to the new people I was going to meet. I got up, looked around my room and sighed. The room that I was in wasn’t my room at all. This room was painted a dull white, kind of like an eggshell white. My room had been a bright shade of green; it was colorful and full of life. I always had things on my walls. They were always covered in posters of the Harry Potter cast, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in their Pirates of The Caribbean outfits and brightly colored volleyball posters. There were also awards from swim teams, volleyball teams and softball teams, pictures of me and my friends in those photo booth things when we would go to the mall, ticket stubs from movies and plays that I went to with friends and boyfriends. I just had a whole bunch of little things like that. My bed was also missing. I had a bed full of stuffed animals from over the years. I lined them up on the side of my bed and they were everywhere. It gave my room personality but now there was nothing on the walls. No posters, no awards, no pictures, no bed full of animals. Nothing was there accept for my pathetic excuse for a bed and a little alarm clock next to my head. I looked at it and it said 6:37. I had to get up and get going. I wouldn’t want to miss my flight. You see Terri (my mom who I call by her first name because we really don’t get along) couldn’t get 4 seats together for us on the same flight. So instead she had to settle for 1 seat on one flight and 3 on another. My dad was going to be the one to go up there alone but I volunteered. I thought it would be good for me to fly by myself for once. My dad and Terri agreed so now I’m flying there alone. I wasn’t scared of flying alone. I was happy that I would be able to get away from Terri and my little brother Nicholas. I was ready.

I hopped into the shower and washed my hair and body and hopped back out again. Not wanting to take a long shower to make up for lost time. I dried myself off and went to the room I was staying in and changed into the outfit I left out for today since everything else was packed away. I was in green Hollister sweat pants and a white tank top. I blow dried and straightened my naturally wavy hair, put on some eye liner and TONS of mascara. I was a huge mascara junky! I loved the stuff. After I was done with my makeup I got all the rest of my things together and met my dad downstairs. He offered to drive me to the airport. He was just sitting at the fold out table we were temporarily using for the morning; it was our neighbors. “Are you ready to leave?” I sighed and looked around our almost empty kitchen. I was really going to miss this house but I was ready for a new start. “Yes. Are you?” The question caught him off guard. It took him a little while to answer but I saw on his face that he was looking for the right words to say. “No.” he answered honestly. “The truth is I love it here. I don’t want to move to Washington State. I’m so sorry we have to do this Marissa.” As he said this he pulled me in for a big bear hug. “It’s not your fault. I understand that we have to do this for your job and you know I’m kind of glad we’re moving. I mean it gives me the chance to start fresh. I’m looking forward to our new lives in Forks.” I didn’t throw in that I wanted to go only because I believed fully in the existence of vampires and in Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight, that’s where Bella moved to and she found her soul mate Edward Cullen. I only hoped it would be the same for me. Then my dad let go and we loaded into the Ford SUV that we were borrowing from our neighbors. They’ve been the biggest help to us always. They were also on the list of people I felt bad about leaving here. We got into the truck with my carry on and my suitcase. While we were driving there my dad went through what I was supposed to do, again. “Remember that you have a transfer flight in Seattle. Then from there you go to Port Angeles and you wait for us there.” I nodded not really paying attention. Dad and Terri have been going over this with me for days now. I have it memorized. We drove up to the passenger drop off and my dad kissed me on my head and wished me luck. I knew I wouldn’t need it. I was fairly capable of flying across the United States alone. I mean come on I was 14 after all. About to be 15; I was born in September so I was almost always the youngest in my grade with the few exceptions of kids born in October, November and December. I boarded the flight no problem and got myself settled in my first class seat. The seat was courtesy for my dad from his work but since I took his place, I got the seat. I liked it a lot. There really wasn’t anyone on this flight anyway. I didn’t have to worry about the person next to me and I was happy. There were only about 3 other people in first class with me. But we were all spread out nicely. I turned on my iPod to Bella’s Lullaby from the Twilight Soundtrack. The movie had come out last November and it was alright but nothing compared to the book. The book was my life, my passion. Stephanie Meyer is my idol, her and JK Rowling of course. My 2 obsessions; The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. Once I had my iPod on my favorite song on repeat 1, I picked up Twilight and started to read it. This was the 6th time I’ve read Twilight. I love this book that much; so much that I normally read it in 2 days. So just in case I finished Twilight on the plane, I brought New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn with me.

I didn’t get to finish the book because I fell asleep. I was awaken by one of the aids nudging me gently “Excuse me sweetheart, but it’s about 15 minutes before we land. We advise all passengers to get ready for landing.” She looked very tired. “Thank you.” She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. She turned and left to go to the back of the plane to check on the other passengers. I looked out my window and found that I couldn’t see the ground, we were in clouds. When we landed it was raining. I knew it would be and I was sort of excited. I loved everything about the rain. I loved being in the rain, the sound of it, and the smell of it, just everything. I looked at the ticket for my transfer flight to Port Angeles. It said that my flight boarded at 2. I looked at the clock on the wall of the terminal. It said 12:15. I realized that my dad, Terri and Nicholas would just be boarding their flight now but I tried to not think of them as much as possible. I had a long time to wait. My terminal was D4 for the short flight to Port Angeles and I was at terminal C8. I didn’t have that far to walk but I decided I should get settled before I decided to wander. As I walked to my terminal I looked around to see what they had for food places. I saw a McDonalds, a Starbucks and other fast food places. I sighed not really wanting McDonalds or any other fast food for that matter so I just decided that I would get some coffee and a bagel. I arrived at my terminal at 12:25 and looked to make sure my flight didn’t get canceled or delayed. I read on the board that my flight was leaving on time. I smiled to myself and went back to the food court to get my coffee and bagel. The cashier at Starbucks was very nice considering where she worked. She was tall, I guessed that she was wearing heels, had unnatural blond hair, a fake tan and too bright of lip stick on but she looked happy. She actually started small talk with me. “How are you today hun?” She smiled at me. “I’ve never been better actually.” I smiled at how truly honest my words were. “Well that’s just wonderful.” She handed me my coffee smiling. “Have a good day.” I took my coffee and gave her the money. “You too.” I left with my coffee and bagel in a giddy mood. I went back to the gate and looked back at the clock. It was 12:50. I still had a lot of time to kill. I turned on my cell phone to see if my dad or anyone else had left me any messages. I had my phone on vibrate and it buzzed angrily in my hand. I looked at it and I had 3 voice mails and 5 missed calls. “Jeeze.” I said mostly to myself. I called my voice mail curiously. A woman’s voice came on. “Please enter your password then press pound.” I did as I was told and listened. The woman’s voice came again. “You have 3 new voice messages. First voice message” I waited. “Hi Marissa!!! It’s Giulia! I just wanted to say I’m going to miss you!!! And you HAVE to call me when you get to Forks!!! I want to talk to you before….well I don’t know but you have to call me!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! BYE!” There was a click. I laughed at my hyper best friend; she was always in a good mood. The woman’s voice came on again. “If you would like to delete this message press 7” I pressed 7. “Message deleted. Next voice message” I waited. “Hi Marissa, its Sourosh.” I groaned. This was a guy that I was most excited about leaving. We’ve been on and off for about a year now and he would always hurt me and I would always stupidly go back to him. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry about everything and I’m really going to miss you when you move, which you didn’t tell me by the way. But anyway yeah. I know you don’t really wanna talk to me but please call me back. I think we need to talk.” I laughed to myself and erased the message before he was done. I wasn’t planning on calling him back. Ever. “Message deleted. Next message” I waited again. “Hi sweetie its dad. Our flight has been canceled and so your mom is trying to get us on another flight. But by the looks of it the earliest we’ll be able to get there is tomorrow. I gave you enough money for a cab when you get to Port Angeles so that’s what I want you to do. You know I already went over to the house to get all our furniture in and settled so I have a key to the house on the eave of the door. That will let you in the house. We have some bread in the refrigerator and I think there’s some pasta in the cabinet. If not, you have money to order yourself a pizza. I know the house might be a little scary at first but you’ll be fine. Your room is at the top of the tower. You’ll understand when you get there. I’m very sorry honey and we’ll see you when we can. I love you!” Then I heard a click. “To delete this message press 7” I pressed 7. I looked across from me at the wall. I was mortified. I was going to be home alone, in a new house, in a new town where I didn’t know anyone. I had to admit to myself that I was scared now. I wasn’t planning on being there alone for at least a night. My dad did say that they were trying to get there by tomorrow but that he didn’t know….what was I going to do? I mentally slapped myself. ‘Get a grip.’ I thought to myself. ‘It’s not like the house is haunted. And I do like to be home alone. It gives me some me time. But it’s not like I’ve had enough me time all today.’ I argued with myself and looked up at the clock. It said 1:20. I looked back at my phone and read the missed calls. The one was Giulia; my best friend, Sourosh; the stupid guy I was trying to get over and who I refused to talk to now that I have a new life, my dad, and the other 2 were from my friend but pretty much older sister Emily. I didn’t really want to talk to any of them right now. I just wanted some time to sort out what I was supposed to do when I got to Port Angeles. My dad had said that he gave me enough money for a cab and pizza. I looked in my carryon in my wallet for the money I had left. He was right, before I had left, the night before he had handed me $200 for emergencies. Then I thought he was crazy for giving me that much but now I was grateful. I reminded myself to thank him when he got home. I ran through my procedure in my head; I was to get off the plane, get my luggage, grab a cab and head to my address-932 Pointer Ridge Dr. Forks, Washington, pay the cabbie, grab the key from the eave, get in the house, look around and get settled. It sounded like a perfectly easy plan to me. As I finished my lunch, I looked at the clock in confusion; it said 1:50. ‘Where had the time gone?’ I asked myself. ‘Seems like the last time I looked it was 1:20.....had I read the clock wrong the last time? Am I reading it wrong now?’ I stared at the clock and made sure that it really did say 1:50. By the time I had made sure I was reading it right, it said 2:00. “Attention all passengers riding flight 667,” I looked at my ticket and that was my flight. “We are going to start boarding the plane now. I would like all first class passengers to come and board first. Thank you.” I got my carry on and got in line to board the flight. There was hardly any one there so the line wasn’t long at all. I found I was on the plane in less than 5 minuets.

Again there was no one next to me on the flight but I wouldn’t have minded so much if there was someone sitting next to me on this flight; it was only an hour flight. I made sure my cell phone was turned off and put on my iPod and fell asleep again. I was woken a second time by a flight attendant nudging me gently. “Sorry to wake you Miss but we’re about 10 minuets form landing and we advise all passengers to get ready.” She smiled at me. “Oh, thank you.” I said and smiled back at her. Then she walked to the back of the plane to check on the other people. I looked down at my hands to find that they were shaking. I took a deep breath to try and calm myself. “It’s going to be alright. It’s ok.” I told myself in hope that everything would be fine.

When we landed it was raining. “Yes!” I whispered to myself. I was so excited and I smiled at my new found confidence that nothing would, no nothing could go wrong. I went to the baggage claim and, lucky me, my suitcase was one of the first ones off the flight. My luck just continued when I walked outside to find an old couple getting out of a cab. I fast walked to get to the cab before they left. I got there in plenty of time; the couple still had to get a few more things out of the back. When they were done they paid the cabbie and I got in the back seat of the car. “Where to Miss?” He asked politely. “Um, 932 Pointer Ridge Dr. Forks.” I hoped he would know where that was because I had no idea where it was myself. Then I realized that he had a GPS system, I let out a sigh of relief. I was pretty sure he heard me because he gave me a funny look in the rear view mirror. I just gave him an awkward smile and he gave me an awkward smile back. It took about a half an hour to get to my street. All the while I was looking outside at the lush green world that was my home now. I saw a couple houses here and there with the exception of some stores on the one side of the road right off the free way. I saw the houses grow further and further apart when we pulled up to a huge house. I was confused. “Are you sure you have the right house?” I asked as he started to get out of the car to get my suitcase for me. He looked confused and went back to the front of the car and checked the GPS. “You said 932 Pointer Ridge Dr., right?” I took out the piece of paper that I had the address written down on and frowned. “Yeah that’s what I said.” I looked at the huge house in complete confusion. “Well here it is.” He said with a shrug and handed me my suitcase. I thanked him and handed him the money I owed him and watched him drive away. I turned back around to stare at the house that was my home. I told myself that if there wasn’t a key on the eave, I would call my dad and see what was up. But alas when I checked the eave, there was a key there. I took it and unlocked the door. I gasped when I walked in. It was amazing!