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Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound Spirits BannerNo one in this world knows what happens when we die. Maybe there’s a heaven, maybe we get reincarnated, maybe we wander the world for all eternity or maybe being dead is just the end. Caitlynn could communicate with ghosts and help them crossover. Yet when she moved she never expected to find someone both alive and dead. Edward/OC No Bella Rating may change.

Edward/OC No Bella for now Rating may change.

2. Meeting The Cullens

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The following day was overwhelming in many ways.

I pulled out a faded pair of jeans, a simple white shirt and a sweater out of my unpacked suitcase and headed towards the bathroom for the usual morning routine.

I walked down the stairs while running a brush through my vibrant red hair, to find both my parents gone.

On the kitchen table was a note explaining they we’re off to work early so they’d make a good impression on their new employer.

Both my parents work in the hospital, mom workes as a nurse on E.R. and dad is a surgeon.

When I was little I would usually go to the hospital after school and wait for them to finish.

Can you imagine me, a twelve year-old that sees ghosts, in a hospital, where people die daily.

To say the hospital wasn’t my favourite place in the world would be an understatement.

But it’s not the fact that they had to work that bothered me, I’m relatively sure a psychologist would say my parents were workaholics, but it’s the fact that’s it’s pouring outside and the walk to school takes at least twenty minutes.

I pulled my coat on and took an apple from the fruit basket on my way out.

The walk to school was pleasant enough if you count out the rain. Most cars that passed me where old with the paint so faded you could only guess what the original colour once was.

After walking for about eighteen minutes I saw the school appearing in the distance.

Yup, I was right, it is indeed a twenty minute walk.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a silver car, that was driving way too fast might I add, passed me and gracefully parked in the lot at school.

People like that should be skinned alive, I already have enough spirits to crossover without them dying in a car crash or worse them killing others with it.

I couldn’t help but glare at the car as I passed it in the parking lot, the driver hadn’t gotten out yet and I couldn’t see because of the dark tinted windows.

“Oh great, a shiny new toy in Forks.” Once again caught by surprise I looked at the person who said this.

She had dark skin and shoulder length brown hair.

The clothes she wore were torn at several places showing bruises and cuts underneath.

The girl now looked as shocked as me when she noticed I heard her and was now looking at her.

“You can see me!”: she shouted a bit over enthusiastic. I gave a small nod and continued walking towards the school entrance, trying not to look too strange towards other students

“Awesome. I’m Kayla Banner. My dad’s the biology teacher here.”: she said, while I tried to look like a normal student and ignore her.

The entire way to the main office she kept talking about the school and the teachers.

“I’m Caitlynn Hadley, this is my first day here.”: I said to the women behind the desk and partially for the annoying chatterbox beside me.

The women smiled politely and gave me a few forms to fill in, my schedule and a lay-out of the school. Not once in the entire time I was filling out the forms did Kayla stop talking and the lady behind the desk was giving me strange looks for gripping the pen so hard.

By the time I was out of the office everyone was already in class.

I swirled around and glared at Kayla.

“Could you stop talking. It’s bad enough that I’m the new girl here and I don’t need people to think I have an imaginary friend. You need to crossover.”: I said in one breath.

She looked at me with her eyebrows raised, “Well, excuse me but it’s not everyday I meet someone who can see me.” and she disappeared.

I gave a frustrated sigh and went to my first class, math.

Math was a disaster!
Not only did the teacher insist that I needed to introduce myself in front of the class but on the way to my seat Kayla reappeared right in front of me making me give a slight squeal that had gotten some students to give me a strange look.

For the rest of class I had to listen to Kayla’s gossip about the people sitting in the room.

All right, I must admit that some of the things were really funny and she helped me solve some of the math problems.

The rest of the morning went pretty much the same, and in the end I came to like Kayla’s presence.

None of the students bothered to talk to me after the little thing that happened in math.

Hopefully it would stay that way, good thing about having no friends is the fact that I’ll never feel like telling someone my secret.

When lunch came by I realised I’d forgotten my wallet. So I just sat at an empty table and got an empty notebook out so I could write messages to Kayla without talking.

I could pretty much feel the gaze of other students on me and shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

Kayla looked around the cafeteria and then leaned back over to me.

“The bloodsucker family is staring at you.”: she whispered in my ear as if to keep it a secret.

Bloodsuckers? I quickly wrote this thought down on my notepad.

Kayla grimaced, “You shouldn’t have thought that, one of them is a mind reader and now they look pretty pissed off.”

Curiously I followed her gaze and came across five of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.

But that wasn’t what shocked me the most, neither did their angry glares, standing behind them were at least five spirits and they were conversing quietly with one another.

Usually the only way for a group to see each other after death is when they died together or have a really strong bond connecting them.

As quickly as I could I stood up, gathered my stuff and walked to my next class.

Kayla disappeared and I wanted an explanation about what she meant.

I tried to push it to the back of my mind and waited outside the classroom where I was supposed to be.

The teacher showed up five minutes before class surprised to see someone waiting and showed me where I should sit.

As the classroom slowly started to fill up I focused my attention on the ‘history is boring’ sentence that was carved into the desk.

I looked up when someone sat down next to me and regretted it immediately.

It was one of the guys I saw at the cafeteria he, like the rest of his family, had pale skin and golden eyes.

His hair was a bronze colour and his face looked like it only could be described as perfect.

Not even the glare he was giving me could take away his beauty.

I tried to look away but I was frozen in place.

Then it ended as he faced the teacher, his jaw still clenched in anger.

It was then I noticed that there was a girl standing behind him, not a living one of course.

Her eyes widened as she realized I was looking at her and disappeared.

The girl looked about twelve years old and the clothing she wore clearly showed that she was not from this time, but rather from the early 1900.

She had dark brown hair and green eyes, I couldn’t really make out more before she disappeared.

Why would a girl like that follow him?

My gaze fell back on the god next to me and he looked confused.

Then I thought about what Kayla had said about one of them being a mind reader.

A quite gasp escaped my lips.

I was intrigued by him now, I’ve never met anyone beside my family that had a supernatural gift.

A part of me wanted to talk to him, yet another part told me to stay away from him.

I focused my attention back on the teacher and tried to forget about it. For now at least.