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Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound Spirits BannerNo one in this world knows what happens when we die. Maybe there’s a heaven, maybe we get reincarnated, maybe we wander the world for all eternity or maybe being dead is just the end. Caitlynn could communicate with ghosts and help them crossover. Yet when she moved she never expected to find someone both alive and dead. Edward/OC No Bella Rating may change.

Edward/OC No Bella for now Rating may change.

3. Kayla's Death

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Chapter 2

As soon as history ended the boy next to me was out of the door.

I frowned, slightly saddened by his departure but gathered my stuff and went to my next class nonetheless.

Kayla walked me to biology, excited I would meet her dad.

Though I had a lot of questions for Kayla about the strange family, I knew they had to wait until after school. Then I will try and help Kayla crossover.

Mr. Banner and Kayla shared a lot of similar traits, I noticed when introducing myself to him.

The dark skin, the same shape of eyes and lips.

I looked around the class and noticed the only seat available was next to another person of the strange family.

Luck really isn’t on my side today.

As I walked over she looked up and gave me a bright smile, making me almost trip over my own feet.

“Hi, I’m Alice Cullen.”: she said as soon as I sat down. Her eyes were sparkling matching the big smile on her face. For a while I forgot my name and where I was.

“Um, Caitlynn, yeah, Caitlynn Hayden.” I blushed, feeling like a complete idiot.

While I was so entranced by Alice I failed to notice Kayla had come over and was laughing loudly.

“Do you like shopping?”: the little pixie asked with a curious glint.

“Uhm, yeah, like any other girl on the planet.” Her face went blank for a minute like she just zoned out then she gasped and giggled in excitement.

“Great! You and I are going shopping this weekend. We’re going to be the best of friends.”

Strangely it felt more like a statement then a question and I didn’t dare argue with her.

The teacher gave us a look that clearly said that we had to be quiet and started the class.

Walking home from school later that day I wondered about the Cullens, silently hoping Kayla would show up and explain herself to me.

And for once I truly hated the fact that I could only see ghosts when they wanted me to see them.

She called them bloodsuckers and the only connection I could find were vampires.

No, that’s absurd.

But when I thought more about it, it only began to sound more plausible. I mean, I can see ghosts right, that’s not really normal either.

I looked around and saw I was alone on the side of the road with no one in sight.

“Kayla! I need to speak with you.”

Not sooner had the words left my mouth or she was walking beside me.

“I wonder what it is you want to talk about.” The sarcasm was just dripping of her words.

I chose to ignore her comment. “What do you know about the Cullens?”

She gave an exaggerated sigh and rolled her eyes.

“They started school this year and well, to be honest they intrigued me, so I followed them around for a while. From what I gathered they’re not like other vampires, they strictly drink the blood of animals which in turn gives them golden-like eyes.” She looked over at me to see if I had any questions, I gestured for her to continue.

“There’s seven in total. You have Carlisle Cullen, he works at the hospital, apparently he’s got some amazing self-control. Then there’s Esme, she’s an interior designer. You should see their house it’s gorgeous. Emmet is that big guy you saw at lunch and the absolutely stunning blonde beside him was Rosalie, they’re an item. You’ve met Alice in biology, she’s with a guy named Jasper. And then there’s Edward, a total hunk if you asked me. You sat next to him in history.”

I took me a while to absorb all this information.

“You said one of them is a mind reader, I’m guessing that’s Edward. Does anyone else have gift?”

Kayla gave me annoyed look, I guess she didn’t really like talking about them.

“Alice can see the future or something like that, that’s what happened in biology you know, when she spaced out. She must have had a vision about you. And Jasper can control emotions or whatever, I never really understood that. Now can we talk about something else, please.”

I nodded at her thinking it over, I still had lots of questions but maybe it was better if I asked them even though I was a bit afraid now.

“How did you die?”: I asked her after a minute of silence.

Kayla looked at the ground.

“I was hit by a car.”

I knew she wasn’t telling me everything or else she would’ve crossed over without any help.

“There’s obviously something that’s keeping you here. Is there something that has to be done, something you need to tell someone?”

Kayla’s eyes filled with tears and she tugged on her shirt in discomfort.

“That night I had a fight with my father. I wanted to go to a party and he didn’t allow me. It’s stupid that my last words to him were filled with anger and hate. I went upstairs and wrote in my dairy, something I always did when I as upset. Then I decided to go to that party anyway I climbed out of my window and went. The rest is obvious. He hasn’t been in my room once since I died. I need him to find my diary, let him know I wasn’t mad at him.”

I nodded and watched the tears falling from her eyes.

“It’s behind the dresser in my bedroom. Please make sure he finds it.”

Then without another word she disappeared.

I sighed thinking over possible ways to get her father to find the diary without him knowing I spoke to his daughter for the rest of the walk home.