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Death is No Fear

Amber is looking for her lost mate Zane, but so is her twin brother, Gabrielle. While following on scent she finds the Cullens'. Will she save Zane from her own brother? *Spoiler alert for those who have not read Breaking Dawn*

Warning this story does contain spoilers from Breaking Dawn!

1. Chapter 1:Memories

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I'm almost out of this god forsaken cold, I thought bitterly.

My tracks disappeared as soon as each foot was pressed into the ground while I was running. Yes, no snow was hitting me, but still the brute force of this storm had even the Earth itself quivering, as it seemed. The Canadian border was soon approaching and the scent of Zane was getting stronger. Unfortunately so was Gabrielle's.

Damn him for everything he's caused me, my hatred was boiling under my granite skin.

Memories of all three of us were passing like movie scenes in my head. Me and Gabrielle in ancient Rome, how everything was so much simpler when we were human. His eyes use to be a deep sea green, and had the most platinum blond hair, it looked like he had a halo over his head. Compared to my ice blue eyes and raven black hair, girls would put blackberries and dirt to dye their hair like mine, but none had that all natural look that I had. When the Roman war started, we went strait to the temples praying to the Gods, not knowing we would be seeing one ourself. He had a dark cloak and his name was Detrich. We never saw what he looked like under the back hood, but he said we could surpass the Gods we prayed our hand and knees on. We were foolish humans, but we were wise enough to know no one would save Rome from its great fall. Never had I felt pain like the sensation of being burned alive from the inside, I believed I went to hell and back. When I awoke I had a granite hard body and gorgeous looks. My brother and Detrich weren't there when I awoke though, but I learned later on they were hunting and I just took too long to wake up.

I went off alone for a long time and eventually found Zane, and fell in love. His deep brown hair, toned body, and good looks could easily rival any vampire, even as a human(at least i thought). He was a knight in the Renascence era and got stabbed in the heart by a axe in a war. I had no other thought but to save him. They still have a painting of me in my other form swooping down to save him. I changed him that same day and now he's gone. My heart still feels torn in two and every time I look into a reflection, I almost always look like I'm crying(if it was even possible). He had left me a note saying someone was after him. I search the vampire society and found out it was my own brother. My rage grew with each thought of ripping his flesh from his bones.

The snow subsided because of the new area, and the ground was mushy and wet. Good thing I wore sneakers, I may be ancient but I know fashion. The scent grew stonger and stronger as I entered the little town of Forks, Washington, as well as the scent of other vampires.

This should be interesting, I thought with a sly grin.

"Hmm... I better stop and 'refuel', I'm very curious if these vamps' are as protective as the southern covens," I muttered.

I stopped at a little clothing store on the side of the road when it hit me like a sledge hammer.

"What is that god awful smell?" I almost shrieked but I caught myself luckily.

I practically ran into the small little shop and almost broke the door. I think I left an indent in the door handle but had no regard for it at the moment. I followed the repulsive scent into the teens section and saw a boy(about twenty-five give or take) and a teenager. The boy had dark toned skin and shaggy hair, and he seemed to be quite enjoying himself even though the girl put a dress up against him to see how it would look.

Maybe he's a transvestite, I thought in disgust.

Mixed with the scent of wet dog(which is bothering me like crazy that I just want to rip my nose off), I smelt a strangely mouthwatering flavor in the air and I noticed it was coming from the little girl. As I looked at her more closely I was taken by surprise by her gorgeous vampire looks but she still had flush cheeks and deep chocolate eyes. The boy looked up and started to search around as if he senced me. I wanted to get a better look at the two but thought better of it.

"Hello, why do you look so sad?" The girl said as she suddenly appeared in front of me.

I jumped back in surprise and hissed at the teenager. She seemed perfectly at ease, but I was curious how she got past my guard. I must be getting old. The boy was shaking violently and held the girl's hand, I couldn't stop myself from wrinkling my nose.

"Maybe I'm a sad person," I replied, "I'm sorry if this is rude for me for asking, but what are you two?"

"She's like my mom and dad right Jacob?" The girl whispered.

"Yes, thats why I think we should go Nessie," the boy named Jacob repiled.

"No thats rude!" she scolded, "Why don't you come home with us and see my family, you look like you could use a place of refuge for tonight."

"Sure, why not," I said with suspicion.

"Okay then. Oh, I'm so sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie for short and this is Jacob."

Jacob continued to hold the girls hand as if he wanted to pull her away and run.

"Thank you Nessie, and my name is Ambrosa, but you can call me Amber."

"Doesn't that mean immortal?" Nessie asked.

"Why yes, yes it does." I said with my sly grin.