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When The Cullens Met Me

My name is Jennifer Jones. I am a hunter. And a witch. And a very ill-tempered seventeen year old. I hunt vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, ghouls, poltergiests, basically ever littled nasty critter you can think of. Yes, I've killed before. Yes, Ive killed lots of vampires. And after taking out half the Demon Underworld, and nearly destroying my own soul in the process, i really need a break. So im moving in with my cousin Mike Newton, in the small, rainy town of Forks. And, of course, since Fate seems Hell-bent on making my life a living hell, this is the one town where good vampires live.....

um yeah this is how things happen in my mind, and yes there will be violence, and sex, and more violence and maybe drugs, and did i mention violence??

1. Dammit All to Hell!

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I walked into the regular, boring Biology class without expectations. It would be dull and mind numbing, exactly what the doctor ordered after all that had happened....

But i wasn't going to think about that. I handed my class schedule to the teacher, and thats when I smelled it. The sweet, sticky scent of a vampire. I stiffened and turned, spotting it immeadiately. It was a male, sitting there oh-so-blithely, as if it wasn't one of the most disgusting, evil abberations ever. It took all of my strength not to jump the damn thing and rip its throat out.

And of course, as fate would have it, the only open seat was right next to the despicable creature. I walked stiffly to my seat, and sat, stone-still next to one of my most hated enemies.

"Filthy bloodsucker," I muttered, too low for humans to hear. "Figures, i come to the one town where the leeches decide to take up residence."

I saw the shock in his eyes and smirked. I felt a gentle probing in my mind, a nebulous poke wanting to know my thoughts. So, he was a natural, was he? Well, lets just see how he likes my thoughts then.

I dropped all mental barriers away from my mind, remembering grusome hunts of vampires, when i had ripped them limb from limb slowly, savoring the feel of marble flesh giving under my warm, seemingly human hands. I remembered when i had hunted down Michael, the vampire that had taken from me the only family i had known. He had slaughtered my brother, Jason, who had raised me since i was little, when our parents had died. I pictured the horrendous way i had killed him, stringing him along the tearing teeth of the Black Dragon, tormenting him, biting him, until, finally, i had burned him alive. The vampire next to me shuddered slightly, looking at me with wide eyes. I stared back, and i noticed something about his eyes. They were black, which meant he was thirsty, but they had a gold undertone....

I sniffed at the air around him, and caught the faint scent of animal blood on him. Shit! He abstained. I couldn't do shit to him, or I would have the Council on my head, and probably a price too. Dammit all to hell!

A string of profanities raced through my head. Fucking stupid ass leeches, they just had to be in Forks, of all places!!! I glared at the creature sitting next to me, and though i hated vampires with a passion, i could relate to his struggle. I had been turned into a vampire myself once, but thankfully Laura had been close by and had been able to change me back, i still had some vampiric qualities, and sometimes i'd partake in animal blood myself, but not often. i saved my fangs for the vampires i hunted. a bit ironic really. killing humans by biting them, then coming across a small, innocent-looking black-haired, blue-eyed girl who rips your throat out with her teeth.....

I giggled at myself. I was way too morbid sometimes....

The vampire next to me let out a small, shocked chuckle at the way my thoughts had turned, and i was reminded of his prescense. I glared at him, hatred burning out my eyes. I was surprised his skin didnt catch fire, so intense was my glare. I sat stiffly for the rest of the period, and when the bell rang, i was out the door before anyone was even out of they're chair.

I was pissed. The one town i thought i would be safe from my chosen career and theres a vampire in my biology class. Fate just loves fucking with me.