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When The Cullens Met Me

My name is Jennifer Jones. I am a hunter. And a witch. And a very ill-tempered seventeen year old. I hunt vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, ghouls, poltergiests, basically ever littled nasty critter you can think of. Yes, I've killed before. Yes, Ive killed lots of vampires. And after taking out half the Demon Underworld, and nearly destroying my own soul in the process, i really need a break. So im moving in with my cousin Mike Newton, in the small, rainy town of Forks. And, of course, since Fate seems Hell-bent on making my life a living hell, this is the one town where good vampires live.....

um yeah this is how things happen in my mind, and yes there will be violence, and sex, and more violence and maybe drugs, and did i mention violence??

2. Vampires Make Me Want To Puch Babies

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When school was over, I headed straight to my car, only to find it crowded by car enthusists. Sure, it was a 2007 black Ferrari with eight pistons and totally tricked out with every kind of tech you could ever want in a car, plus a few neat hunter gadgets, but it couldn't be that interesting.

"Beat it before I shove your head up your best friends ass," I growled out. Noticing me, the boys dispersed, all save for one extraordinarily pale one with bronze hair and black eyes. He was leaning against my door, preventing me from getting into my car.

"Do you have a death wish?" I hissed at him. Just because I couldn't kill him didn't mean I couldn't fuck him up pretty good.

"No," he said. "I am simply curious. How do you do it? How do you kill vampires?"

I glared at him for a long moment, debating on whether or not i should tell him. It wasn't as if he could take my powers away. Only the god of the Hunt could do that, and there was no reason he would do that. In fact, I'd saved his ass so many times, he wouldn't be able to take my powers even if he tried. He owed me too much.

"When a person such as I realizes exactly what kind of world we live in, when their life is destroyed by the supernatural, be it dark witches, vampires or demons, the god of the Hunt comes before us and offers us a deal. We can take on the immortal responsibilities of a hunter, or he will take our memories of the supernatural event away and we will go on about our normal human lives. I chose the former," I said quickly, wanting this creature to leave me be. It was bad enough I would have to deal with him at all. I most certainly did not want to make friends with him. I hated him and his kind, though i respected his choice to abstain. None of the vampires I had ever known had wanted the life that had been forced upon them, but most of them turned sadistic and saw no reason that humans shouldn't die to sustain them.

"I see," he said, though his eyes burned with curiosity and I knew he wanted to ask more, but my expression kept his tongue in check. He moved away from my door and i got in my car, started the engine and sped off, narrowly missing hitting the vampire i had just finished talking to. My phone started ringing annoyingly and I picked it up.

"What?" I snapped into the receiver.

"Nice to talk to you to," said the sarcastic voice of my cousin and best friend, Joey Briant.

"Hey Joey," I said, my tone warming. Joey was my best friend, and we had been through Hell and back together, litterally. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing really. It's boring as fuck without you here. Morgan is still mooning over you, and Moonflower is still a sick and twisted creature and Marshe finally figured out how to bewitch Carmen into going out with her," he said, in his usual rambly way. "What's new with you?"

"Oh nothing," I said scathingly. "Just a coven of abstaining vampires going to my school is all."

"No way!" Joey exclaimed.

"Yeah. It's like Fate wants my mind to snap in two," I said.

"Seriously man," Joey said sympatheticaly. "You just can't catch a break."

"I know. Eventually I am going snap and just murder everyone on this planet," i joked.

"With a rusty butter knife," Joey said, chuckling.

"And it must be dull!" i said. We talked for a few more minutes, and I hung up when i reached my house on the outskirts of the small town. I got on the computer and started reading yaoi manga. As far as addictions went, this was a good one....