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When The Cullens Met Me

My name is Jennifer Jones. I am a hunter. And a witch. And a very ill-tempered seventeen year old. I hunt vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, ghouls, poltergiests, basically ever littled nasty critter you can think of. Yes, I've killed before. Yes, Ive killed lots of vampires. And after taking out half the Demon Underworld, and nearly destroying my own soul in the process, i really need a break. So im moving in with my cousin Mike Newton, in the small, rainy town of Forks. And, of course, since Fate seems Hell-bent on making my life a living hell, this is the one town where good vampires live.....

um yeah this is how things happen in my mind, and yes there will be violence, and sex, and more violence and maybe drugs, and did i mention violence??

3. Whoops

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I stalked quietly through the trees that surrounded Seattle, Washington. It had been a month since I'd moved to Forks, in which I had ignored the vampires at school, and made a few friends, but none too close. I had never been a sociable person, especially in my line of work. I had hardly done any type of hunting in almost three months, and I was really craving the thrill of the hunt.
It seemed that today was my lucky day. I scented three vampires, two male one female, about a quarter of a mile away. My mouth watered as I sped through the undergrowth, my fangs bursting painfully from my gums. I couldn't remember the last time I had been this starved for vampire flesh. I slowed as I approached the place where the bloodsuckers had stopped to plan where they were going next. Since I was downwind of them, I decided to go for the lost human in the middle of nowhere gag.
I stumbled loudly into their clearing and blinked, looking all for the world as if I were a lost runaway. I saw them and started toward them.
"Oh, thank goodness, I thought I was going to be lost forever in the woods," I said, fake tears pooling at the corners of my eyes and just the right amount of fear peppering my voice.
"Well, now, we can't have you lost, now can we?" said one of the males, walking towards me. As soon as he was a foot away, I pounced. I tackled him and sank my fangs deep into his shoulder, letting the venom do the rest of the work. I was on my feet in a flash and had the female in my grip before either of them could react. I bit her and then ran after the second male, who had understood his life was in danger. I caught him within a few seconds and dragged him back to the clearing, where the other two were writhing on the ground in agony. The male struggled and tried to escape, but my strength was no match for his.
"Watch," I whispered in his ear, holding his struggling for close against my body, as if we were lovers. He stopped struggling and watched in horror as the venom made his friends burn to ash from the inside. "You're the lucky one," I told him, sinking my teeth into his neck. He would die much quicker than his friends, as I drained the life force out of his body. I could have ripped him apart and burned him, but I knew that this way was much more humane, and just the tiniest bit more sadistic. I enjoyed the feel of my teeth in the neck of one of the freaks of nature that had destroyed my life.
Of course, I knew that this particular leech had nothing to do with the death of my brother, and I didn't blame him for it either. I simply relished the knowledge that I was murdering a murder. I knew people who would argue the fact that every life, even the life of a murderer, was sacred, but I just didn't care. I enjoyed what I did, and any pacifist wasn't going to stop me from doing it.
"What the hell are you doing?" a startled voice demanded. I looked up from my kill and saw none other than Edward fricking Cullen striding towards me. Dropping my prey, I let a low hiss escape my throat.
"My job," I growled, crouching menacingly.
"You attacked them without provocation!" he said, outraged.
"So?" I shrugged. "Would you have liked me to wait until they were about to kill another person?"
He looked furious. "You're nothing but a murderer!" he hissed.
I knew what he said was true, but coming from the mouth of a leech made me furious. Without thought of the consequences, I attacked him, taking him down to the ground. He fought back valiantly, getting a good punch in before managing to throw me off. I hissed furiously as we circled each other, my fangs fully extended and my body crying out for his death. In the back of my mind, I knew I couldn't kill him, or I'd be in a whole lot of shit, but I could teach him a lesson.
He launched himself at me, throwing furious kicks and punches, one or two of them landing and cracking a few bones that were healed in less than a millisecond. I landed a punch right in his handsome, disgusting face and heard a satisfying crack as his head whipped back. He fell to the ground and I noticed there was a small fracture in the cool marble of his throat. He made no motion to get up, the pure shock of it rooting him to the spot.
"Shit," I mumbled. I knelt next to him and saw the crack was very deep, and some of his borrowed blood was seeping out of it. I didn't have the kind of material to heal him on me, so I would have to take him back to my cousins house. Damn it.
"Don't move," I told him, putting a binding spell on his neck so it wouldn't move and fracture deeper. I swung him up easily into my arms and chose shimmering in favor of running. I appeared in my room with my unwanted patient instantaneously, and laid him on the bed. I opened the trunk at the edge of my bed and rummaged around, looking for the crystals and potion I needed.
"Wh...what..." I heard him try to say.
"Don't talk," I told him. "Don't even breathe. It could damage your throat even more."
The lack of noise told me he had complied, and I found the clear quartz and amethyst I had been looking for, and located the potion a few moments later. I got up and examined his throat more carefully, seeing the damage was more severe than I had originally thought.
"Oh gods," I murmured. If he died, it would be my head, and this wound was putting him at risk of going from living dead to just dead. "Open your mouth," I commanded. He complied, and I poured a small amount of potion in his mouth. Just a few drops. Any more and the potion would try to restart his heart, and I knew how disastrous that would be. Well, maybe not for me, but it would send him into the darkest depths of agony, being a vampire for so long...
I held the quartz and amethyst in my right hand and placed my left hand on his forehead, slipping into a light meditative trance. I felt the broken skin in my mind, felt the pain of it and willed it to be whole again, complete as it had been before. I don't know how long I stood there over him, but when his throat was healed, I felt myself reluctant to stop touching him. I shook the feeling away and looked down at his throat, making sure it was strong and whole.
He tried to sit up, but fell back down immediately. I chuckled in amusement. "You'd better stay down for a bit. Vampire or not, that potions going to make you sleep."
I heard the doorbell ring, and I went to answer it. I opened the door to see the small, pixie like vampire named Alice standing before me, looking furious. Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie stood behind her.
"Where is he? What did you do with him?" Alice demanded.
"Relax, shortie. He's fine," I said, walking back into the house and motioning for them to follow. They surrounded the sleeping Edward, and tried to wake him.
"Knock that off!" I growled. "If you move him, you'll upset the magic and his neck will rip open again."
"What do you care?" Rosalie demanded.
"If he dies, the Council will put a price on my head, and take my license away. I've got as much stake in his life as you," I growled. Jasper looked at me funny, and I felt his conscience brush against mine, tasting my emotions. I glared, but let him know I would do nothing more to harm any of them. With a sigh, I crossed my arms across my chest.
"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" I began. "I lost my temper, and it never should have happened. I promise it will never happen again."
"It better not," Emmet growled threateningly. I laughed.
"Okay, Tiny. You do realize I've taken down much bigger and scarier things than you?"
"Oh really?" he growled.
"Yep," I said, examining my fingernails. "You know that huge explosion you heard about two months ago? The one in Montana, the one they said was just a bunch of gas lines exploding?"
"Yeah," said Alice.
"That was me, taking out half the demon Underworld. Alone. So think again before you think you can intimidate me."
Edward groaned, and I flitted to his side, placing a hand over his chest. I frowned, sensing how little life force he had. I went back to my chest and looked about for that medallion...
When I found it I placed it around Edwards neck and murmured a few words to activate the magic. When Edward opened his eyes, I placed my hand over his heart again. Better.
"You can move him now," I said, turning back to his anxious family. "He'll be weak for a day or two, and he should sleep again once you get him home."
I dug around in my chest once more, and handed the small vial of green liquid to Alice.
"This is a sleeping potion," I told her. "He needs to sleep for another seven hours at the least, so give him about a teaspoon and a half, and he should be fine."
She took the vial from me while Emmet picked up Edward.
"I can walk," he muttered.
"No, you can't," I told him, glaring. I softened my eyes for a moment, feeling the weight of shame settle on my shoulders. I moved closer to him, and stroked his cheek, sending a small spark of healing into him. "I'm sorry," I whispered, feeling guilty.
"You're forgiven," he murmured back. Then the Cullens left, flitting out the door into the night.