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Hit Hard by the Past

Edward doesn't know what happened to his little sister about 100-ish years ago, and he's been heart-broken ever since. But what if she's not as far away as he thinks?

WARNING! Language...blah blah blah, you know the rest!

5. Just. Freaking. Great. (Back To Selena's POV)

Rating 5/5   Word Count 431   Review this Chapter

This morning felt rushed. “Thankfully I’m Bella’s size,” I thought. Apparently, I really suck at guessing my colors. Bella get me a pair of jeans, I kept on my flats (they were black. I was happy when I guessed their color correctly,) a white t-shirt, and a red hoodie that she has never worn, and my red blindfold.

She made me a little bed on their couch and I woke up the smell of bacon. Leaf practically worships bacon. It’s like her most favorite thing in the world! (Next to me, of course.) Bella made me some pancakes and Leaf 5 strips of bacon since they didn’t have any dog food. I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, got Leaf’s harness on, and I was ready to go!

I was waiting on the porch for Bella to lock the door when I smelled something. It smelled really sweet…too sweet actually. And then I heard a low hiss from behind me and Leaf started to growl. “Ah crap,” I thought.

“Hello Bella,” said a voice. His breath smelled too sweet. I wrinkled my nose. “This can’t be happening!”

“Hi,” Bella said shyly, “Edward, this is Selena.”

“Nice to meet you Selena,” Edward said.

“Ditto,” I said simply. “Oh, this is great. Just. Freaking. Great. Like I really need this today?!”

Edward interrupted my mental-babble by saying, “We better get a move on. Don’t wanna be late, now do we?”

Bella and Leaf helped me get to Edward’s car. Once I got in, I felt like throwing up…”Too sweet! Too sweet! Too sweet!” I kept repeating. Then I felt myself getting hot. “Oh no…” I concentrated on staying relaxed, but it didn’t help much. It also didn’t help much when Bella asked, “Where’s the rest of your family?” I flinched. “There’s more?! Just what I need!!!” I tuned out the rest of their conversation by singing ‘This Is How It Feels by The Veronicas’ in my head. By the time I got halfway through the 3rd time around, we were there.

I tagged along with Bella though all of her morning classes. I was lucky enough that none of the bloodsuckers were in any of her classes. And then it was time for lunch. We walked through the door with this one girl named Jessica when I smelled that too sweet smell. Only, it was way stronger, like there was more than just 1. I sniffed again. There were 5…”Oh. My. God. Today just keeps getting better and better!!!” I thought sarcastically.