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A New Lie

Twilight/HP crossover This is the sequel to A New Start but you don't have to read that to understand this. Hello! Have you ever had you boyfriend cheat on you, find out your parents are dead then find out that you aren’t who you thought you were for your entire life? All on the same day? Chances are you answer is no. Mine is yes. And adding Draco Malfoy into the mix doesn’t make a good time for me. My name is Hermione Granger.

I do NOT own any twilight or harry potter characters or anything that is similar to either of those two books. Alice is my AWESOME beta for this story too and i need your opinion as to if i should continue the Alice Funnies from A New Start or not.

1. It isn't a surprise

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A New Lie

Sequel to A New Start

Chapter 1


I reread the letter not believing what I was reading but knowing it was true.

I was Head Girl.

After I had my fill of jumping and screaming I wrote to my three best friends, Harry, Ginny and Ginny’s brother/my boyfriend Ron, and told them the good news. Then I was off to Diagon Alley to buy new robes, an owl (my parent’s gift to me for becoming head girl along with a specialized bottle of perfume), and my new books.

I had just walked out of the shop with my new robes when I bumped into someone.

“Granger,” the blonde boy smirked.

“Ferret,” I repeated to my sworn enemy. He frowned, obviously remembering the embarrassing events that led to the nickname, then walked away.

I finished my shopping and Flooed back home to find a second letter from Hogwarts.

Dear Ms. Hermione Granger,

I have contemplated your idea to start a gymnastics team here at Hogwarts. The other teachers and I think that that is a brilliant idea to unite the houses in another friendly sport. Tryouts are on the second day of school. I hope that you will try out and be a good example to the other students.

Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Wizardry

I smiled because I had been learning gymnastics, along with driving when I was old enough and muggle classes, during the summer and I enjoyed in greatly. I wanted to be able to do it at school without having to sneak around after curfew to go to the Room of Requirement to practice so I talked to Dumbledore about it. I started to pack my new school robes, a simple purple dress for school occasions, my quills and parchment, all of my books, my gymnastics things: practice uniform, competition uniform, chalk…, and other necessities the raced down for dinner without my parent. They were still in Australia, we still owled each other, where I had sent them to escape the war that had happened last year.

I got to sleep after an hour of thinking about the new school year.

Platform 9 ¾

“Hermione!’ yelled Ginny as she ran up to me with Harry and Ron tailing her.

“Hi guys,” I calmly said from within the group hug.

“I can’t believe…wait actually I can believe that you are Head Girl. I love your outfit by the way.” I laughed at Ginny’s dramatic change in subject as she looked over my dark form fitting jeans, v-neck elbow length purple shirt with a light pink camisole underneath and a pair of high heel black boots. My style had definitely changed for the better over the summer.

“It really isn’t a surprise,” Harry commented bringing me back into the present, “I just can’t figure out who Head Boy is.” He was right. There were so many smart and capable guys that I couldn’t even narrow it down to 10.

“I missed you ‘Mione,” said Ron. Everybody laughed at him. “What?” he countered.

“We better get going. Don’t forget to visit us on the train,” Harry said breaking the awkward silence. We all boarded the train and headed our separate ways. I walked into the empty Heads cabin and started to read a Muggle book, my parents had sent me for my birthday last year, when I heard the door close. I looked up and gasped as I saw who Head Boy was.