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A New Lie

Twilight/HP crossover This is the sequel to A New Start but you don't have to read that to understand this. Hello! Have you ever had you boyfriend cheat on you, find out your parents are dead then find out that you aren’t who you thought you were for your entire life? All on the same day? Chances are you answer is no. Mine is yes. And adding Draco Malfoy into the mix doesn’t make a good time for me. My name is Hermione Granger.

I do NOT own any twilight or harry potter characters or anything that is similar to either of those two books. Alice is my AWESOME beta for this story too and i need your opinion as to if i should continue the Alice Funnies from A New Start or not.

4. The Reason

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Chapter 4

The following morning the teams weren’t posted rather they were read out loud by Dumbledore. He read through all of the other houses before Gryffindor. As soon as he had called Pansy as a member of the Slytherin team she had screamed and then started to gossip with the rest of her team. What is with that stupid overly-obsessed girly girl?

Finally, Dumbledore said, “The Gryffindor team consists of Parviti Patil, Padma Patil, and finally Taylor Jones.” This name was met with whispers of confusion and a knowing look from Harry, Ron, and Ginny. Their knowing look soon turned into a confused one much like the others as I cast a memory charm on them.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered before casting the spell.

“Now that that has been cleared up...Your first practice session will be posted in your omen room and the first competition is next Saturday. All students are required to attend. The instructions for this competition will be given to you in you first class. You are dismissed.”

Friday- Gryffindor Gymnastics Practice

“We will be practicing as separate houses because that way you can bond as a team,” Coach Cynthia was saying. “For the first competition you will each perform a routine by yourself and one as a group. You need to give me your songs by Sunday. You also need to pick out a leotard for your routine. I recommend going to Hogsmeade to buy one tomorrow. Now let’s begin.” Those were her last nice words before we started a grueling two hour training where we learned and perfected our routine to It’s My Turn Now by Keke Palmer.

By the time I had returned to my room I was in my normal clothes and was plain Hermione again.

“You know you never answered my question from the train.” Draco asked as I entered the common room scaring me out of my wits. I sighed. I didn’t want to endure this but I figured that there was almost no way I would get out of it so I grabbed a water and sat down on one of the armchairs before continuing.

“Don’t do that.” I stated. He waited expectantly. “What question?”

“You are taxing my patience Granger.” Draco said showing his annoyance.

“Oh that one. Well if I told you there would be no point to several things like the fun of seeing you try to figure out what I like to do.” I retorted before standing up and walking towards my bedroom. I turned around to see him scowl.

“Good night.” I smirked before I walked inside, took a shower, and fell asleep thinking of what song I should use for my gymnastics routine.


“Taylor. You will be the reason everyone keeps coming back. You are an amazing gymnast and you don’t just have a fake identity at the shows but a full out fake identity. The students will be trying to really find out who you are and not just as Taylor James.”

End of Flashback