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A New Lie

Twilight/HP crossover This is the sequel to A New Start but you don't have to read that to understand this. Hello! Have you ever had you boyfriend cheat on you, find out your parents are dead then find out that you aren’t who you thought you were for your entire life? All on the same day? Chances are you answer is no. Mine is yes. And adding Draco Malfoy into the mix doesn’t make a good time for me. My name is Hermione Granger.

I do NOT own any twilight or harry potter characters or anything that is similar to either of those two books. Alice is my AWESOME beta for this story too and i need your opinion as to if i should continue the Alice Funnies from A New Start or not.

6. Pen pals and brooms

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Chapter 6

In all of the next day, every single conversation was based on gymnastics, the girls talked about the songs, the guys talked about how hot the girls were, and everybody talked about who they thought Taylor James was. I was relatively quiet throughout the day.

“Why have you been so quiet?” Ginny asked after yet another of my single word answers.

“I’m just feeling a bit under the weather.” I replied. Upon seeing her confused face I rephrased it. “I mean that I am just a little tired.”

That night I got another letter:

Hi. I’m your pen pal. I am a seventh year boy and since we aren’t allowed to tell each other what house we are in you will just have to guess. I enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends and playing Quidditch. Tell me about yourself.

Upon seeing the letter I realized that because of all the gymnastics drama I had forgotten about another new program that would unite houses and purebloods with muggle born. We now had pen pals that we were required to write to throughout the school year. In April there would be a Masquerade Ball where you would meet your pen pal in person. I sat down at my desk and wrote a response almost immediately.

Hi! I’m also a seventh year but I’m a girl. I enjoy reading, gymnastics, and writing along with flying.

Flying was one of my secret pleasures. No one knows about it, not even my best friends but now student 213 does. I wonder why I had told him about my flying obsession. Anyways everyone I know just assumes that I am afraid of heights and that is why I don’t fly. The reason I don’t fly with every one else is because I am afraid of making a fool out of myself in front of everybody.

This was all because of an unfortunate mishap with Malfoy.


I was riding my broom for fun in the Quidditch pitch doing random stunts when the broom started to spiral around and around faster and faster. I didn’t want to get hurt so I hung on and started to scream. I caught the image of Malfoy and his goonies the thickheaded Crabbe and Goyle laughing as Malfoy controlled the broom.

Sadly this was after a Quidditch match so the entire school heard my screaming and turned to watch my “show.” Finally I couldn’t hang on anymore and I let go only to fall into one of the hoops used as goals. Everyone laughed. Luckily Professor McGonagall got me down and the following day Blaise Zabini did something even more humiliating, erasing my moment from everybody’s memory.

End of Flashback

For the next seven months I had a packed schedule from dealing with Pansy and her dirty tricks in gymnastics, to simple dates with Ron that had calmed me down. My pen pal and I had grown to know each other quite well, so well in fact that we could talk to each other, about expectations, reputations, friends, and our family quite easily.

In gymnastics no one in the school had guessed my true identity yet and tonight was the night of the Masquerade Ball. I had found the perfect dress in Hogsmeade and I couldn’t wait to sweep everybody off their feet.