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This is a day in the life of Edward Anthony Masen. (One-Shot) Sort of. More like a one day, than one shot xD A 17 year old lad from Chicago, the year 1917. A time before the Spanish Influenza, when no-one had a care in the world. What would our young HUMAN Edward do on a typical autumn day? Hope you all enjoy this story. Rate and Review's are really appreciated. Thank you for all the support x Rated Teen for story purpose. Banner by me x

Hope you enjoy this story. This story was made to help you understand what life was like in the early modern period. With no T.V and no computers, how does that generation live?? Well reading this story, I hope you sense what life was like for these people. All Human. x

1. Chapter 1

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"Edward!?" My mothers voice flooded my ears. "Edward, get up now!" I groaned and rolled over, It was far too early.

"Ugh Mother? What's wrong?" I questioned. Usually it was Jules our maid who awoke me. Something was wrong. I opened my eyes slowly absorbing the light streaming from the window.

"Edward, Son, come on. We have a big introduction this morning, I would very much appreciate it if you were decent to greet our guests." My mothers plea caught my attention. She must want me to have a close relationship with this person.

"Okay Mother. I will be downstairs and decent shortly." She nodded and left the room with an anxious posture. I pulled myself out of slumber and walked over to the oversized closet. Guests were expected, I assumed of high importance, so I took out my best suit from the rack.

Looking decent enough, I began descending the staircase towards the foyer.

Standing there was my father, also dressed professionally. Next to him was a rather tall, bulky man, in his fifties at least. The two men were having a private conversation.

To not be rude, I announced my presence with a clear of my throat. Both men immediately stopped their discussion, turned to face me and gave an odd smile.

“Good morning Edward. This is Mr. Williams, head of the bank, as you well know.” The bank my father worked at was very high class, and gave good salaries. My father inclined his head towards our guest, obviously wanting me to greet him.

“Good morning Mr. Williams. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He gave a stiff nod in return. Must be a rather proud man.

“Yes, likewise.” His voice was deep, and sounded like he was suffering from a bad cough.

Suddenly my mother came floating down the stairs, dressed in a lovely burgundy dress. She came to a stop next to father.

“Mr. Williams, allow me to introduce you to my wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Masen.” Mr. Williams smiled widely at my mother, obviously entranced by her presence. Mother stepped forward to greet him. They shook hands and the men departed to the living room.

“Mother, why has father brought this man home?” She looked at me and gave a small endearing smile.

“I’m not sure darling, I believe he is here to discuss your future career.” I looked at her with fear and devastation in my eyes. She smiled kindly and stroked my hand. I don’t want to work in a bank and take over my fathers role as manager. I want to be a famous pianist, like Beethoven or Mozart. I want to travel the world in search of new adventures and experiences.

Only my mother knew of my dreams and she accepted them fully. My father, on the other hand, I wouldn’t dare to tell, he would criticise and devour each thought I gave.

“I know you do not want to work there Edward, but for your fathers sake, would you mind conversing with the two of them. Try to look like your interested. Then, when the time is right, we will explain to your father of your chosen career path.” My mother somehow always seemed to comfort me. I gave her a quick embrace then went to the lounge.

Thankfully, Mr. Williams had an important meeting with a client, and therefore had to leave rather suddenly. Mother had taken the afternoon off to socialise with her friends, at town and father had urgent business to attend to at the bank. The maids were busy, hurrying along with their chores. That left the house to me for the afternoon.

I just sat there. Staring at the ivory keys of the piano. Thinking back to the bizarre dream that hunted my nights regularly, gave me the start of my new composition.

This dream of mine was a mythical horror of a vampire and a human girl. It was set in a beautiful meadow among trees and wild flowers. The most extraordinary part of this dream was the way the man sparkled in the sunlight.

He lay there, glistening at every angle. This scene was alarming to myself, but the young girl sat there mesmerized by the nature of his kind. When the couple begin to converse in quiet whispers, their feelings towards each other, the scene floats away into a disappearing mist.

With this in mind, I note down the symbols and play it back to myself, relishing in the fact that I had accomplished a musical masterpiece.