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Tom Clancy's Twilight: Red Storm Rising

What if Tom Clancy had written Twilight? All the drama of Bella and Edward plus a Russian Invasion.


1. Chapter 1 and 2

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It was a cold and dreary day in the small town of Forks, Washington. Bella Swan was slumping lazily in her chair at the back of her biology classroom, listening to her professor drone on. To tell the truth, the problem wasn’t that Bella’s professor was boring, the problem was Edward. Edward was a cute boy sitting in front of Bella, there was something cold and enigmatic about him- Bella was fascinated with this boy, she was inexplicably drawn to him.
“Bella? Hello?” Her teacher’s voice reeled Bella back to reality.
“We’re waiting on you Ms. Swan- please enlighten us.”
“Uhhh...” Bella tried to answer.
“Bella if you can’t even tell me what chlorophyll is, you’re going to have a hard time passing this class.” her teacher responded. Everyone giggled and Bella looked down at her desk to hide her shame.
“Ok Bella, time to redeem yourself, what is the basic unit of life?” asked her teacher.
It was on the tip of Bella’s tounge, “Uhhh...” she began but was interrupted by the bell signaling the end of the period.
“Saved by the bell,” said her teacher “I’ll see you all tomorrow- study, study, study!”

Bella was at her locker putting away her things getting ready to head to her lunch period, she felt a chill run down her spine and felt a cold breath on her shoulder- “Hey” said Edward, who had just appeared next to her. He was so pale and shiny- Bella’s heart raced faster than the light passing through his translucent skin.
“Um, are you okay?” Edward asked. She just realized that she had been blankly staring at him the whole time, she was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.
“It’s okay,” said Edward “listen, I know that you’re kind of struggling in Biology and so am I. Actually I’ve failed every quiz so far except for the circulatory system, which I aced, but anyway... I was thinking maybe we could get together later and study for the anatomy quiz on friday?”
Bella’s racing heart screeched to a halt. Edward wanted to study anatomy with HER? She was frozen in time. A wave of emotion washed over her. Was he into her? What did he mean study anatomy? Study her anatomy? Did he want to make love to her? Did she want to make love to him? Is he just interested in her body? Would she want to go that far with him? What if she wasn’t ready? Would he be upset and study somebody else’s anatomy? And if he is the kind of guy that would be upset would she really want him? Oh God, not again, she’d realized she just been staring at him again and needed to come up with an answer quick-
Again she was interrupted by the passing period bell, signaling the start of class.
“Alright, well, I have to get to class. Look, just come find me later if you want to study- we can go over to your house or something” Edward said as he flitted off down the corridor. Bella’s eyes were hypnotized, they followed him through the dispersing crowd, until he seemed to vanish into thin air like a wisp of smoke.

And suddenly, Bella was alone in the corridor. She had never felt so alone in her whole life, she still had goosebumps from that convers- something was wrong, the passing period bell was still ringing. Had it actually been ringing for this long? This didn’t seem right- was she imagining it? Bella’s jaw dropped with a shocking realization- that wasn’t the passing period bell, it was the air raid siren.

At that moment three Russian Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers were traveling Mach I on a course bearing directly over Forks towards Seattle. These massive bombers each carried 100 tonnes of explosive payload- all of which would be delivered to its target. The series of booms that Bella heard we’re not bombs being dropped however, they were the sonic-booms of F16’s scrambling to intercept the bombers, but they were too far behind. All anyone could really do at this point was to pray that this was just the Russians throwing their weight around with another NATO airspace violation- the United States was now at DEFCON 2 for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was one DEFCON short of where they should have been. Seattle was firebombed into dust along with Los Angeles, and New York. The Russians were invading on both coasts. One of the places they landed was La Push. From La Push they had many objectives on their fight inward- including capturing nearby airports to advance aerial superiority- one such important airfield was located in Forks, Washington.

Chapter 2: For The Rodna

It just so happens that Forks Highschool was the designated emergency shelter- the town utilized it in case of disasters: fires, floods, hurricanes, and apparently in case of invasions. Considering America hasn’t fought a foreign enemy on her soil since the revolution, nobody was exactly sure what to do, but for now, the whole town was coming to seek refuge at the school, they couldn’t exactly evacuate, where would they go? The big crater that used to be Seattle?

The National Guard had been mobilized, but there were more important issues, the small town of Forks was next to defenseless, save for a few volunteer guardsmen who were working on fortifying the school. Obviously this group of 20+ citizen-soldiers wasn’t enough to protect against a full battalion of professional soldiers, the plan was to surrender when the Russians showed up- but the Russians weren’t interested in taking prisoners.

Bella and her family were crammed in the auditorium with the rest of the town. It was a brightly lit room with amphitheater seating. Of course, her dad was complaining about the food- always complaining about something. The rest of the town seemed to be there to- there was a very worried, jittery, atmosphere and the nervous ambiance was starting to become toxic to Bella. She was feeling uneasy and suffocated, to make matters worse, Mrs. Moriarty, her biology professor, was strutting towards her. “Charlie, Renée, Bella- how are you guys doing? Is there anything I can get you?”
“You can get us out of here- this is unbelievable!” said Bella’s father, “I mean un-fucking believable.”
“Now Mr. Swan, there is no need for that type of language-” Bella’s teacher beagan.
“Uh...” She sighed to herself, she hated when her dad got like this, now he was going to cause a scene in front of everyone. It was hard enough being a new student, let alone being embarrassed in front of the whole school.

She saw Edward sitting alone in the corner of the amphitheater like bleachers- where was his family? The whole town was supposed to report to the shelter or even if they weren’t coming shouldn’t they at least take Edward with them if they were going somewhere else? Bella didn’t think it was likely his family had been killed. She wanted to go talk to him so she began to stand up, but her father grabbed her arm.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked with unusual force.
“Ow! You’re hurting me!” Bella gasped. She looked at her arm and when she looked back up Edward was standing there.
“Don’t hurt her.” Edward stated cooly to Charlie Swan. His confident words, the resolve in his voice, his whole demeanor made Bella melt like butter. She shrunk in her father’s grip.
“What are you? Her boyfriend?” quipped Mr. Swan.
“Maybe I am” responded Edward, and with that, for the second time today, she was frozen in the moment without a beating heart. What did he mean? Obviously they weren’t dating, I mean, she definitely felt a chemistry but her boyfriend? What audacity that boy has. They had never even exchanged more than a few words! Uh-oh... her father was rolling up his sleeves. Bella’s mother stepped in- “Charlie...” she said irritatedly. Mr. Swan closed his eyes and tensed up before letting out a long sigh and relaxing.
“Oka-” Then the power cut.

Everyone was in complete darkness and nobody was moving, the whole auditorium was holding their breath. Somebody that Bella didn’t recognize began talking “Okay, the powers out, don’t panic anyone- I’ll find a flash light.”
Then there was a loud thud.
“What the flying fuck was that?” Mr. Swan whispered.
The thud came again.
Bella heard something metal roll across the ground, suddenly there was a blinding light and a deafening kaboom. Everything went white. Bella’s ears were ringing. Off in the very far distance Bella heard the distinct sound of automatic weapons fire. Her vision was starting to come back as the effects of the flashbang wore off. The world seemed like it was spinning, everything was so bright and there were streaks off light everywhere. As her eyes adjusted further she realized that those streaks of light were tracer rounds being fired into the auditorium- there was a group of Spetsnaz emptying their clips into the crowd, the sound was back now too and it was so loud. Bella realized after regaining her senses that she was slung over Edwards back, he was carrying her across his shoulder. The world was spinning and everything was so loud, Bella’s mind wouldn’t let her register all of this information. She saw the ground flying by beneath Edward’s feet. She looked up, Bella saw her father back in the crowd, running. He was waving his arm and shouting something, Bella couldn’t hear but his lips seemed to be saying “Keep going! You’re almost out! Go!”
All this was happening in slow motion. All of this had to be a mistake. Mr. Swan turned his head around, still shouting, when a 7.26mm round entered his temporal lobe at 830 meters per second. The grey matter formerly known as his brain was splashed in a mosaic pattern, covering the surrounding crowd. In laymen’s terms- his head exploded like a firecracker in a watermelon. Her father’s headless body continued moving forward until it had folded onto the ground and was flattened by rest of the crowd. “NO!” Bella tried to cry out, but she was blacking out. Everything was fading to black. She wouldn’t let that happen- she had to stay conscious, she had to go back for her dad, he couldn’t be dead, it was impossible. Bullets were raining down on the crowd, cutting people in half. Their screams were more deafening to Bella than the shots. She fainted.