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Tom Clancy's Twilight: Red Storm Rising

What if Tom Clancy had written Twilight? All the drama of Bella and Edward plus a Russian Invasion.


2. Chapter 3

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Bella awoke from a dreamless sleep, it felt as if she had just awoken from anesthesia. The ground was cold on her face and colder still were the violent echoes ringing in her head. She shuddered and opened her eyes- she was staring up through a swampy treetop canopy into the clear blue sky. It was all a dream she thought, please God, if you’re there, let this be a bad dream. She rolled onto her side and saw a Kalashnikov Assault Rifle lying on the ground next to her. The strange writing on it “i7;l6;k3;l9;m0;k4;kl5;l5;l6;l9;m0;n i0;lk2;l9;l5;l6;l1; h0;ll4;l0;l0;” solidified the reality of the situation. She rolled onto her back and sighed, then she closed her eyes tightly, and hoped it would all go away. When she opened them again she Edward’s eyes staring into her own, her face only a few inches from his.

“Sleep well?” He asked her with a confident grin.
He seemed very calm. Calm to the point of apathy even, and this irritated Bella greatly. Didn’t he realize the gravity of this situation?
“What is wrong with you? Are you honestly smiling right now?” She almost yelled at him.
“Keep your voice down! Someone could hear us!” he sneered. “I was just happy to see you were okay is all. Is this really the thanks I get for saving your life? I rescued you from the gymnasium and killed nearly half a dozen Russian patrols to keep you safe.”
“You killed people?” Bella was startled.
“Yeah, and I got you this souvenir.” Edward motioned towards the gun, he had a similar one slung over his back. “Maybe I can teach you how to use it if we find time, right now we have to keep moving. If we want to stay alive we’re going to have to find my family, I hope to God they are where I think they are... and sorry about your dad.”

Edward’s face twitched with these final words. He wasn’t very sure how to deal with this, he saw death in a very differently than Bella did. He couldn’t really imagine how she was feeling, he could never know what Charlie had meant to her. He wanted to let her know that he was sorry and that he was there for her, but he couldn’t find the words, so instead they kept moving.

Bella had so many questions. How did Edward kill those soldiers? He was just a boy wasn’t he? What was so safe about Edwards family? Where was the rest of Bella’s family? What had happened to her mom? Had she escaped? Bella didn’t remember seeing what happened to her mother in the crowd. She must have been separated from her dad. Bella’s head was burning. Although, on a sadistically bright note, at least she got to spend some time with the boy of her dreams. She would find answers to these question’s later, for now, she brushed herself off, picked up the rifle, and followed Edward into the brush. They moved through forests and fields and brush- all the time Edward was leading several paces in front. He was very attentive to his surroundings, listening at all times, scanning for motion in the distance or through the trees. Often times they would encounter tracks that looked like they were made by heavy vehicles that had plowed through sections of forest. Then Edward would signal for her to stop and he would just crouch low to the Earth and pause for awhile, making sure that all was clear. Making sure that they were free from danger.

Bella must have slept all night and awoken in the morning, because they had been walking for what seemed like forever and the sun was still perched on high. Bella didn’t allow her thoughts to wander. She stayed focused on her path, her eyes fixed on Edward’s back. She tried not to think about death, about the unknown fate of her mother, and she tried to suppress her desire for Edward. She watched him steer purposefully through the forest, the sun broken by canopy sparkling on his back, she tried not to think about his skin or his lips or his abs or- he had stopped suddenly and was raising his fist, signaling for her to stop. Bella felt the icy grip of fear clutch her body. Edward was silent for a moment and then crouched down.
“What is it?” Bella whispered with a painful sense of desperation.
He turned towards her and walked back over to her, silently and staying low.
“I think I hear a patrol coming this way- my guess is seven or so heading from north of us.”
“But I don’t hear anything”
“Shh- listen closely”
Bella held her breath and closed her eyes. She focused with her hearing. Bella heard nothing. In fact, she was almost frightened to hear the forest this quiet, usually it was alive with birds or insects of some kind. And then she heard it. The faintest decibels of human vocies, but she couldn’t hear what they were saying. She was about to lose her shit, but was calmed when she opened her eyes and saw how relaxed Edward looked.
“Okay, don’t panic” he said softly. “Obviously they don’t expect anything out here or they wouldn’t be chatting. Im going to get a vantage point in this tree- so I can take them out if need be. The best thing is to let them pass though, but just in case. Here, you lay prone behind that mossy log over there on the right. Just stay cool, stay quiet, and everything will be alright- I promise.”

Bella followed his instructions and hid herself behind a large log. She didn’t see which tree he had climbed into, but she really wished he were closer. She felt alone. Alone again. She couldn’t hear them anymore but knew they were out there. All she could hear was her own breathing- she had to control her breathing or it might give her away, she thought to herself. That just made her more nervous and made her breathe harder. She held her breath and tried to listen- she could hear the voices know and footsteps crunching dry leaves on the forest floor too.

She could almost make out what they were saying, but it probably wasn’t in English anyway so why bother trying. Edward had been right- they were surely going to pass nearby to the left of her. She again felt the cold embrace of fear. It was becoming familiar to her. She tried to calm herself, but it wasn’t working. She could feel goosebumps on her arms and chills coursing her veins. Damn it! Where was Edward! Why couldn’t they just have hid together? The voices were maybe a hundred feet off. It sounded like a lot of them. Bella began to whimper- no matter how hard she willed herself she couldn’t control herself. It was as if she has lost all motor control and was watching the whole thing from afar. She felt tremors and convulsions rippling through her cold body, she was helpless, and as the soldiers came nearer she felt more and more afraid. There voices were very clear now and Bella had never been more terrified in her life as she struggled to control herself. She was manic. She had no idea where they were now, she had lost track of them while struggling to pull herself together. “Come on Bella! Hold it together!” she thought to herself. She thought of Edward, her guardian, her protector, her white knight, and she began to retake control. He wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her! She didn’t understand why, but she knew that somehow, with Edward there, everything would be okay. She was in control again, but still had no concept of where the soldiers might be. She held her breath and listened for them. Silence.

Then came the snap of a footstep- it was on the other side of the log. Bella tensed up. Then she felt something cold and iron jam into her side. It was all happening so fast. One of the Russian soldiers had rolled her over onto her back with the barrel of his gun. Bella was now looking up at a group of men all pointing their guns right down on her. Bella felt panic take control as her face contorted in horror and her vocal chords spasmed to begin a scream. As the scream was leaving her throat a hail of gunfire rained down on them. Bella’s scream came as several of the men crumpled to the ground like rag dolls. She turned back over and covered her head, ducking under the cover of the log. The man closest to her was emptying his clip into the treetops. He fired until he had to reload. As he reloaded he searched the tree branches with his eyes, trying to figure out where the bullets had come from. The soldier heard a branch snap above him- his gaze snapped upward and started automatically firing in the direction of the noise as something fell out of the trees and landed directly onto him. There was a loud thud with another snap and then silence.

After a short while Bella looked up to see if all was celar. She saw Edward hunched over top of the man’s corpse. He heard her move and he looked over to see what the noise was. Bella felt horrified when their gazes met. Edward’s mouth was covered in blood. Edward stood up, calm in his eyes, and gazed at Bella. Wiping off his face, he said “There’s something I need to tell you about myself.”