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Love Poems

Some saying I have put on with Bella, Edward and some others in. This is my first time writing on this website so please tell me what you think.

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1. The poams

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Edward: I love 3 things.

Bella: What do you love?

Edward: The sun, the stars and you.

Bella: The sun?

Edward: For a day.

Bella: The stars?

Edward: For a night.

Bella: Me?

Edward: You... You forever

Bella: And i'll love you forever as well!


Edward: Love is love.

Bella: I know.

Edward: Love is you.

Bella: Is it?

Edward: I love, I love.

Bella: Who?

Edward: So I love you!


Emmett: HA! I win! I made her smile first!

Bella: I'm not smiling.

Emmett: Yes you are!

Bella: No i'm not i'm trying NOT to laught.

Jasper: I win! It was to smile not to laught bet!

Emmett: But,but.....

Bella: Emmett do you know how stupid you look?

Edward: Bella dont be silly he's always looked like that!


Angela: Did you know if you spell EMO backwards it spells OME?

Jessica: For Oh My Edward?

Angela: Yer, Oh Edward why cant you be mine?!


Reneesme: Lets have a club password, it'll be fun.

Lizzy: Good idea Reneesme.

Reneemse: Lets start by saying, I look at my friends.

Lucy: Then I look at myself.

Sammy: Without my buds where would i be?

Abigail: My friends,

Chloe: My sisters,

Emma: My shadows,

Molly: My world.

Reneesme: Where would I be without my girls?

Sammy: The giggles and tears,

Chloe: The smiles and laughts,

Lucy: The late night texts,

Emma: And photographs.

Lizzy: We'll be there together,

Molly: Untill our last day,

Sammy: Because...

Reneesme: Best girlies forever, just won't fade away!

Abigail: I like it.

Lizzy: I think we all do!


Jacob: If luck is a raindrop, I give you a hour.

Reneesme: Er, thanks?

Jacob: If hope is a minute, I give you a hour.

Reneesme: O.K.

Jacob: If love if a leaf, I give you a tree.

Reneesme: We could do with some trees.

Jacob: And if you need a friend, you'll always have me!

Reneesme: The same for you Jake.


Carlisle: May your troubles be less,

Esme: Your blessings more,

Carlisle: And nothing but happiness,

Esme: Come though your door.

Bella and Edward: Thank you.