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Bella is a Vampire and living happily with Edward and her family in Kentucky...On their first day of school, Bella smells another coven of Vampires... In the coven, one vampire looks so familiar, its like looking in a mirror...So when he claims to be her brother, painfull memories assult Bella... But when he is attacked, leaving him on the verge of death, Bella will do anything to save her brother...Even risk her own life...

It's really Post-Twilight Ignoring New Moon!

1. Chapter 1 - A New Scent

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I smiled dreamily, looking around at the forest just outside my window. “Bella,” Esme’s voice came from down stairs, she was talking in a normal tone but I could still hear.

“Yea,” I asked, turning to look at my huge room. In the middle was a huge bed with a black and purple silk comforter. The walls were painted purple and on one side they were covered with rows upon rows of CDs. Edward’s CDs.

“Honey, you only have got ten minutes until the first bell rings.” She said, coming up the stairs. “Everyone else is already at school.” I sighed and nodded. I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs, kissing Esme on the cheek, on my way out. I smiled, stopping to admire my new car. It was a slick, purple Dodge Viper. I adored it! Sliding in, I started it and pulled out of the dirt driveway. Williamsburg, Kentucky reminded me a lot of Forks, and at the same time they were totally different. Williamsburg was green but in a beautiful way. It wasn’t just green; it was red and blue, gold and purple, colors of all the beautiful flowers. It was warm too, but it rained all the time and every time it rained, there was thunder and lightning, so we could play baseball all the time!

I turned onto the main road and punched the gas. I used to hate driving fast but not anymore! Then, I caught my reflection in my mirror and had to slow down real quick. I still wasn’t used to the familiar stranger that had become me when I had turned into a vampire. I cringed as I remembered the horrible pain I had went through for three days. But it had been worth it, I reminded myself. A wolf howl sliced through my mental tirade. It sounded so close, for a second I panicked, wondering if there was a reservation near-by that we didn’t know about. Then I realized it was my phone. Jacob was calling…again… I don’t know how many times this made it. I pressed ignore, feeling an acute stab of pain where my heart had been.

I had only been changed for a couple months now, and by all rights I shouldn’t be allowed near humans. But I was different. Humans didn’t smell good to me, the way they smelled to Jasper or anyone else in the family for that matter. They smelled a lot like poison and mud. Werewolves smelled like wet dog and each vampire had a specific smell unique to them. I sighed as I pulled into the little school parking lot. I drove slowly, looking for the familiar silver Volvo, smiling when I saw Edward and the rest of my family. Pulling up next to them and the Volvo, I parked and hopped out, totally forgetting my backpack and walked swiftly towards Edward and our family. Edward turned as I approached, like he could sense I was there, and smiled my favorite crooked grin. He wrapped his arms around me as I stopped in front of him, pulling me closer to him. Now it was my turn to grin.

“Hey babe,” then his lips were against mine in such a cold passion it made me shiver. He gently bit my lip then let me go, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Jasper and Emmett laughed as they looked past Edward’s shoulder; Edward didn’t turn around, but cockily grinned. I turned to look behind him too. All I saw were two boys, talking to each other. One was tall with brown hair and deep brown eyes. His body was muscular and fit. I could tell just from the way he stood that he was used to being the hottest guy around, but wasn’t cocky or arrogant about it. The other boy has black hair and gorgeous blue eyes, he was muscular and tall too, but he looked shyer than the other boy. I guess they were both very attractive…for humans. I focused on listening to what they were saying. The brown haired boy was speaking.

“Told you she had to have a boyfriend, Matt,” He was saying to the boy with black hair. Matt smiled and shrugged.

“Too bad for you then, huh, Erin” He laughed and jokingly hit the other boy’s shoulder. Erin grinned and looked my way, saw that I was looking and winked. Jasper and Emmett laughed louder, and I used them as my excuse for looking away. If I could still blush…I would have. I heard Edward growl low in his throat and I had to laugh too.

“Nah, man, I could still get a date with her, just wait,” Erin was saying to Matt. I rolled my eyes and pouted up at Edward.

“You only kissed me because of some jealous teenagers, I’m hurt Edward,” I said, pretending to look hurt (making Emmett and Jasper, who just thought all this was hilarious, laugh again). Edward wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again, and as always I couldn’t resist. I moved my hands slowly up his cold chest to knot in his hair as his intoxicating scent surrounded me. I moaned quietly as he bit my lip and kissed me back.

“Get a room,” Emmett roared, laughing! I sighed as I pulled away from Edward.

“Way to ruin the mood there, Emmett,” I said hitting his arm. His sharp intake of breath and pouting face let me know I had hit him too hard with my newborn strength and all. I grinned mischievously as he rubbed where I had hit him.

“Don’t be such a baby, Emmett!” I said, teasingly. Emmett growled.

“Take that back, I am NOT a baby,” He started to come tackle me but, Rosalie and Alice walked up from the office holding some papers.

“Here are our schedules,” Alice chimed as she danced over to Jazzy and kissed his cheek, then handed us our schedules. I sighed, looking at my schedule miserably.

“I can’t believe I have to go through school all over again,” I muttered as the bell rang. Alice, Edward and I were supposed to be sophomores. Yea right! And Rose, Emmett, and Jazzy were supposed to be juniors. Again, YEA RIGHT! But whatever, I was…content to say the least! I tried not to smell all the icky humans while making sure it looked like I was still breathing! Edward grabbed my hand and walked me too my first class, which was Biology. Icky! He kissed me, looking slightly amused and left to go to his class. I walked in, in all my vampire glory, even doing a little hair flip, just for affect. I found people’s reactions to vampires very amusing. Alice had made me wear high heels, since it was the first day of school and Rose had made me curl my hair and put some cute make up on, while Alice picked out an “acceptable outfit for the first vampire to dress the way cardboard tasted…horrible” and I believe those were her exact words. My teacher and everyone else in the class turned to stare as I walked up to his desk. The teacher was very young; this was probably only his second year of teaching. He was attractive, with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He smiled, not noticing my vampire looks and nodded.

“Ah, you must be one of the Cullens that just moved here, correct?” He asked politely. This was the part I hated most…introductions. But I smiled and nodded.

“Yea, I’m Bella.” I said, scanning the class for an empty seat in the back, which I was relieved to find.

“Excellent you can find a seat and we will start class.” He said and I nodded going to the back desk. I had just sat down when I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey Bella, I’m Erin.” He said flashing me a cocky grin as I turned slowly to face him. Be polite I heard my mind saying to me in much the same patronizingly tone Esme used sometimes! I smiled dazzlingly.

“Hey it’s nice to meet you,” I replied, turning to face him. He smiled and winked. I laughed and smiled, then turned back to “pay attention” to the teacher. Towards the middle of class Erin spoke up again.

“So you and that boy that walked you here, are you guys related?” He asked casually but I could hear the other question he wasn’t asking, were you kissing your brother? I had to laugh quietly.

“Oh, definitely not, my real name is Bella Swan; all of us Cullens were adopted.” I laughed lightly and he looked down, looking slightly embarrassed, which made me feel bad.

“Don’t feel bad, it’s a common misconception, but really I am not related to any of the people I live with.” I smiled and he nodded smiling. After that, class was a breeze! Edward came to walk me to my next class, growling in the general direction of where Erin had been. I rolled my eyes and together, we walked to my Spanish class.

My teachers name was Mrs. Mayfield. She seemed really nice and helpful. Again I sat in the back, next to Matt this time. He only said hi then let me sit in silence.

After the bell, Edward was there again. We walked to my Honors English class, and then he kissed me and went to his P.E. class.

My English teacher’s name was Mr. Ross. He was a strict, old man, who I didn’t like on sight. He reminded me of an old wrinkled crocodile! Nasty! I had always been a fan of English and this was no different. We were starting off with the Odyssey!

It was about halfway through class when a girl who had been at the nurse’s office walked in, and handed an excused tardy slip to the teacher. As the door closed behind her, a scent reached my nose. It smelled like cinnamon, and some other sharp spice I couldn’t put my finger on. It didn’t smell like any of the vampires I had become so accustomed too. It was a different vampire…a possibly dangerous vampire. Panic and worry gripped my still-heart like an icy cold hand. What if they had already gotten to my family…? Was my family in danger?? I could feel myself hyperventilating, even though I didn’t need to breathe. It was a nervous habit. In my head I saw Alice, pixie-like and fragile, being cornered, by herself in a dark corner, a group of menacing, red-eyed, vampires approaching her, as she glared at them, stepping farther into the corner. I shook myself. No! I wouldn’t think like that! I just had to find my family…before the worse happened…