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Bella is a Vampire and living happily with Edward and her family in Kentucky...On their first day of school, Bella smells another coven of Vampires... In the coven, one vampire looks so familiar, its like looking in a mirror...So when he claims to be her brother, painfull memories assult Bella... But when he is attacked, leaving him on the verge of death, Bella will do anything to save her brother...Even risk her own life...

It's really Post-Twilight Ignoring New Moon!

2. Chapter 2 -- A Familiar Surprise

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Whatever the teacher has been droning on about had not even entered my head and I suddenly didn’t care. My hand shot up and the teacher made a dramatic sigh.

“Yes Ms. Cullen, what is it?” He asked, clearly exasperated. I smiled as politely as I could.

“I was wondering if I may run to the bathroom real quick.” I asked, smiling. He nodded and waved a hand to the door.

“Yes, yes, hurry Ms. Cullen,” He said as I stood and walked quickly to the door. I stepped out, shut the door then looked around cautiously. I knew Jazzy’s class was only down the hall.

I walked down the hall as slowly as I could bear, thinking how panicked and scared for my family I was. Fear was bubbling in my heart as I thought of what could have happened already. The other vampires could have already found out we were here and they could be planning an attack on us at this moment!

All of a sudden, a door behind me opened. I spun around, fearing the worst. I almost fell over from relief when Jasper stepped out of his class room. Jasper and I had gotten really close since I had become a vampire. I knew I had been a let-down though. He had been hoping that I would at least struggle with blood the way he did, although he would never say that out loud and was constantly encouraging me. So I felt like he was the brother I never had…

“Jazzy!” I said, running over to him and throwing my arms around him in a hug. “I am so relieved to see you!” He laughed.

“Yea, I know, remember?” He said, and suddenly I felt really calm. I rolled my eyes. His gift wasn’t really fair all the time. “Now,” he said getting serious, “why are you so scared?” I took a deep breath, still feeling calm. I relayed the whole smelling-a-new-vampire story to Jazzy. His face looked graver as I relayed the story.

“We could be encroaching on their territory…this could be bad. But I don’t think any of us are in immediate danger, go back to class, stay calm, don’t draw attention. We’ll go back to the house for lunch and tell Carlisle.” He said and I nodded. He stopped using his gift on me and I felt the familiar panic and worry for my family rise. Jasper gave me a stern look. I smiled sheepishly, and my panic subsided substantially. He kissed the top of my head and ruffled my hair like I was a two year old who had gotten scared of the “monster in her closet”. I huffed at him, smoothing down my hair and walking back to class.

“Thanks for rejoining us, Ms. Cullen,” The wrinkly old crocodile said as I walked back into class. I nodded and walked back to my seat in the back. If I used to think my algebra class droned on when I was human, I was just being silly. This class seemed to be the longest class of my life!! Geez!!

Finally the bell rang, and I practically jumped from my chair, and ran out the door and straight into Alice, Jasper and Edward. I giggled nervously and took Alice’s and Edward’s hands. It was apparent by the look on their faces that Jasper had filled them in. Together, the four of us went to the back door of the lunchroom, waiting for Rose and Emmett. When they joined us, Edward told them about everything. After that it was like all three guys were in super protective mode. Edward had his arm firmly wrapped around my shoulder and I could already hear him growling. Jasper held Alice’s hand and looked around like a hungry lion. Hehe, it was enough to make me want to laugh. Emmett looked more relaxed than the other two but he had an air about him that made him seem even more dangerous than normal. His eyes constantly scanned the surroundings before darting back to Rose. All the girls just looked at each other and giggled. We stepped into the cafeteria and it seemed like everyone was staring at us, curious as to whom the new Cullens were. As we walked by the whispers started. No doubt about how all of us were “together” and underage and lived in the same house. For the sake of the humans, we got in line to buy our food. As we waited in line for the food we were never going to eat, I smelled cinnamon, and wondered what they were serving for lunch.

“I love the smell of cinnamon, it reminds me of home,” I said absently, leaning in to Edward. I felt him tense and share a look with Jasper and Emmett. Jasper cleared his throat.

“Didn’t you say that vampire smelled like cinnamon, Bella?” Edward ask, his voice sounding strained. That’s when I tensed, inhaling deeply. The scent clicked in my brain and I knew I had smelled it before.

“Yea, it’s him.” I whispered, leaning closer into Edward, slightly afraid of the new scent and the vampire that came with it. Edward’s arms wrapped around me tightly, as the cafeteria doors opened. The cinnamon scent increased, along with a whole other array of spices and scents, like a tangy citrus scent, a spicy pepper scent, and others. It was a very big coven, maybe even bigger than ours…

The vampires walked in, there were seven of them. The one in front had chocolate brown hair and muggy brown eyes. They were wearing contacts to hide their red eyes. The one trailing behind him was small and pixie-like but nothing like Alice. She didn’t dance around in perfect grace. She seemed to trudge around, always pouting. Her eyes were a creepy violet, the affects of red eyes and blue contacts. She had long brown hair and of course the vampire trademark of pale skin. Beside her was a mountain. Not literally but it was a huge guy, maybe bigger than Emmett, with shaggy, sandy, blonde hair and a weird yellowish green eyes. I could already see Emmett sizing him up. Behind him, a girl twitched up. I say twitched because she shook her butt like there was no tomorrow. A soft trilling laugh floated out of her perfectly red, full lips, as she winked at one of the human boys sitting near-by. She had super long black hair, curled to perfection and the same muggy brown eyes as the first man. I heard Rosalie scoff under her breath. She was flanked on either side by two boys who looked exactly the same to me. They were tall and muscular, with blonde hair that brushed their eyes. They had chiseled features and the only differences between the two were their eyes. The one on the left of the girl had the creepy violet eyes and the one on the right had the yellowish green eyes. A few feet behind them, another man loped in. I say loped because he reminded me of a wolf, in the same way Jasper reminded me of a lion. He had shaggy, long black hair and he seemed very much like a loner. He was tall and very muscular, but seemed quiet and thoughtful, but at the same time caged and dangerous. He was the only one to not bother with the contacts. He had the creepiest, brightest red eyes, I’d ever seen.

As they walked from across the cafeteria, I let out a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. If this was their entire coven, theirs wasn’t as big as ours. As I let out the breath, the man in front looked up sharply, his eyes scanning the cafeteria then coming to rest on us. He studied us curiously, almost friendly. His eyes went first, from Emmett, to Rose, to Jasper, to Alice, to Edward, and finally to me. As his muggy brown eyes met my golden topaz eyes, they widened and he looked surprised, shocked, happy, and confused. He turned to his coven and whispered something. They all turned and walked to an empty table in the corner of the room, the black haired girl lingering, smiling seductively at the brown-eyed boy. He turned away from her, whispering something to her. She walked away, fuming mad and pouting. He walked slowly towards us, his eyes flickering to all of us but always lingering on me. It made me nervous and I fought the urge to squirm under his eyes. And don’t think Edward didn’t notice; he pulled me closer, growling protectively. The brown-eyed boy smiled, at Edward and continued to walk. The way he was approaching us reminded me of someone approaching an injured wild animal, walking slowly as not to spook it. He was only a few feet from us when he stopped. His eyes locked on me and he inhaled deeply, and then bit his lip. The next words out of his mouth shocked me completely.

“Bella?” He asked, talking a step towards me. My eyes widened in shock that he knew my name. Poor Edward had had enough. He grabbed my arm and walked me swiftly out of the cafeteria, our coven following closely behind us. We reached the parking lot and Edward felt it was safe enough to pause here for a second. He pulled us away from everyone else who was looking at me curiously. I looked up into my angel’s face. He looked hurt.

“Bella, who was that,” He said, trying, and failing, to keep the hurt out of his voice. I smiled up at him, brushing my hand through his hair softly.

“I honestly don’t know. He looks familiar but I don’t have a clue who he is.” I said, trying my best to comfort him, hating any second he was in pain. He still didn’t look satisfied, so I jokingly hit him.

“Aw come on babe, I swear he isn’t some kind of ex-lover I never told you about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in my life!” I smiled and stood on my tippy-toes to kiss his nose gently. He laughed and wrapped his arms around me kissing me fiercely. And when he pulled away, he kept his arms tight around me. I smiled up at him, and then I felt him tense. Frowning I looked around, trying to see what was upsetting him again. Edward released me so I could turn around. There was that other vampire making his way towards us.

“Bella! I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you, or your mate.” He said as he approached us. “It’s just…I missed you so much, you must be thinking you’re crazy right now but it’s me. It’s really me Bells!” He said smiling a huge happy grin, but it was laced with pain. I glanced at Edward who was staring at the guy like he was the crazy one. His smiled faltered.

“You don’t remember me?” He asked, his voice seeming strained. I took a deep breath, getting ready to break the truth to Mr. Crazy!

“Truthfully, I have NO idea who you are…I’ve never seen you before in my life! I mean, you just show up here like you know who I am and like we’re best friends, but I don’t have a clue. Sorry,” I said simply. His smile faded completely and he looked like he was thinking hard. Then realization dawned on his face. He chuckled like he thought something was funny, and shook his head.

“Silly Bells, we were more than best friends,” he said looking at me and I could practically feel Edward’s hurt. I opened my mouth to disagree vehemently, but he continued.

“I’m your brother!” And even though I was a vampire, I fell right over.