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The Secret UNderground World of Vampires

okay, so i know every1 knows edward should be gay, so yeah he is now. and my character is an awesome freaky hybrid witch and they fall in love and love conquers all.

so yeah edward meets kale when kale tackles him in biology when edward tries to eat bella. just so you know, i am totally ignoring bella in this one. except for the first page of the story, she does not exist. if you are offended by this then dont read it but let me tell you you are missing some exciting shiznit.

2. I'm Not Gay!

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I grinned as I noticed all the books spread out around Edward, three open and one in his hands. He had decimated my library in all of six hours. I was impressed. It had taken me the better part of a month to read one of those books.

"Have you even gone home?" I asked, curious.
He looked away, embarrassed. "Well, no," he said, and I got the feeling that if he could have blushed, he would have.
"Your family will be wanting an update," I reminded him, though I really didn't want him to leave. He was so sexy...
He raised his eyebrows and I blushed. I would have to remember how to shield my mind again. I would have to brush up on a lot of things. All of the Cullens would probably want to know about everything I knew, which meant at least one or more of them would be wanting magic lessons...
I sighed as I realized I had a whole bunch of work ahead of me. In my heart, I think I'd always known one of the Cullens would figure out my secret, but I had been reluctant to move. I loved it in Forks. It was small, secluded, it had the most wonderful forests and I loved the rain. And Edward was hot.
I giggled at his uncomfortable look, and leaned closer, putting a seductive look on my face. "Like you've never thought about if before," I said in my smoothest, sexiest voice. The look on his face told be that yes, he had thought about it, and more than once. I slide off the bed and leaned even closer to him on his seat on the floor. "Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss another man?" I asked, letting my breath blow gently across his face, using just a tiny spark of magic to sway him. It was cheating, but hey, I was just messing with him. He turned his head so that we were barely inches apart, and all I would have to do was tilt my head just so, and our lips would touch...

He was toying with me and I knew it, but I couldn't bring myself to turn away. Somehow, I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted him to close that small distance between us, wanted to feel his lips against mine.
My eyes closed with a heady intoxication when his lips brushed oh-so-softly against mine and I sighed in bliss. This was right, this was how it was meant to be. I felt his arms come around me and I curled my fingers in his soft hair. I had never felt like this before. I had never been attracted to anyone the way I was attracted to Kale. He tasted sweet, like honey, and though I didn't need to breathe, I found myself gasping for air.
It suddenly hit me that I was kissing another boy, and that yes, I was gay. Shocked, I froze, and he pulled away. His eyes were hooded and dark, and there was a slight smirk on his face. Yep, that happened, he thought.
"I uh, I should b-be getting home," I blurted, standing and leaping out his window. I ran as fast as my legs would allow, his rumbling laughter ringing in my ears. Before I reached my house, I ran into Alice, and groaned inwardly. Of course she would have seen everything.
"I knew it," was all she said.
"I'm not gay," I muttered, though I knew it was a lie. I wanted Kale in a way I had never wanted anyone before. He entranced me, enthralled me, and I just couldn't stop thinking about how wrong this was. It was bad enough I was going to Hell for being a vampire, but did I have to be gay to? There was no way they'd let me in now.
I ran with Alice back to the house and found everyone waiting for me. They all had about twenty million questions and I answered them as best as I could, and presented Carlisle with the strands of hair Kale had given me.
"He says he has thirty-two pairs of chromosomes," I said. Carlisle's eyes were lit up with the thought of new information. When their curiosity was sated enough, I went to my room and played the loudest music in my collection and thought about Kale. He was undeniably sexy, and his eyes were dark and brooding, and wow I really was gay...