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All Things Fragile

Bella, a fragile and confused 21 year old is promised to marry James, a cruel man. All of this is something she has come to accept, fate has chosen to betray her heart. But in her sulking of her wedding that is quickly approaching, Bella has a collide with destiny, with a mysterious man named Edward. They say love conquers all! ...but even marriage? All Things Fragile eventually break!


1. Prologue

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Disclaimer: As much as I would have loved to come up with the idea of Twilight and its characters, I didn’t and they are not mine.


All Things Fragile

By: Sherree


“My heart lies somewhere between perfection and dust. And while my soul is a sight to behold, I shatter at the blink of an eye.” - Unknown



The morning sun slowly began to smile, sitting on a backdrop of beautiful pinks and dark blues. In the distance the Quileute River would embrace and kiss the coast of La Push’s pebbled beaches, before harshly pulling away. All though it would quickly return for another caress, as if it was unable to accept the notion of being alone. It was beautiful. Not because it was lovely to my eyes but rather to my soul, to my essence. It wasn’t just us, as humans, but even elements of Mother Nature who were constantly indecisive. They, them too, desired companionship … friendship ... affection ... and intimacy.

I took in a deep breath of the morning air while the enclave and enchanting winds carried me away. Lustfully the waters begged cunningly to kiss my toes and swallow my ankles. Surrendering to its will, I slowly stepped into the ocean’s chilly refreshing waters. The oceans cool waters weakened me and sent gentle chills through my petite body. Artfully yet tenderly the water convinces me my safety is not at risk, and I entrust the rest of my body to its demanding desire. Greedily, a wave swiftly hugs and engulfs my slender waist, at that same moment I feel a total selflessness of love wash over me.

An unexpected radiance of warmth burns from my core, influencing me to wrap my arms around and hold myself in an effort to keep it smoldering inside of me. It was something I could appreciate. I haven’t felt that type of loving warmth in what seemed like forever. Another cool wave wrapped around me with anxious and restive arms, before I even had a chance to appreciate the warmth, in all of its blazing glory. I was so tired of everything and everyone always being so envious, always trying to take and never give? Why couldn’t they realize that I was drained, there was nothing more I could give except for my physical being. I mean surely I had to keep something for myself, I should be able to claim my body as my own, or was that considered being selfish. I could no longer tell the difference, because rules, expectations, and boundaries were now being blurred.

That wave was different though; it bizarrely and gently smoothed all my rough edges, allowing the radiance to spread throughout my body. A hidden presence that was connected within the wave was holding me securely. With soothing fingers the wave caressed my body into a quiet repose as it pulled away. I let a soft sigh escape my barely parted lips as my eyes quietly lowered and closed. Although it was an unfamiliar, it reminded me of a soft tender touch.

The rising sun embraced my skin, trying to melt away the icy depths of my heart, entertaining me with a glistening, shimmering diamond dance upon the waters. Lulling my soul into a deep tranquility. The sweet soft serenity voice of the ocean disguised by the gentle whispers of the wind rustled against my hair, glided across my face, kissed my lips, and came to rest in my ear. It was like a sanctuary.

I noticed the sun resting on the open waters of the sky, encouraging my fears to melt away. “Have faith,” the winds whispered. I could feel the wind weaken, to a sleeping baby’s breathing; carrying the spirit of La Push that was beginning to awaken. Tears of resentment now burned and scratched at my cheeks. My tears still dripped sore for all the many nights I cried in the privacy of my bedroom. I wiped the tears away with the backside of my hand before turning and beginning towards the beach. I instantly stopped when I noticed a quiet onlooker, gazing at me from the distance. I wasn’t aware I was being watched, but then again there was hardly ever a point in time I wasn’t being watched, they just usually weren’t present to the naked eye.

He was a stranger, maybe a new hire, yet I couldn’t help but furrow my brows angrily, he had to be one of my fiancé’s “man servants,” sent to report every move and each breath I took. It’s absolutely sickening and disgusting! My eyes stabbed daggers into the stranger as I walked to my car, and my whole body trembled as a painful accusation vibrated through my chest and tried to escape from my lips, but for some odd reason nothing came. Maybe it was because of the way he stared compassionately out at me, with his beautiful features. His loving eyes burned through my soul with nothing but sympathy. His strong set chiseled cheek bones and perfectly sculpted nose did not exemplify vain, but rather humbleness. The corner of my mouth pulled up into a small sad smirk as I opened the door to the Mercedes Guardian and climbed in, shutting the door.

Once inside, I held my chest as the warmth vanished and the familiar iciness pulsated through my veins freezing my heart, once again. The reason I always held my chest was only because I was almost positive if my arms weren’t there my intense bitter heart would fall right out of me and shatter into a million pieces against the ground. My shattered heart would, expose everything that I kept sacred, to the world and especially to the ones who had already taken so much but yearned for more from me.

They had taken everything, gluttonous narrow-minded pigs! Now my life consisted of nothing more than countless meetings and conferences with the same fake pre-treacherous bastard smiles and talks of policy and procedure that I considered mindless chatter. People looking from the outside in would call me, Isabella Marie Swan an ungrateful and snobby bitch, considering I am given opportunities to travel around the world with my fiancé. I wouldn’t be surprised if they called me worse behind my back, but I can guarantee that they have never put themselves in my situation. All I ever get to see are the confined insides of many airplane interiors, which all look the same to me. At 20 years old, I was sentenced to a lifetime of looking out of numerous hotel bedroom windows for hours a day. This all happened the very moment I said “yes” to his proposal of eternal commitment. It’s been a year, and I am now 21, and if I could have a dollar for every time I hear the words, “this is done strictly for your safety,” I would be richer then my fiancé.

They need not worry about my safety with others, but more rather my safety with myself. I would sooner put a gun to my temple and pull the trigger myself in one of those fancy hotel bathrooms. But what does my opinion count for? Nothing. I fall asleep each night to the coldness of my fiancé’s bare back and wake up to the coldness of an empty bed and hotel room. Yes, I’m bitter. Yes I’m numb. And yes I’m alone. I have been screaming inside for some type of reprieve for a year now to the point that my actual vocal cords are damaged. All I needed is a warm pair of hands to reach out and pull mine from my chest. They needed to hug me; a hug alone is something that would make me remember I am human and alive. That I’m not simply a beautiful shelled walking cadaver, maybe that I was so much more than a shiny accessory for my fiancé to tote around on his arm. But who was I kidding, no one’s hands would attempted to grab for mine … I decide a while ago that no one cares … or even cares to notice.

I am fragile. I am hurt and broken with crippled anger, but in a way my arms held me together. The shell of my body is all I have left. I was just waiting for that to break.