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Truth In Music

Photobucket AU-AH. Slightly OOC. Bella Swan had always had a simple existence. School, work, and her music. She no longer had any living family members and the band was all she had left. That is all she had and that was all she ever wanted. After years of toiling away her and her band mates get their big break with Volterra records. The famous and dashing Carlisle Cullen and his equally famous and dashing son Emmett take them under their wings, knowing that their band Twilight is the next big thing. They had made their big break. Soon enough the Cullen’s fall in love with the lovely shy girl from small town Washington, well all but one Cullen. Edward. When Bella met Edward they both felt sparks. But that only lasted until Edward opened his mouth. Edward Cullen left the music business in his past to move on to a life in the film, but was that what he really holds in his heart. Can this girl from Forks help him find out what it really is that he wants? More importantly in the hard world of Hollywood can they have a happily ever after? Especially when Edward’s past comes back to haunt them. From Chapter four: “What?” I asked him wanting to know what he found humorous. “Nothing.” He said taking another sip of his wine. “No. What?” I pressed. He had been so standoffish I wanted to know why now he would suddenly find the conversation at hand laughable. “It just sound cliché don’t you think?” “What does?” “The over told discovery story…it was out of the blue…unexpected…” “It was.” “I’m not doubting that it was. However god knows the world doesn’t really need another band.” “Edward…” Esme tired to intercede. “What?” He asked his mother. “Don’t be rude.” She said quietly. “I’m being honest.” He said bluntly. “There are far too many bands out there already as far as I’m concerned, and each is less inventive in their ‘sound’ as the next.” “Excuse me?” I asked getting very deffesive. “Look I’m not saying that you aren’t very talented at what you do, but…” “Have you even heard us?” “No.” “Then you talk pretty big for someone who knows absolutely nothing about us.” I stood up. Unable to sit and listen to him any longer. “Carlisle, Esme, thank you for a lovely evening. It was a pleasure meeting you.” I said to Esme before turning to Emmett. “Em. Do you think you could drive me home now, before I do something I might regret.” I didn’t even wait for him to answer I just left the room and headed out to the car.

A story like this has been floating around in my head for like forever. I have the first few chapters written. I was really inspired to write by the amazing music of paramore. It’s the freaking best. On that note. This is my first attempt to write a fanfiction that’s a little OOC, but only slightly. Yes my Edward, and my Bella are different than the book in some ways, but alike in a lot of others. I hope you don’t mind. Things I own: one overused hp laptop, a new cell phone, a blue ipod nano, several new books from Meyer supercenter, a magazine about the new moon movie, a worn out airplane blanket, a pillow shaped like a cow, a cat named snickers, a dog named Jake, 8 new pairs of socks, a new stick of eyeliner, a cowboy hat, a tiara, a beta named Wolfgang. Things I don’t own: The characters that appear in the wonderful world of twilight…sigh…

1. Chapter 1 - Discovered

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“Alice.” I said to my best friend who ignored me completely. “Alice. You are driving me crazy here.” I reached out and pushed her outstretched hand away from me. “I look fine. You look fine. Rose looks fine. Jazz looks fine. We all look fine. Breath!” I said shaking her shoulders slightly. Finally she relaxed.

I knew why she was nervous. This day could be big for us, huge, career making. I looked around the room at my friends surrounding me. We had been together for years now. Ever sense Alice laid her eyes on Jasper, she knew she was in love, and I as the best friend and “responsible” chaperone was dragged from one place to the other that was when I had met Rosalie, Jasper’s twin sister. She was intimidating at first in all her blonde perfection, but we soon bonded over the fact that we found all the lovey-dovey crap completely hilarious. Now we were as close as sisters, which unfortunately left Jasper the lone man in this never ending sea of Estrogen. That was all when we were freshmen in High School. He was pretty good about it for the most part. In an effort to reclaim some man points Jazz had taken guitar lesions. Eventually Rose and I started going to. Alice was never one to be left out and started going to lessons to become a drummer, which was more than humorous, since she could barely see over the drum set, but she was a natural.

For years the four of us have been playing in a band that we started. It had started out as nothing really, just all of us goofing around showing off what we had learned, but then we got more serious about it. The only thing that was missing was the singer. I had made the drastic mistake of being caught singing one day before practice and I was elected to be the lead singer of the band, much to my dismay. I didn’t think I was any good, but everyone insisted that I was perfect. I had never been the kind of person to crave attention, it wasn’t my style. I didn’t like being the center of attention, and being the lead singer in a band usually meant being the center of attention. I sighed and grumbled and finally turned in my guitar for a microphone.

We were always rehearsing, always practicing. Jasper was a bit of a perfectionist, and could pretty much be a slave driver. He had switched over to play the bass because he said it was much more mellow and his style, but that didn’t stop him from driving us all crazy from time to time. By the time we were Juniors in high school we were a bona fide band. Rose on guitar, Jazz on the bass, Alice on drums and me singing, and we called ourselves twilight.

At the time it had just been a convenient name. We had been sitting in my backyard in Forks one day in the summer and we were talking about it. My other best friend Jake and some of his friends from the reservation were there with us, getting ready for a big bonfire party that night. We were talking about it, what we should name the band and it just hit me. It was a perfect name. Twilight. Calm but mysterious, not night but not day either. It fit us. And from that day on we had been known as Twilight.

Our first gig was our junior homecoming dance. I remembered that I was so nervous I was about to throw up. I had never sung in front of an audience before. I mean I had sung in front of my dad and Jake and some of the La Push kids but that was always in my garage, nothing like that. When it was our time I just went out and closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. It was awkward for a while. Quiet. I could feel the other kids staring at us, but as Alice counted us in I just focused on what I needed to do. I sang. And by the time we left the stage we had the entire place dancing.

We have come a long way since our days in high school. Alice and I were finishing up our undergraduate at U dub this year. For a while the band had to take a back seat while we got started in college but almost as soon as we stopped we started again. We just couldn’t quit. It had been almost five years now sense that first gig and ever since then I had been taking piano lessons. I was proud to say that I was pretty good. My teacher told me that I was the best she had seen in a long time. I had also taken to composing and writing songs. It had become a sort of addiction. I loved it. I never felt so free or so proud when I finished a new song.

So was the craziness of our lives. Alice and I were still in school, and Jasper was working as a historian at the museum, while Rose had become a protégé at one of the best car shops in the state. On top of all that we played cover songs at a local bar at least once a week, we practiced as often as possible, and then we had been going to amateur night at The Sound every night playing some of our original stuff.

The Sound had a serious reputation. Once a year or so, it was sure that some amazing representative from a label would go to scope out new talent. We had hoped and prayed that one day we would be able to play for one of those representatives and tonight we had our chance. We were in the back room of the bar just touching up some things before we went on.

“I know Bella. I know. I’m just a little nervous. I mean this is huge. I mean big. Like 60% off at Sacks huge!” I shook my head at her but she didn’t even pause. “What if I mess up or something? I’ve been having some problems with that one riff in It Won’t be Long in practice. What if I screw up the beat? I could ruin this huge…”

“Alice.” Jasper interrupted her. Grabbing her face. “Honey. Breath.” And she did. “It is going to be fine. You will be wonderful.” And just like that Jazz had calmed an Alice meltdown. I glanced over at Rose who was looking at herself in the mirror and casually putting on more lip gloss.

I walked over to where she was standing and playfully bumped her with my hip. She smiled and bumped me back. “Are you ready for this Bells?” She asked.

“As ready as it’s gonna get.” I said leaning against the wall next to the mirror. “Who do you think it is out there?”

“No clue.” She said shrugging. “Don’t worry about it though. We’re gonna rock like always.” She said smiling and making a rock on sign. I couldn’t help it I laughed out loud. “Alright. Lets rock!” She said throwing an arm over my shoulders and leading the way out the door toward the stage.

We got there with enough time to hear the end of the band ahead of us finish their set. I started my relaxing routine. Jumping up and down a little, as much as I could since Alice dressed me in heals today, shaking out my hands and relaxing my neck muscles. Finally I saw Angela the talent manager of the bar head back out on stage. I straightened up and was made myself ready to go out.

“Okay. Last but certainly not least we have some of our regulars. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome Bella Swan and Twilight!” She said and I smiled at the cheers that I heard. I knew that we had created something of a fan base at these things, it was nice to have someone that didn’t really know you cheering for you, but of course it didn’t hurt that I heard some very familiar yells from behind the bar where I knew Jake was. I couldn’t help the smile that grew across my face. I took my spot at the microphone and Alice counted us in.

We played through our set flawlessly as I knew we would. We would all get nervous before, but once we were out there on stage there was no stopping us. I couldn’t help but feel like on a high as I made my way down to the bar. The DJ had taken over the music, sense we were the last band of the night to play. I smiled as I leaned on the bar. “Hey!” I called at the giant back of the bartender.

He turned around with a smile. “There’s my favorite girl!” He said placing my drink down in front of me.

“Did you already have this made?”

“I had a feeling you would be over to see me.” He said laughing.

“Thanks Jake. What did you think?”

“Man you guys rocked it. I mean I’m probably a little prejudice, but if I had to say, I think you guys blew them all out of the water.”

“I would have to agree.” A strange voice said from next to me. I turned to see a taller blonde man standing there with a beer in his hand. To say he was good looking was an understatement, but he was also older and more distinguished looking. I had a vague feeling that I had seen his face before. Maybe he was a regular here to. “I’m Carlisle Cullen. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said extending his hand.

My mouth fell open. That’s why he looked familiar, because he was Carlisle Cullen from Volterra Records. The Carlisle Cullen was standing there in front of me and all I was doing was standing there gaping at him. I finally managed to get my brain to communicate with my hand. I reached out to shake his. “Bella. Bella Swan.”

“I know.” He said smiling.

“Oh my god. Mr. Cullen. It’s so fantastic to meet you.” I gushed.

“Not as glad as I am to meet you Ms. Swan. I saw you out there today. I have to say your band as a lot of potential. I’d love to hear more. Do you happen to have a demo?”

“Oh God. Yes. Hold on. Jake!” I called his attention back to me.

“What’s you need Bell?”

“My bag.” I said and he handed it to me. I dug into it and dug out our demo CD. I handed him back my bag to stash back under the bar. “Here.” I said smiling.

“You have some pull with the barkeep. Sounds like I need to keep you around.” He laughed.

“Jake?” I asked jerking my thumb in his direction. “Yeah. The joys of being from a small town.” I laughed with him.

“Who wrote the songs you sang tonight Ms. Swan?”

“Well…I suppose I did. If you asked the rest of the band they would say I wrote them, but it was really a group effort.”

“You wrote them?” He asked impressed. At least I hoped it was impressed. “Well. Ms. Swan. Here’s my card.” He said handing me a small white piece of cardboard. “I’m going to listen to this tonight.” He said holding up the CD. “And if it’s as good as I think it’s going to be I would be honored if we could maybe schedule a time when we could sit down and talk about possibly getting you signed.”

“Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack.”

“That would be…fantastic.”

“Good. Then I’ll talk to you soon Bella.” And with that he left his beer on the counter and disappeared into the crowd. I was left there holding onto his card. Staring off into the direction he left in when the others found me.

“Bells?” Jazz tried to get my attention.

“Bella!” Rose tried. “What’s going on?” I couldn’t bring myself to speak yet I just looked at her in the eyes and held out the card that Carlisle had given me.

“You’re freaking out because someone gave you their number?” She asked dumbfounded. “What was he like old? Ugly? Or was he like marri…” at that moment she looked down and saw the name on the card. He eyes got huge. And she looked back up at me. “Are you serious?” I shook my head yes. “Oh my god!” She yelled.

“Um…hello? Can you fill in the clueless over here.” Alice interrupted our celebration.

“Carlisle Cullen.” Was all I could say.

“What about him?” Alice pressed.

“He was here. He was here and he heard us. He was here and he heard us and he likes us. He asked for our demo. He wants to set up a meeting.” I clarified.

“Are you for real? Carlisle Cullen. The head of Voterra?” I shook my head yes again and before I knew it I was swept up into a huge hug from Jasper. “We did it?” He asked mostly to himself.

“We did it.” I said sinking back into the bar stool. “We did it.” We had just been discovered