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Truth In Music

Photobucket AU-AH. Slightly OOC. Bella Swan had always had a simple existence. School, work, and her music. She no longer had any living family members and the band was all she had left. That is all she had and that was all she ever wanted. After years of toiling away her and her band mates get their big break with Volterra records. The famous and dashing Carlisle Cullen and his equally famous and dashing son Emmett take them under their wings, knowing that their band Twilight is the next big thing. They had made their big break. Soon enough the Cullen’s fall in love with the lovely shy girl from small town Washington, well all but one Cullen. Edward. When Bella met Edward they both felt sparks. But that only lasted until Edward opened his mouth. Edward Cullen left the music business in his past to move on to a life in the film, but was that what he really holds in his heart. Can this girl from Forks help him find out what it really is that he wants? More importantly in the hard world of Hollywood can they have a happily ever after? Especially when Edward’s past comes back to haunt them. From Chapter four: “What?” I asked him wanting to know what he found humorous. “Nothing.” He said taking another sip of his wine. “No. What?” I pressed. He had been so standoffish I wanted to know why now he would suddenly find the conversation at hand laughable. “It just sound cliché don’t you think?” “What does?” “The over told discovery story…it was out of the blue…unexpected…” “It was.” “I’m not doubting that it was. However god knows the world doesn’t really need another band.” “Edward…” Esme tired to intercede. “What?” He asked his mother. “Don’t be rude.” She said quietly. “I’m being honest.” He said bluntly. “There are far too many bands out there already as far as I’m concerned, and each is less inventive in their ‘sound’ as the next.” “Excuse me?” I asked getting very deffesive. “Look I’m not saying that you aren’t very talented at what you do, but…” “Have you even heard us?” “No.” “Then you talk pretty big for someone who knows absolutely nothing about us.” I stood up. Unable to sit and listen to him any longer. “Carlisle, Esme, thank you for a lovely evening. It was a pleasure meeting you.” I said to Esme before turning to Emmett. “Em. Do you think you could drive me home now, before I do something I might regret.” I didn’t even wait for him to answer I just left the room and headed out to the car.

A story like this has been floating around in my head for like forever. I have the first few chapters written. I was really inspired to write by the amazing music of paramore. It’s the freaking best. On that note. This is my first attempt to write a fanfiction that’s a little OOC, but only slightly. Yes my Edward, and my Bella are different than the book in some ways, but alike in a lot of others. I hope you don’t mind. Things I own: one overused hp laptop, a new cell phone, a blue ipod nano, several new books from Meyer supercenter, a magazine about the new moon movie, a worn out airplane blanket, a pillow shaped like a cow, a cat named snickers, a dog named Jake, 8 new pairs of socks, a new stick of eyeliner, a cowboy hat, a tiara, a beta named Wolfgang. Things I don’t own: The characters that appear in the wonderful world of twilight…sigh…

2. You've Got A Deal

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1685   Review this Chapter


“Hello. We’re here for a meeting with Carlisle Cullen?” Rosalie asked the lady at the front desk of the building.

“Name?" The girl asked sizing Rosalie up.

“We’re twilight.” She said as sweetly as she could manage.

She checked the list and then looked up. “Right this way.” She said getting up and walking down the hallway. We all followed behind her. Till we reached the end of the hall where she stopped to knock on the door. “Mr. Cullen. There are some people to see you.”

“Thank you Heidi” I heard him say. “Show them in please.” She gestured for us to go in. I went in first sense I was the one that he would more or likely know my face better. “Ah. Bella. Welcome everyone. Please come in. Have a seat.” He gestured to a set of couches in the far corner of his office. We went over as directed as Heidi left to attend to her desk once again.

“Mr. Cullen these are my band mates, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice.” I said introducing my friends.

“A pleasure to meet all of you, but please call me Carlisle. Mr. Cullen makes me feel old.” He said smiling and sinking into a chair. “I want to cut to the chaise if you’ll allow me.” He said matter of factly and I felt the need to vomit becoming more and more present. “I want to sign you.” I had gone numb.

“You want to what?” Jasper asked.

“I want to sign you. Today if possible. We’re looking for the next big thing here at Volterra. I had been searching all over the country but nothing I saw really struck me as the thing that I was looking for. I heard from a fellow producer that I should go check out The Sound when I came home and so that is what I did.” He leaned forward in his chair. “When I saw you guys on stage it was amazing. I knew right then and there that you were what we needed here.”

“Are you serious?” Rose managed to ask. Thank god someone was using their brain for more than going oh my god repeatedly.

“I’ve only been absolutely sure of a few things Rosalie. The first was my wife, the second were my sons, and now this. I am 100% sure. I listened to your demo. You have what it takes if you’re willing. I already have the contract right here.” He said getting up and picking up a folder from his desk and coming back to where we were. He handed it into Alice’s outstretched hand. “That’s just contracting you to your freshman and possible sophomore CDs.” Carlisle explained. “If things go well after we release a single, we’ll talk about touring. Of course there will be some events to play at. Benefits and parties and promotional gigs and hopefully the Grammies…” We all were just waiting there watching as Alice read over the contract with a critical eye. Finally she looked up at us and smiled. She nodded ever so slightly. “So…what do you think?” Carlisle asked. “Are you interested?”

I looked around the band and saw all smiles and head nodding, evidently it was time for me to step up and be a leader. I stood up and stretched out my hand. “We’d love to Carlisle.” He smiled hugely and grabbed my hand. It felt surreal as we put pen to paper. How could this all be happening so fast?

“We’d love to start you guys recording your album as soon as possible. So I’ll set you up a meeting with the producer you’ll be working with.”

“Who will that be?”

“My son, Emmett. I assure you he’s the best. Does tomorrow work for you all?” We all nodded affirmatively. “That’s great. Just come with your equipment and we’ll get you set up as soon as possible.”

“What will we be doing at this meeting?” Alice chirped.

“Oh well…before we can start recording we are going to have to pick out the song list. Come up with fifteen or so songs to record that way we have some to choose from.”

“Oh.” Oh was her short reply.

“Well my dears. Welcome to Volterra. In a few days my wife and I would love to have you all over for a celebratory diner.”

“That’s very kind of you Carlisle.” Rose said sweetly.

“It’s no problem. I told you I have a feeling about you.”

After a few more minutes of discussion we were back outside of the building and in Rose’s BMW. “Are we clear?” I asked Alice.

“Yes.” She said simply. There was a pause and the next second all three of us girls started screaming.

“Jesus! Girls. Some warning for the man in the car would help next time!” Jasper yelled when we had stopped. “I think I’m deaf!” He said shaking his head a little.

“Oh. Baby I’m sorry.” Alice said leaning over to run a hand through his hair. “We’re just really, really, really, really, really excited.”

“I know Ali I get it.” He said only wincing slightly at Alice’s volume, but leaning into her touch. I rolled my eyes at Rose as she put the car into gear.

“Oh can you stop by the bar? I promised I would let Jake know how the meeting went.” I asked.

“Will we be waiting?” Rose asked with a certain tone to her voice that I didn’t know if I really appreciated.

“Yes. What do you think I’m going to be doing?” I asked indignantly.

“If Jake had his way, more than talking.” She said in a low tone that caused Jasper and Alice to both start laughing.

“Guys. Jake and I are just friends. We’ve been through this.”

“Yeah I know. We have, but someone might need to let him on it.” Jasper said.

“Jazz! I thought you were on my side.” I exclaimed.

“Hey I was, but I actually talked to the guy. He’s defiantly carrying a torch Bell.”

“I think you’re all insane.” I said ending the conversation. It wasn’t broached again. “Just wait here. I have to go talk to my friend.” I got out of the car when we reached the bar. I saw Jacobs car in the parking lot. Even though the bar wasn’t open I knew that the door would be open. Jake never locked it when he was there. It wasn’t really the safest idea but he could take care of himself.

“Sorry we’re closed!” Jake said without looking up.

“Oh…Okay I guess I’ll go tell my other friends about how we got signed today.” I said from the middle of the floor pulling my copy of the contract from my back pocket. Jacob bounded over the bar and I was swept up into his arms and he swung me around in a circle.

“Are you serious Bells?” He asked looking me in the eye. I laughed and nodded my head. “This is…This is great!” He said swinging me around. “So I guess this means I won’t have to watch your freaking purse anymore.” He said putting me down. I laughed. “You got signed! I can’t believe it. And Volterra. Their like huge Bells. You have to tell me everything.”

“Okay. Well the guys are waiting in the car. Can I call you tomorrow morning?”

“Why don’t I swing by tonight?”

“Don’t you have to work?”

“Nah. The benefit of being a part owner now.”

It was my term to be surprised. “Seriously. Paul finally let you in?”

“Yeah. Well he’s family it’s not like he could ignore me forever. He’s married to my sister. We double teamed him.” He said with a smile.

“Sounds like Rachel.” I said with a snort, imagining how Jakes tiny older sister had bullied her husband into finally letting her little brother become a part owner. She was small but still had the huge Paul so wrapped around her finger he would move the sky if she asked. “Sure come on by tonight. I think we’re going to have a party at the house tonight.”

“Okay Bells. I’ll see you then.”

“You better.” I said as I ran out the door and back to the BMW and we sped off to the house that we shared.

We did have a party that night and it included going through almost every song we have to come up with our favorites. Jake sat on the couch and fought right along with us. Finally we had it all down to a short list of 20 some songs that we liked enough to show Emmett the next day.

“So do I get to be on like E! news and all that kind of shit? Saying how I knew all before you made it big?” Jake asked from the couch. By now it was only Jake and I in the living room. Alice and Jasper had gone to bed about ten minutes ago and Rose followed soon after her.

“Sure Jake. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll make sure they interview you for our E! true Hollywood story okay, but you can’t bring up any embarrassing holiday stories.”

“Aw…Bells suck all the fun out of my life.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

“Well what am I here for?”

“Because you love me.” I said smiling up at him. I had met it innocently. With only the small hope of seeing what his reaction would be.

His face became too serious before it softened. “You’re right. That is why I’m here.” He said stroking my hair. Come on you should get to bed.” He said standing me up before getting up himself. “Call me and tell me how it goes tomorrow. Okay?” He said at the door.

“I will.” I said giving him a hug. He held on a little too long, but I let it slide. Maybe Jasper was right. Maybe Jake was carrying a torch. But I would worry about that later. I couldn’t think about that until after this meeting tomorrow was over with.