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Truth In Music

Photobucket AU-AH. Slightly OOC. Bella Swan had always had a simple existence. School, work, and her music. She no longer had any living family members and the band was all she had left. That is all she had and that was all she ever wanted. After years of toiling away her and her band mates get their big break with Volterra records. The famous and dashing Carlisle Cullen and his equally famous and dashing son Emmett take them under their wings, knowing that their band Twilight is the next big thing. They had made their big break. Soon enough the Cullen’s fall in love with the lovely shy girl from small town Washington, well all but one Cullen. Edward. When Bella met Edward they both felt sparks. But that only lasted until Edward opened his mouth. Edward Cullen left the music business in his past to move on to a life in the film, but was that what he really holds in his heart. Can this girl from Forks help him find out what it really is that he wants? More importantly in the hard world of Hollywood can they have a happily ever after? Especially when Edward’s past comes back to haunt them. From Chapter four: “What?” I asked him wanting to know what he found humorous. “Nothing.” He said taking another sip of his wine. “No. What?” I pressed. He had been so standoffish I wanted to know why now he would suddenly find the conversation at hand laughable. “It just sound cliché don’t you think?” “What does?” “The over told discovery story…it was out of the blue…unexpected…” “It was.” “I’m not doubting that it was. However god knows the world doesn’t really need another band.” “Edward…” Esme tired to intercede. “What?” He asked his mother. “Don’t be rude.” She said quietly. “I’m being honest.” He said bluntly. “There are far too many bands out there already as far as I’m concerned, and each is less inventive in their ‘sound’ as the next.” “Excuse me?” I asked getting very deffesive. “Look I’m not saying that you aren’t very talented at what you do, but…” “Have you even heard us?” “No.” “Then you talk pretty big for someone who knows absolutely nothing about us.” I stood up. Unable to sit and listen to him any longer. “Carlisle, Esme, thank you for a lovely evening. It was a pleasure meeting you.” I said to Esme before turning to Emmett. “Em. Do you think you could drive me home now, before I do something I might regret.” I didn’t even wait for him to answer I just left the room and headed out to the car.

A story like this has been floating around in my head for like forever. I have the first few chapters written. I was really inspired to write by the amazing music of paramore. It’s the freaking best. On that note. This is my first attempt to write a fanfiction that’s a little OOC, but only slightly. Yes my Edward, and my Bella are different than the book in some ways, but alike in a lot of others. I hope you don’t mind. Things I own: one overused hp laptop, a new cell phone, a blue ipod nano, several new books from Meyer supercenter, a magazine about the new moon movie, a worn out airplane blanket, a pillow shaped like a cow, a cat named snickers, a dog named Jake, 8 new pairs of socks, a new stick of eyeliner, a cowboy hat, a tiara, a beta named Wolfgang. Things I don’t own: The characters that appear in the wonderful world of twilight…sigh…

3. Rock On!

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We had set up the meeting for around one. We had been up at eight that morning practicing. Now at eleven we were packing up to head to the studio where we would meet Emmett Cullen. I had heard about him. I fully admit to becoming slightly stalker-ish and googling him. He and his brother Edward had been part of a boy group back in the early 90’s but they only lasted a few years before Edward had become a heartthrob and had turned to acting. Now evidentially Emmett was on the other side of the glass and he knew his stuff. He was the man to go to as far as rock groups were concerned and he was our producer. We piled the equipment in the back of old red, the truck that I’ve had since I turned 16 and headed to the studio that Carlisle had given us directions too.

An hour later we were all set up in the place that would pretty much become our home for the next few months. “What do you think we should start with?” I asked in concern turning to Alice.

“I don’t know. We don’t even know how this meeting is going to go yet. Try not to freak out Bella.” She said twirling her drumsticks.

“Yeah breathe Bells.”Rosalie said starting to tune the guitar.

“I’ve heard it’s easier singing that way…” A unfamiliar man said busting in the room. All of our heads snapped up to meet a smiling face. It had to be Emmett Cullen. Even though he didn’t share his father’s blonde hair and blue eyes I could tell, that and he looked like he was one of those boy band type of guys. All hunky in a tiger beat kind of way. Then something happened that I never thought would happen. I looked over in time to see Rose catch his eye and never look away. I looked back at him as he stepped forward toward Rosalie. “Hi.”

“Hi.” She said quietly.

“I’m Emmett.” He said reaching out his hand.



“You’ve said that already.” She said smiling.

That seemed to shake something into him. “Yeah…I’m Emmett. I hope you guys are Twilight or I just made a huge ass of myself and walked into the wrong studio. Wouldn’t be the first time I assure you.”

“No. You have the right room.” I said stepping up next to rose and linking arms with her. “I’m Bella, That’s Jasper and Alice, and this is Rosalie, but you already knew that.” I said as I cast a sly glance at her from the corner of my eye.

“Well this is great. I heard you guys demo, besides dad picked you up himself. I trust my old man’s judgment. It’s nice to meet you all by the way.” He shook all our hands in turn. “Well I hate to push you guys but we do have a lot to do. So show me what you got.” He said sinking into one of the couches in the studio. And we played, and played and played. We had never done that many songs at once before. I was glad that I had remembered to get a couple of water bottles before any of this started.

When we finished I looked over at the couch where Emmett had been scribbling on a note pad. “Well? What did you think?” I asked voice only slightly horse from all the singing.

“I think…I think that that Rocked!” He said throwing his pad on the other side of the couch. “I really liked a few of them. I think though we’ll record the second one you played for your single. You seemed comfortable playing it. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah. That’s actually one of our favorites.” I said smiling, happy that my relatively new addition to our song list had been his favorite too.

“When are you guys ready to start recording?”

“As soon as you want?” I said quickly.

“How about tomorrow? I’d say today, but that’s pretty shot. We gotta get that single out soon. Get you guys out in the pool.”

“Tomorrows great.”

“Good same time?” we nodded. “I’ll see you then.” He said looking only at Rosalie who looked away.

When he was out of the room. I bumped her. “The big bad Rose has fallen.” I said dramatically.

“What are you talking about Swan?”

“You know what I mean Hale? You couldn’t stop looking at each other. I was just waiting for you to turn into a pile of mush on floor.” I said and I heard Jasper chuckle and Alice giggle.

“Whatever.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Rose I’m just giving you a hard time. You know that right. If you want to…whatever…” I wiggled my eyebrows at her and then smiled. “It doesn’t matter.”

“I don’t like Emmett Bella.”

“Whatever you say Rose. Whatever you say.”

Five days later we were sitting in Emmett’s studio office waiting to listen to the final of our first single. Rose had assured me that she didn’t feel anything for Emmett. That she was just caught off guard by him. And in all honesty she hadn’t had a repeat performance of lack of vocabulary skill since that first day. In fact it was the opposite. More than one occasion Rose had put Emmett in his place and left him utterly speechless.

I worried sometimes that some of the things that she said to Emmett would get the band in trouble, but Emmett also gave as well as received. He was an interesting character to work with and wasn’t ever really serious. It was nice. I was glad that this was our first recording experience and we had someone like Emmett to help us. So here we were getting ready to listen to the biggest thing to happen in my life and Jasper and Emmett were telling really bad bar jokes.

“Guys!” I finally interrupted. “Sorry I hate to interrupt your little chucklefest, but I’m having a small aneurism over here can we please listen to the song?”

“Sure Bells. Give me one sec.” Emmett said as he rolled his office chair to a stereo system. I held my breath as I heard the guitar lead in. Then there it was, my voice louder than life, and unbelievably good.

Give me attention

I need it now

Too much distance

To measure it out

Out loud

Tracin’ patterns

Cross the personal map

And makin’ pictures where the lines over lap

Where the lines over lap.

No one is as lucky as us

We’re not at the end but

But we’ve already won

No. No. No one

Is as lucky as us

Is as lucky as us

As the second verse began I felt myself relax. I couldn’t believe that it was us on that CD. But it had to be it was my song, it was my voice. I sat in total disbelief as the song drifted to a close.

“So…what do you guys think? Will it pass inspection?”

“Will it pass? It’s getting the biggest gold star on the planet!” I screamed. “That is incredible.”

“I agree. Which is why we sent it to a few radio stations already, strategic leaking. We’ll pretend to be all mad about someone leaking the track ahead of schedule and blah blah blah. It should be on the radio by tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow?” Alice squealed.

“If we’re lucky. And I think with a sound like that, we will be. That’s amazing stuff there.” So who’s ready to celebrate. I’ll buy the first round.” Emmett said with a smile. And with that we headed to the bar down the street from the studio.

We headed into the remotely empty bar. It was late afternoon. There was hardly anyone there but us and bartender. We could clearly hear the radio playing. We were talking when all of a sudden Alice screamed and started jumping up and down.

“Alice? What in the world is going on? Are you okay?” I asked fully concerned for my friends mental health. Then I heard it. My voice coming over the speaker. It was surreal hearing myself over the radio. The actual radio with us being introduced as the new up and coming at Voltera.

It was with these thoughts that with our first drinks we all toasted. “Rock On!”