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We all know what happens to Bella when Edward leave her, but what happens to Edward? Ghost tells the story of New Moon through Edward's eyes, displaying his pain, and his search for salvation. Please read and review (: Disclaimer: As this story is basically New Moon through Edward's point of view, some situations and quotes may be used directly from the book. In these circumstances, content belongs to Stephenie Meyer, and no copyright infringement is intended.


1. Preface

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Time moves quickly for me, for my kind. It changes everything around me, leaving my family and me the same. New inventions emerged, styles of clothing changed, and we watched them all occur, adapting easily, never actually changing ourselves. Time never touched our stone cold forms.

Time was nothing to us.

But it was everything to her.

She wanted so badly to give up her life and become a damned monster. Every moment of her life was almost sacred to me, and she was so willing to destroy it. How could I possibly let that happen? No, I did the right thing for her, I couldn't let her do something so criminal as to kill herself.

I was wrong for her, I knew this. My world did not belong with hers. She needed to be happy, and normal, things she could not be if she stayed with me. I had to convince myself of this. I could not continue destroying her life and taking her away from being human.

I thought it would keep her safe.

Now that she was dead, gone forever, time meant something to me too. It moved slowly now, each lingering moment another blow of excruciating pain to my lifeless heart.

I knew it would come to this eventually. She would have died eventually, but I had no idea it would be this soon.

I walked silently through the stoned halls of the Volterra clock tower building, after having been rejected by the Volturi yet again.

I unbuttoned my shirt slowly as I walked. Hopefully it would be quick.

I doubt that there is any afterlife waiting for me. I want there to be, though. A place where I can be with her again. Just her and me, alone together, where there is no more pain for either of us. This kind of place couldn't be too unrealistic, now that I thought about it. Maybe Carlisle will be right.

The large wooden doors stood open at the entrance to the building, and I stood there, in the shadows, watching the red cloaked tourists wave flags and flash plastic fangs.

Suddenly, the clock boomed overhead. Noon. The humans outside covered their ears, and walked away from the noise, some turning to glare at the giant clock. None of them noticed me. Yet. They would not be able to ignore me, and the Volturi would have no choice but to kill me.

Sighing, I removed my shirt completely and let it fall to the floor.

"Bella," I whispered for what would be the last time, closing my eyes. I let her face swirl around in my mind, remembering every moment I had had with her, every touch, every look, I even let myself remember her scent.

I felt another sharp jab of anguish, but cast it aside, trying to convince myself that I would be with her again, in some way.

As the final gong sounded from the clock, I stepped out into the blazing Italian sun.