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We all know what happens to Bella when Edward leave her, but what happens to Edward? Ghost tells the story of New Moon through Edward's eyes, displaying his pain, and his search for salvation. Please read and review (: Disclaimer: As this story is basically New Moon through Edward's point of view, some situations and quotes may be used directly from the book. In these circumstances, content belongs to Stephenie Meyer, and no copyright infringement is intended.


2. Planning

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"Edward! You have to get Bella something! It's her birthday for crying out loud!" Alice shrilled, placing her hands on her small hips and looking at me grudgingly.

"She doesn't want gifts," I explained, shrugging.

"Bella doesn't know what she wants. Go out and buy her a gift, now!"


I could almost feel Alice's rage rolling at me like boulders, but I ignored her. She was right, though. Bella doesn't know what she wants. Bella would more than happily accept the gift of becoming a monster if I offered it to her. I wouldn't, of course, but that's how things were.

We all lounged around the house, occupying ourselves with various activities, waiting for when it would be appropriate for us to leave for school or work. The humans were still sleeping right now.

I wondered idly what Bella was dreaming about right now, and contemplated going to visit her. I had my mind nearly made up to leave, when Alice interrupted me again.

"I can see what you're going to do, and I will not allow it. You can see her in a few hours, for now, I need you to help with the planning for her party tonight." She waved at a piece of paper where she was drawing up plans for an elaborate party.

"Bella won't want..." I started, but she held up a hand.

"If you'll shut up about it, we can make it a simple family get together, here, just the seven of us and Bella." Her eyes narrowed, and she crumpled up the paper she was using, tossing it expertly over her shoulder into the trash can in the corner.

I sighed. There was no arguing with her.

The rest of the night and into the morning was mostly spent with Alice, coming up with ideas for the small, but still elegant party set for that night.

I was relieved when it was time to go to school. Anything to escape picking out flower arrangements with Alice for another five hours. I couldn't escape her thoughts though, which were still puzzling over the red bouquets or the white ones.

I allowed Bella to drive herself to school today, a secret present from me to her. I knew she liked being independent at times, and of course she was still ridiculously frightened of my driving. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

I pulled my Volvo into the usual spot in the student parking lot, letting my family leave quietly. They all left me, except Alice. She bounced annoyingly next to me, her mind still racing about the party. I leaned against the driver's side door of the car, waiting for Bella, and trying my hardest to ignore my spiky-haired sister.

It wasn't long before I heard the thundering of Bella's truck down the road. I smiled and focused my eyes on the lot entrance. She parked quickly and jumped down from the cab, stumbling slightly, before slamming the door behind her.

I began to straighten up to go meet her, but Alice beat me to it.

"Happy birthday Bella!" She chimed.

Bella shh'd her quickly, looking around nervously. I couldn't figure out why. Again, my inability to read her thoughts frustrated me momentarily.

Alice continued babbling to Bella, as if she had not just been hushed. I didn't pay much attention to the conversation, as they began to head towards me, and I focused on Bella's expression. She was looking right back at me, her face grave.

I reached out for Bella's hand when they finally got to me, and I pulled her close, tracing my finger down her cheek, chuckling when she shivered slightly.

"So, as discussed, I am not allowed to wish you a happy birthday, is that correct?" My eyebrows creased together in frustration again, trying to figure out why she had such an aversion to her birthday.

"Yes. That is correct," she responded formally, looking serious.

"Just checking." I ran a hand through my hair thoughtfully, still trying to decipher her reasons. "You might have changed your mind. Most people seem to enjoy things like birthdays and gifts."

She made a face like she had just bit into a sour grape.

Alice laughed musically. "Of course you'll enjoy it. Everyone is supposed to be nice to you today and give you your way, Bella. What's the worst that could happen?" I heard the rest of what she wanted to say in my mind, and held back a smile.

Bella wasn't as amused.

"Getting older," she responded glumly, her voice shaking a bit.

My lips tightened. So that was her problem.

"Eighteen isn't very old. Don't women usually wait until they're twenty-nine to get upset over birthdays?" Alice commented, trying not to yell at Bella.

"It's older than Edward," she murmured under her breath, looking down.

I sighed, looking up at the sky as if the answer to her aging problem would be up there.

"Technically," Alice said thoughtfully, still forcing to keep the conversation light and cheerful, "just by one little year, though."

Bella went quiet then, still looking down.

Edward, seriously. Cheer her up. I will not have her day ruined because she is depressed about her age. Alice raged at me in her mind, looking right at me.

I made a face to show I was listening.

Her thoughts then went back to the more pressing matter at hand, to her anyway.

"What time will you be at the house?"

Bella looked up, surprised. "I didn't know I had plans to be there." She glanced at me, looking confused and slightly suspicious.

"Oh, be fair, Bella!" she whined. "You aren't going to ruin all our fun, are you?"

"I told you," I mumbled to Alice, too low for Bella to hear.

Shut it, she thought.

"I thought my birthday was about what I want."

I interrupted then, knowing it was on a straight path to nowhere. "I'll get her from Charlie's right after school." Alice beamed at me.

"I have to work," she asserted.

Of course Alice and I came across this problem last night during our planning. I had told her of Bella's work obligations, and she simply waved it off, her cell phone already at her ear, the number for the Newton's sports supplies shop showing dully on the screen.

"You don't, actually," Alice explained. "I already spoke to Mrs. Newton about it. She's trading your shifts. She said to tell you ‘Happy Birthday'."

Bella began to look panicked now.

"I - I still can't come over," I could literally see her brain scrambling to come up with another excuse. "I, well, I haven't watched Romeo and Juliet yet for English."

That was all she could come up with? That was her elaborate plan to get away from Alice's clutches?

Alice seemed to be in tune with me, and snorted.

"You have Romeo and Juliet memorized," she accused.

"But Mr. Berty said we needed to see it performed to fully appreciate it - that's how Shakespeare intended it to be presented."

I couldn't help rolling my eyes. Bella never learned with Alice.

"You've already seen the movie," Alice pointed out, her forced smile still smug on her face.

"But not the nineteen-sixties version. Mr. Berty said it was the best."

Alice's thoughts turned almost violent, and she openly glared at Bella, all signs of humor gone from her face. I prepared to restrain her if need be.

"This can be easy, or this can be hard, Bella, but one way or the other-"

I stopped her there, not wanting her to upset Bella even more today. "Relax, Alice. If Bella wants to watch a movie, she can. It's her birthday."

Alice's eyes bugged out and the threats in her head turned particularly nasty.

"So there," Bella added. I almost thought she would stick her tongue out.

"I'll bring her over around seven. That will give you more time to set up," I continued.

Alice laughed, her thoughts peaceful again. "Sounds good. See you tonight, Bella! It'll be fun, you'll see." She kissed Bella swiftly on the cheek, and darted off for class, thinking of flowers again.

Bella stood stunned for a moment. Her hand was still in mine and I rubbed my thumb across the top of her hand until she thawed out.

"Edward, please-" she began, her tone pleading.

I touched her lips softly to quiet her.

"Let's discuss it later. We're going to be late for class."

She nodded once, and gripped my hand more firmly. I let her lead the way to class in silence, thinking of how I could make both Bella, and Alice happy. It seemed impossible.