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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

10. My Angel

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I ran to her house, as quick as possible, excited to see her face. She should be asleep by now. I would go in and watch her sleep and leave before she awoke in the morning. It was a simple and flawless plan. I could already smell her, her luscious scent wafting up my nostrils.

But then another scent was mixed with her, a not so pleasant one. Then it hit me, werewolf. Why was he over now? What if she did something stupid to her self? What if they had become more involved than I believed? What if they had gone father than any of believed they had?

Maybe he was just her to protect her, but from what? What if Victoriahad found her? My angel was left in the hands of vile werewolves to protect her from something worse than me.

The smell was becoming more potent as I neared; Bella’s and the dogs. I listen for thoughts. I heard Charlie’s and the dogs, plus some distant neighbors. Charlie was having some cop themed dream and about saving people. The dog was also sound asleep and dreaming about Bella, my angel.

That was it, no matter what I would win Bella back. I dreamed of someday us going somewhere, where it was just us, we left he world behind. I would take her where not one could interfere, just me and her. I could buy some island, far away where the two of could live for an eternity.

I climbed up the window, silently and swiftly.

I focused my eyes on Jacob, he was still sound asleep. Some werewolf. He hadn’t even woken when I came through the window. If he was protecting my Bella from anything, he did a sucky job of it. Not to mention he was in Bella’s bed. Eh was shirtless and had his filthy arms around her waist, holding her tight to his chest. It took all the strength I had not ring him by the neck to get him away from her.

I took a deep breath, calming myself. Bella’s scent filled my head, stunning me. Excess venom pooled into my mouth, and my instincts begged me to take her right then, along with the dog. I threw those thoughts out of my head. Not only could I not even think of hurting my sweet Bella, but I would not harm the… thing… that she cared about. I would not hurt her like that.

The truth was that I had already hurt her. I had promised I never would and I broke that promise along with a few others.

I sighed, and took my seat in the rocking chair. Where I used to always watch her sleep. Her sweatshirt laid on it. I picked it up and brought it to my nose. I took in deep breath of her intoxicating scent. As I sat, I hugged her shirt to my chest. It was still slightly warm.

I looked back at my angel. She was sound asleep. She murmured some things that mostly just sounded like gibberish. Then she did something that if my heart could beat, it would have played havoc with it. She said my name. Quietly, but perfectly. Then she spoke Jacob’s. I would take it. If she said mine, who cared who’s other she said with it.

I stayed all night, sitting in the rocking chair, hugging her blouse, and not moving a muscle. Letting her scent relax me. She spoke my name and his name several more times, but nothing else. Until I got up to leave, she spoke as if she was wide awake. “I love you, Edward.” I smiled and couldn’t help myself. I walked over and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, completely ignoring the dog cuddling himself to her.

“I love you too, my angel.” I smiled and ran out the window. I smelled more dogs around the area, probably patrolling, but they weren’t on Cullen turf, I could tell. I ran before they could even try to catch me.

This continued all week. I watched her sleep at night, sometimes I would go to the school and listen to people’s thoughts. Mike still though about Bella. He also had lately been thinking about something that happened Monday. Apparently he was bothering Bella and got threatened by Jacob. I guess he wasn’t too bad. He is somewhat better then Mike. He could keep her safe from herself and the creatures in this world that continued to threaten her life.

Other times I would watch her and Jacob from the forest. I read his thoughts and they hurt. I heard him say that Bella had said she loved him, but not the same way that she loved me. They had kissed and they did so often, but she was too skinny and pale. She smiled, but not they same way she use to with me. Yet she was still beautiful.

I hated watching him put his arms around Bella; my angel was mine, not his. I would make that very clear. When they kissed, I could tell there was a spark there. They cared about each other, but I knew that she wasn’t herself, and I hoped that she did still love me and that she could forgive me.

Alice called on Friday. She said they were boarding the plane and would be here about 2:00 and to meet them at the house. She was ecstatic to see me. Jasper told me, that she was driving him nuts.

I followed about two miles behind Bella and Jacob to the school. I sat in parking lot where she never went past my car. I listened to people thoughts all day long, searching for Bella. I mostly listened to that vile Mike Newton. He was about the only one that thought about her constantly. I left after she went to gym, afraid someone would discover me.

I drove back to met Alice and Jasper at the house. They arrived before me. I hadn’t even made it out of the car, before Alice threw herself at me. She almost knocked me over and that was pretty hard to accomplish. When she hit me it made a loud thundering sound. It was good that it was storming off in the distance.

“Alice it is good to see you too, but can you please LET GO!” I begged her, trying unsuccessfully to get her arms to release.

“I haven’t seen you in almost six months now and happy I might add. I will hug you as long as I want.” She squeezed tighter if that was possible.

“Can you please remove your wife?” I begged Jasper. He was standing a few feet away grinning happily.

“I don’t think I could if I tried.” He spoke, with a chuckle.

She must have hugged me for another minute or so before she let go. “Thank You,” I breathed.

Jasper came over and gave me a punch in the shoulder. I playfully punched him back. It was nice to have a brother back.

“Now we have to go help Bella get ready, but Jasper will be back in about an hour. I am so excited that you have finally come to your senses.” She smiled at me and I think if she could cry she would be right now.

“I am too, Alice and I can tell.”

“So can I. Could you please calm down you’re an emotions a bit. It’s a little overwhelming.” Jasper murdered.

“Sorry, I’m just so happy.” She threw her hands up in the air.

“So am I Alice. You have no idea how much control it has taken not to run up and take my angel into my arms and kiss her when ever I have seen her. And to see her in the arms of the dog has only made the need worse.”

“Why did you even leave her? You love her so much.”

“I left her so she could be safe, out of the danger I put her in. But then she ran off to an immature, young werewolf. Not to mention with Victoria stoking her,” I sneered at the name.

“You do have to realize though if she wasn’t involved with the werewolf she wouldn’t be alive right now. You do have to thank him when you get the chance.”

“I know, but I hate to have my angel in anyone else’s arms, but mine,” I admitted truthfully.

“Well, she won’t be after tonight.”

“That’s what I’m planning.”

“Ok, it’s time for us to go. I’ll see you at the dance. Jasper will see you in a little while. Don’t even think about changing your mind, got it?”

“Yes, mam.” Alice gave me one more hug -that would have killed any human- and speed off in the black Mercedes, leaving me the keys to Rose’s convertible. How she got it, I had no idea.

It was way too early for me to begin to get ready, so I decided to hunt. I was going to be in a room full of humans and the most desirable person in the whole universe. Plus a foul smelling werewolf. I haven’t had to worry about any of that lately, it was probably best for me to hunt before tonight’s events.

I left a note for Jasper, just in case I wasn’t back before he came. I didn’t want him to think I bolted.

I caught two deer and an elk, nothing much. I just wanted to make sure that I had control. I had hunted just a day ago.

I flipped my cell phone out from my pocket to check the time. I forgot that I was still running and had trees around me. I looked up just in time. I was about to go headfirst into a tree. I swerved and missed it by about three inches. It wouldn’t hurt me physically, just my pride.

I would have to tell Bella that I almost ran into a tree when she was back in my arms, safe. Although that may be a bad idea. She may never ride on my back again, if she knew that I almost hit a tree.

I arrived back at the house momentarily. Jasper was leaning against the convertible.

“I left early; I couldn’t stand the overpowering aroma of Bella’s blood. I left when it began to overpower me. I didn’t want to repeat her birthday party all over again.”

“That’s probably a good idea. I can already imagine her intoxicating scent around me.”

“Man, I can’t imagine how luscious her scent must be to you. I mean I know how I feel when I’m around her and to you it’s even stronger.”

“You have no idea, I miss it so much.” I thought about how I always drew her wrist up to my nose and smelled her scent. When I kissed her neck, when she lay next to me. I craved that so much at this moment.

“Hey since it’s too early to start getting ready do you want to play video games with me? I brought my Wii.”

“Sure, I bet I’ll win easily.”

“I doubt it. I can feel what you’re feeling. You are so overwhelmed with love and excitement. You’ll be too busy contracting on Bella rather than the game. You can’t possibly beat me!”

“You want to bet?”

“Two hundred dollars.”

“Deal!” we shook hands on it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We must have played for hours. I ended up winning the first game, but he won the second game. We didn’t have time for a tie breaker. We dropped the bet.

“We should go get ready now.” Jasper stated, obviously disappointed that he didn’t win the bet.


“Yes, well we decided to move back to Forks. Everyone else should be back tomorrow. Bella doesn’t know that or the fact that Alice and I are planning on coming to the dance. And possibly Rose, she was still deciding.”

“And no one thought to inform me of this piece of info, literally.” I tapped my forehead.

“I thought you knew. I hadn’t thought about it, sorry.”

“Great, well at least I will have backup if I feel the sudden urge to rip off Jacob Black’s head.” I stated as I walked up the stairs.

“Too late.” I murmured. Jasper heard and laughed downstairs.

I took a shower, letting the flaming hot water run down my back. It felt divine compared to my icy skin. It kind of felt like Bella’s warmth when she touched me with that electric spark that always caught me off guard.

I went to my room to try on my tux that Alice had bought me. It fit perfect. I didn’t know how she did it.

I looked into the mirror the black suit against my milk pale skin looked great. My topaz eyes sparkled with excitement. They were ready to dazzle Bella.

I realized that I didn’t have any flowers for Bella. I grabbed Rosalie’s keys, sitting on my dresser and ran out of the house and yelled “Going to get flowers for Bella, Jazz. Be back in a few,” I jumped in the convertible and speed off with the top down.

I went to the place just down the road. We always got all our flower arrangements from them. They knew us, although our faces were not easily forgotten.

I bought a beautiful bouquet of white roses. They matched the paleness of my skin. She would love them.

I sped back toward the house. I still had the ring that I was going to give Bella for her birthday. I never got a chance to give it to her. The night of her party wasn’t the right time and then we decided to leave, so I didn’t bother giving it to her. It would only be an unwelcome reminder. I had kept it with me everywhere I went. I twiddled with it day and night, remembering her.

It wasn’t an engagement ring, it was a promise ring. Just for something to show her I would never hurt her as long as I lived (which was eternity).

I ran through the house and up the stairs to my room. I dug deep into my bag and took out the black, velvet box. I opened it to a thin band that was surrounded by blue sapphires and diamonds. They completely wrapped around the three inch band. The band was platinum and shined almost as much as the gemstones. On the inside of the band, was engraved: I will always love my angel. I had bought it from Tiffany’s and Co. The blue stones remained me of my favorite blue on her, I thought it was perfect.

I slipped it into the inside of my jacket pocket. I ran down stairs and found Jasper at the head of the stairs, waiting patently. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, you are so anxious.”

“I’m getting back together with the love of my existence, which I left. Of course I’m excited, you idiot.”

“And touchy.”

“Come on.” I grabbed his jacket and ran him out of the house and into the convertible. I hit the gas pedal full force and it made tire tracks in front of the house. Esme wouldn’t be happy when she found them, although neither would Rosalie when she found her tires scratched.

I went at a hundred and twenty miles down the highway towards the school. I parked and Alice ran up to me and almost hit me again.

“What took you so long, lover boy?”

“I am right on time, so shut up.”

“I bought you a ticket already. Jasper and I will be in right behind you,” I didn’t even let her finish before I took off at human speed with a touch of vampire towards the gym. I could already smell her delicious scent floating in the crisp, forest air.

I gave the lady at the table my ticket and a dazzling smile. It left her dazed as I passed. I entered the gym and found Bella immediately. She was dancing with him. He was holding her close and she was leaning her head against his chest, relaxed and at ease.

Just remember you can’t rip his head off in a room full of humans. Stay calm. I walked forward toward them and I heard Jacob Black snarl, before he could object. I placed an icy hand lightly on her shoulder.

She didn’t completely seem to respond to my touch. I heard Jacob’s thoughts raging through my head. ‘What is he doing her? Bella is mine! Hear that, mine!’ We’ll see about that.

“Isabella Swan, may I have this dance?” I asked politely using her full name. I spoke in my most velvety voice. That always used to leave her dazed.

She responded in an unexpected way. “No, Mike. Go away please.” She didn’t even filch, she just continued to sway with Jacob. He just glared at me, yelling rude things inside my head, which I rather not repeat.

Did she not want to even look at me or use my name to answer me? Maybe she was confused. Had she forgotten about me that fast?

I replied the simplest way I could. “I believe you are confused, Isabella.” I used her full first name again. She seemed to draw in a jagged breath and turn around.

“Edward.” She breathed.

Then she proceeds to pass out my way. I had not expected that reaction. I caught her as she fell toward me. Jacob Black growled as I picked her up and took her outside. This would be easier without curious, gossiping humans. Jacob followed though.

I took my angel into my arms and carried her out the back doors. Oww, that smell. My angel was cradled in my arms at last, only she was unconscious. Not the reaction I had hoped for, but defiantly preferred.