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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

18. Werewolf to Vampire

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Edward took him to the couch and laid him down as Jake screamed in pain again. It torn me apart, seeing Jake in pain, physical pain. It thought the other night when he was in emotional pain would be worse, but it isn’t.

“BELLA! Please do something!”

“I ca…can’t, Jake.” I started to cry. He had helped me through my pain, and here he lays and I can’t do anything.

“Edward, please, help him!”

“Bella there is nothing I can do, nothing my family can do. He has to go through with it. He had three days to go. I can’t stop it.”

I pulled Jake’s head across my lap and put my hand on his forehead, hoping my touch would somehow help. Hoping that he knowing I was here would help.

“Jake it will be ok. I’m here for you.” I whispered reassuring words to him as I stroked his hair.

Suddenly the rest of Edward’s came bounding gracefully through the door.

“What happened?” Carlisle was the first one I saw. He walked over to the couch where Jake laid screaming.

“Victoria bit him.” Edward replied simply.

“There is nothing we can do, I’m sorry Bella. He will become a vampire and it’s too late to stop it.”

“Isn’t there something…?”

“No, there isn’t. We should get him back to our house. When he wakes up, you shouldn’t be near him either, in case he loses control.”

“Can I be with him while he goes through with the transformation? He needs me.”

“I think it will be ok, but when he hits his third day, you can’t be near him, not even in the house.”

“But he needs me. He was there for me; I have to be there for him.” The last words got jumbled up at the end because I started to cry harder.

“Bella, we’ll figure it out later, right now we have to get him out of the house before Charlie comes home. Go write a note so he knows where you are.”

“What should I say? He doesn’t know you are back yet?”

“Say…Alice took you shopping and you’re staying with her at the house. Tell him you’ll call him tonight.”

I ran to the kitchen and yanked out the notepad and a pencil. I wrote a quick note. It read-

Dear Charlie, Sorry I’m not here. Alice took me shopping. Staying at their house tonight. I'll call you later to let you know details. Leftovers in the fridge.-Bella

I threw plates in the sink from breakfast. I went out in to the living room. Carlisle was just leaving with Jake.

“Bella get a bag of clothes, three days worth. If you insist on staying you’ll need something. Hurry!” I ran up the stairs and luckily didn’t fall. It felt like I was reliving last year when James was after me. I threw clothes and my toothbrush in my duffle bag and ran down the stairs; careful as possible. But not careful enough, before I even tripped I felt Edward’s hands around my waist.

I steadied myself with his help. Before I knew it I was on his back flying. I saw trees flying past me and then suddenly we were at his house. I could already hear Jake’s screams.

He ran through the front door and to the dining room. The table was just a prop, but useful at this moment. They had tied him down with rope; I’m assuming it was so he couldn’t’ go anywhere or hurt anyone.

“Bella, you can sit here with him. It will take a while. I’ll check on him every once in a while. I called off from the hospital. I’ll be in my study.” He disappeared with in a second. Alice stood at the door frame. Emmett was pulled by Rosalie upstairs. Esme was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m sorry but I have to go. His emotions are too much for me. I’m going hunting.” He ran out the back door.

“Someone go with him.” Edward yelled upstairs. Momentarily Rosalie and Emmett appeared b his side, nodded and left out the way Jasper did.

I sat down at the table next to Jacob. I felt guilty. If he wouldn’t have gone after Victoria for me, then this wouldn’t have happened. It seemed Alice read my thoughts.

“Bella, this is not your fault. I should have seen it earlier. But I can’t see werewolves, so all I saw was someone at your door screaming. Well I heard someone screaming. I figured it must be werewolves, because I couldn’t see them. By the time I figures it out and called Edward they were already there. I’m sorry. It will be alright though, trust me.” She smiled at me and was gone in a flash.

Edward had a grimace in his face. I walked over to where he stood and took his hand in mine. I kissed the back of his hand.

He smiled but it didn’t touch his eye. He kissed my forehead.

“He’ll be ok. I just don’t know how he will react when he finds out that he has become something that he was supposed to destroy.”

“I don’t know either. Will he live here?”

“I don’t know that’s up to Carlisle. But if he wants to then, I guess has nowhere else to go. It’s not like we can release him on the street.”

“Ok” I didn’t really know what to say. Jacob continued to yell and I went to go sit back down by him. I took his hand again. Edward sat down behind me and rubbed my back.

Day 2-

I have been by his side for almost the whole time. Last night I took a shower and got dressed in my sweats and t-shirt. I went outside and called my dad. Alice talked to him and reassured him that I was safe here for the night. He told me that he was going to go back down to another fishing spot for a few days and spend some time with Harry’s family. I told him that I would be with Alice. After a while he finally agreed to it.

Edward ordered me to sleep at least for a couple of hours. I couldn’t really say no, I was exhausted.

He took me up to his room and lay next to me on the couch. I was awaked to Jake screaming louder than ever down stairs. Carlisle was down stirs with him. I looked at the clock; I had been asleep for about five hours. Edward finally let me go back down to Jake.

“Is he ok?” he was thrashing against the ropes.

“I think he is fishing up his transformation.”

“It’s only been about two days, how can he be almost done?”

“I looked up some stuff and I think since he is a werewolf he will finish up early. Plus his power will be able to resist human blood, easier than any of us.”

“What? Does that mean Bella will be safe around him?”

“I think so. He won’t to drink it. It will almost repulse him.”

“That’s new. But still when he wakes up, someone holds him back and he hunts immediately.”

“Of course. Right now I think he is going through the most painful part of his transformation.” As he spoke Jacob’s screams became fainter. His eyes flashed open and he began to tug at the ropes.

He swung his legs off the table. The rest of the family appeared at our sides. Emmett and Jasper went to Jake’s side ready to react if he lost control.

“Bella? What happened?” before I could even blink he was at my side, hugging me.

“Bella, what am I?” he whispered in my ear.