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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

25. Not Giving Up For the Ones You Love

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I slept soundly in Edward’s stone arms that night. He hummed my lullaby as I slept, and occasionally I felt cold lips kissed my face or my neck.

My dreams were happy ones and I could only assume mentioning g of them in the morning. They consisted of our wedding, my changing, and us being one big happy family, just like in a fairytale. Of course this was no fairytale.

Although, it did have villains and heroes, so why not let it be called so. I tried to forget that there was a large , royal family coming after me and once again putting my family in danger, but it wasn’t something easily forgotten.

After many congratulations from everyone, we sat down again to discuss the issues. Jacob and I were fully informed of the Volturi and their intentions. Jacob went to out to hunt after I had gone to bed. Emmet and Carlisle decided it would be best not to wait to the morning.

I assumed they would be back before dawn. We had planned to discuss the issue that Jacob and Edward cringed away from last night, but I of course was falling asleep during the discussion.

I wanted to make sure Edward didn’t’ pull any tricks while I was dozing off, so I insisted that we carry the discussion to the next morning. They all agreed, and I was sent of to bed. I remember hitting the pillow and Edward’s lips at my ear, but after that it got a little hazy.

I woke up to the sun shining through the huge window or wall of Edward’s room. The trees and mountains were easily seen through the window. It was nice waking up to a beautiful landscape and the sun shining brilliantly, but the thing I cared about most was no where to be seen.

I listened carefully for a shower, but I heard nothing, not the dripping water or footsteps in the hall, nothing. The eerie silence made my ears ring.

Suddenly, Edward appeared in the bed, by my side with a tray balance on his knee.

“Good morning, my fiancée. I thought I would serve you breakfast in bed.” He grinned at the new term, that I was sure he would be using often.

“Thank you. So did it all really happen last night?” I asked as I gazed at the shining ring on my hand.

“Do you mean Alice’s vision or my proposal?” he played with my hand, twisting and turning the ring that supposedly belonged to me.

“Both.” I relied.

“Yes, they both happened.” His face looked grim. Then it brightened up. “Anyway, I think you should eat and then get dressed. Charlie would probably enjoy to see you today and… we have some news to tell him.”

“Oh crap! I didn’t call him last nigh, he’s probably so worried. I need your cell phone, now.” I struggled around with the sheets as they continued to get caught around my bare legs, trying to locate his phone.

“It’s okay, Bella. Alice called him once you were in bed. She said that you were going to stay another night, and that you were already asleep. He was fine with it.” He calmed me down and tried to keep me still.

“Oh, ok. Thank Alice for me. I owe her for keeping Charlie down for me.”

“Yes, I will. Bella… we have to discuss something… that I wish we didn’t, but it comes with the new life you have chosen.” His brow furrowed.

“What is it?” I was curious, yet nervous.

“Bella, you know that if you become one of us that your… family must be left behind. You have to tell Charlie that you are marrying me and then move out, by… tonight. We have to get married by the end of the week and then… I’ll change you. We’ll have to fake our death or something, we can’t have him… poking around.” He had trouble getting out the last words.

“But, but… I can’t leave Charlie. He needs me. I can’t just hurt him like this. He would be miserable, Edward, please. Isn’t there any other way?”

“No, Bella. This is what you. I’m sorry. You know it isn’t’ too hard to turn back, now. I wont’ let anything happen to you, Bella. We will work this out another way.”

“No, I want this, Edward. It just… struck me. I forgot what I had to give up, that’s all.”

“There is another way… it isn’t the best, it’s dangerous, but I could talk to Carlisle about it. You… we… could tell him. Everything and I mean everything.”

“Really? Could I stay with him that way?”

“It’s possible, but the means he could be in the same harm like you are. Can you do that?”

“He was in harms way, because I was there, if… I’m a vampire then maybe he won’t be. I want to tell him, Edward, please.”

“I’ll talk to Carlisle, today. He had to go over with Jacob and collect his belongings and talk about changing you. He had to ask permission, it would break the treaty, but this sis an emergency for your safety. But when he comes back, we’ll sit down to talk with him.”

“Thank you, Edward.” I hugged him close and kissed his collarbone, which was exposed by the open buttons on his whit shirt.

“You should probably eat, now.” My stomach grumbled in agreement as he handed me the tray filled with fruit and oatmeal. I never preferred oatmeal, but what ever Edward did to it, made it the best oatmeal ever.

“how about you go take a shower, while I go speak with Carlisle.” He asked as he took away my bowl and set it on the nightstand.

“Sure. Thank you, Edward.”

“for what?”

“for everything. For being so understanding, and compassionate. I can’t thank you enough for what you’re about to do.”

“your welcome. I want you to come into this life easily and without pain or a burden. Even though it’s rushed, I want you to be comfortable, and if this is the way you want it, then I will do everything in my power to make it come true.” He kissed my temple.

“thanks. I love you. Do I tell you that enough?” I smiled as he leaned in to kiss me again on my cheek.

“yes, you do. I love you too. Do I tell you that enough?”

“more than enough.” He smiled and leaned it to kiss me this time on my lips. I love the new way our lips moved with one another, I didn’t want to break away, but I needed to breath.

“go take a shower, while I talk with Carlisle, my fiancée.” He smiled and his eyes sparkled at the new term he had yet, go to use.

“fine, good luck.” I kissed him one more time and then hopped off the bed.

“wait, I don’t have any clothes or soap here.” I realized. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“yes, you do. Alice saw she would need some. So she went out and bought half of the store. You have plenty of soaps and shampoos to choose from, I promise you.”

“great and the clothes?”

“she got you a few days worth. They are hung up in the bathroom, ready for you.” He lightly tapped my nose.

“I can’t wait to find what she got me,” I replied sarcastically. “thank her for me, though, will you?”

“of course, off you go.” He released me and gave me a slight push. I turned on my heel and I felt something lightly hit my butt.

“Edward!” I yelled. The always gentlemen, just hit my butt. He gave me a quick, mesmerizing smile before he departed out the door.

I stood opened mouth in his room, before realized what happened. I just shook my head and went to take a shower in a daze.

Edward was right; Alice must have bought half of the body wash section. I counted eighteen different, very expensive soaps and eleven different shampoo and conditioners. They were all tightly packed in an empty cabinet that was labeled “Bella”. I tried to ignore the fact that Alice had spent tons of money on me as I picked out my favorite out of the variety of soaps.

I picked out a strawberry champagne shampoo and conditioner and a honeysuckle body wash. It smelled divine. I lathered myself up in it and took a long, hot shower, recalling all the life changing events that had happened in the past 48- hours.

I turned off the dial to the water and wrapped myself in a baby-blue, slightly warm towel. I brushed out the knots in my hair, which took longer than it should have. Then dried myself off. I walked around the enormously large bathroom – the thing was the size of my bed room, for crying out loud- and found a small closet in the back.

It was filled with a few days worth of clothes, just like Edward had said. Most of them were blue, or brown. All were expensive and something I would have not picked out, but I had no choice.

I slipped on a designer, ice- blue long sleeve shirt with a v- neck. It was so soft on my pale skin, it was like silk, but fuzzy. I found the least expensive looking pair of jeans there were. I looked myself over in the mirror, I looked acceptable.

I walked out of the bathroom, wondering if Edward was finished with his talk with Carlisle. I was alone when I walked out of the bathroom, so I assumed that he wasn’t.

I wondered around, pacing actually around his room. I had to do something to keep e occupied. I would go visit Alice.

I walked down the stairs to Edward’s room, and down the hall, spying the cross that hung above me on the wall I passed.

I knocked hesitantly on her door. “come in, Bella.” her high- soprano voice leaked through the crack of the door.

“hey, I was just waiting for Edward to finish talking to Carlisle, so I though I would see what you were doing.” I eyes jasper nervously in the corner, reading “war and peace”.

“nothing, I was just shopping over the internet, nothing interesting. It’s much funnier to go to the stores and actually try things on, but it keeps me occupied.”


I nodded my head, feeling awkward at the moment. That was instantly filled with calmness and I felt relaxed. I turned my head towards Jasper, raising an eyebrow at him, but he never looked up from his book. But a playful smile filled his lips.

“I see you are wearing the jeans I picked out for you. You know that was the most expensive pair, I though you would have picked the less-expensive pair, but maybe you have finally gotten over the whole ‘don’t spend money on me’ thing.” She smiled joyfully.

“no, Alice, I thought these were the least expensive pair. They look like it!” I looked down at them again, eyeing them suspiciously. I fumed, why they always had to spend so much money on me.

“calm down, Bella. they were only about 260 dollars. Really, not that much. That shirt you are wearing is much more than them.” She spoke so calmly, it made me madder.

“what?! You spent how much on these jeans?!” before I could fume at her anymore if felt two pairs of cold arms wrap around my waist and the apparently very expensive silk shirt.

“what are we arguing about, ladies?” he asked in his velvet voice.

His cool breath blowing on my cheek made me completely forget everything. I relaxed instantly in his arms and my knees shook. He, luckily, held all my weight.

“nothing, Bella is just mad that I bought her clothes, which she thinks are expensive and unnecessary.

“Ugh!” I mumbled under my breath, knowing fully well they could still hear me.

“Bella, we have to go talk to Charlie. Are you ready? We have some very big news to tell him.” He smiled down at me as he turned me around in his arm, pulling me against his chest.

“really, Carlisle said yes?” I asked excitedly.

“yes, he agreed that if it made this transformation easier then it was better for you. He is going to come with us, and if Alice and jasper doesn’t mind coming too.” He spoke towards his brother and sister in the corner.

“yes, thank you!!!”

“are you guys coming?” I turned towards Jasper and Alice, pleading with them.

“of course.” They hopped up and Alice grabbed her keys to a car. I didn’t know she had a car.

“Bella, you have to see my new car. Edward got it for me. It’s a 911 turbo, yellow porches. It goes really fast.”

“why did he get you that?” I eyed Edward cautiously. He had a playful smile on his face.

“he owes me, that’s all. Come on, Charlie will be worried by now, plus we are going to need all the time we have to explain this to him.”

Edward grabbed my hand as did Alice with Jasper and walked out the room and down the stairs where Carlisle waited patiently.

“are you ready?” he asked in his 17th century accent.

“yes, let’s go.” I tried to sound excited, but I was scared to death. What would Charlie think when I told him I was getting married to…a vampire.

It was a good thing they were indestructible. It was going to be a long day.